Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 101

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SEG Chapter 5.17 —Supporting Female Reversal System

That night they stayed at Cangya Base, under Yang Zixi’s orders, Yang Wu secretly sneaked into the Cangya’s restricted area– Maple Leaf Laboratory.

The night exploration this time was smoother than what Yang Wu imagined. He avoided a group of spies and quickly entered the main hall of the laboratory. Aside from a large pile of experimental equipment, the neat and tidy white hall also had a door that had a flickering red light.

Yang Wu stared absent-mindedly at the door and began zone out. He felt that the door was calling for him to open it. Open this door and he would get a different life…..


Dripping with sweat as he sat up from the bed, Yang Wu realised that he wasn’t currently at Maple Leaf Laboratory but in Cangya Base’s guesthouse.

He…… had a dream last night.

The contents of the dream were somewhat blurry. Yang Wu instinctively felt slightly uneasy. He hurriedly got up and cleaned a bit before leaving from his room.

In the early morning, the sun was shining, and the busy figures and peaceful smiles can be seen everywhere in Cangya Base.

This place, was very different from Longxiang Base.

Quietly watching the people coming and going on the main street, they seemed to still be living in the time before the end of the world. Everyone is so satisfied and tranquil. There was no oppression and struggle like in other bases, and there were no scheming against each other between the various teams.

Elsewhere, everyone would fight over a single crystal nucleus, but here, crystal nuclei were treated as playthings and thrown here and there by children on the street.

This does not at all mean that Cangya Base was wealthy with crystal nuclei. This is just to show that in this place, everyone does not see crystal nuclei and strength as something too important.

Both ordinary people and ability users lived harmoniously. On this street you could even see a lot of zombie-infected people. They were also living like ordinary people, not receiving any rejection or despise….

Isn’t this the place I always wanted to live in?

Yang Wu’s gaze became a bit distracted. When he returned to his senses, he noticed a male and female zombie within an impressively large crowd that  bustled lively about the street to who kno0ws where.

This, should be the legendary Yan Yu’s sister and brother-in-law –

Miss Yan, Mr. Su.

These two zombies were now very famous in the end of the world. Yang Wu can also see that the people of this base truly liked and cherished them.

Can humans and zombies truly live so harmoniously together?

Yang Wu felt some disbelief.

Right at this time, a cold gaze broke through his concentration.

Yang Wu felt the hair all over his body stand. The feeling of being seen through in an instant made his face pale in a flash.

Who was it?

Following the feeling from a moment ago, Yang Wu looked around and could only see the back of the two zombies.

Could it be them?

Yang Wu involuntarily creased  his eyebrows.

Right now, Su Rui, who was routinely displaying his affection on the street, pulled Su Wan and whispered intimately into her ear: “Yang Wu’s sea of consciousness has a weak point. Your illusion yesterday has already bourn results.”

The “cold gaze” that Yang Wu felt  a moment ago was a spiritual attack from Su Rui sounding him out. The results  made Su Rui particularly satisfied.

Just yesterday, he had used his Heaven-defying spiritual power to eavesdrop on Yang Zixi and the system’s “conversation”. After knowing the purpose and the mission target of the system, Su Rui and Su Wan decided to beat them at their own game and one-shot KO this foreign system!

“Since Yang Wu’s side is more or less prepared, other plans can also start being implemented.”

When she spoke, Su Wan couldn’t help but to pause, the expression on her face was subtle: “Are you sure that you want to let Chi Yi handle Yang Zixi’s matter and not Mo Yin?”

“I’ve already asked Mo Yin to return to the Green Leaf Institute.”

In Su Rui’s opinion, the Green Leaf Institute no longer needed to exist, and now through the existence of “Maple Leaf Laboratory”, it’s possible to wash everyone white.


Su Rui suddenly gently smiled at Su Wan: “Don’t you think that Chi Yi is the best person to act as Dr. L?”

Good self-awareness, always feeling that he’s the elite of elites and whatnot. Even if he’s hypnotized, it’s reckoned that he would still feel that he had always been awesome.


On the second day after Yang Zixi arrived at Cangya Base, she announced an alliance with Cangya as the Leader of Longxiang.

In this relatively sensitive period, Yang Zixi’s decision undoubtedly pushed herself forward as the opposition of other alliances, and furthermore made the people of Longyan Base lose face.

Longxiang Base was originally more powerful than Longyan, but this wasreferring to Longxiang’s overall strength. This time, Yang Zixi only brought a small team of ability users and dared to support Cangya in such a high-profile way. This was undoubtedly a slap to Longyan’s face.

Longyan’s Leader Qin Fei is also a ruthless character. He knew that Longxiang was very far away from here and had no time to send people for reinforcement. Under such circumstances, Qin Fei unrestrained his heart and directly mobilized his forces to launch a surprise attack on Cangya Base –

He wanted to win by a surprise move!

Taking advantage of Cangya being unprepared for such assault, he would breach Cangya with the quickest speed and smallest loss. After that, he would directly restrain Yang Zixi in his hands. This way, not only can he keep Longxiang’s people in check, the people of other bases will also feel dread and not dare to hastily move!

It must be said that Qin Fei was also considered a fierce and ambitious man. He’s a person who does things in a big way and also moves quickly and violently.

But, it’s too bad, that the one he is against this time is Cangya –

On the surface, Cangya Base was only a medium in every large bases’ ranking on military might, but in reality, their military might was ferociously frightening!

When the troops of Longyan Base departed, they were spotted by the zombie soldiers, so there was no accident. When passing through the hostile area 100 li outside Cangya Base, everyone from Longyan Base was surrounded by the zombie army!

An infinite number of zombies, brandishing all sorts of abilities, continuously unending flow of incoming attacks. The people of Longyan still hadn’t been able to respond when a large number of casualties appeared.

In the end, under the command of Qin Fei, Longyan lost more than half of their combat power, leaving only a small number of elite troops to break out of the zombie group.

This time, Longyan Base’s troops were not completely killed off, and the news that Cangya Base colluded with the Zombie King to rebel against humanity also followed and spread like wildfire……

Faced with the doubts from all parties, Yan Yu represented Lu Qin and declared Cangya Base’s stance –

We want to establish a new era of peaceful coexistence between humans and zombies!

Regardless whether one was a zombie or an infected, they used to be humans and also our loved ones! No one has the right to ruthlessly deprive them of their opportunity to survive……

After announcing a righteous speech, Cangya Base issued an announcement to the whole world. They were willing to accept infected people and mutant zombies who have recovered their consciousness from all over the country!

As soon as this remark came out, the world immediately went into an uproar!

Almost overnight, several other bases united and formed a crusade led by Yanzhi Base!

Because of the “alliance” between Longxiang and Cangya. Longxiang Base, having no leader at this time as Yang Zixi was in Cangya Base, was now being covertly controlled by people from Yanzhi, who had long coveted the base’s resources. .

This change came too suddenly. Yang Zixi couldn’t get back in time, and for the sake of the system’s mission, she could not abandon Yan Yu her now  ally and could not leave Cangya Base.

Fortunately, Yang Zixi, who always had the system by her side, did not deem Longxiang as something very important. In her opinion, she had a powerful system, Yan Yu this little BOSS and also Dr. L, this hidden life-exterminating big BOSS. Even if the whole world was against her, she could still overturn the clouds and rain!

In this way, Yang Zixi was labelled a “******” in the eyes of the world just like Yan Yu.

When the various powers gathered to attack Cangya Base, the people of Cangya Base were still like how they were in the past. Concerning Yan Yu’s “world shocking” view, they felt that it was very normal and that there wasn’t anything wrong with it.

In the younger generation of Cangya Base, some children had seen Little Li Xiang’s skill and also being confused by Su Rui’s “1-year 1 change” zombie appearance that was getting more and more fashionable. Many youths actually ran into Lu Qin’s office, scrambling to be a live experiment body for Maple Leaf Laboratory.

In their opinion, being able to keep switching back and forth between human and zombie and was rather handsome! 1

Now those aunties in the base would speak of Mr. Su every time they looked for a son-in-law.

‘What it’s good enough that my son-in-law is half as smart as Mr. Su! Also, my daughter must marry a person like Mr. Su who infatuatedly dotes on his wife…….’

As a result, Su Rui was set as a benchmark for the youths of Cangya Base –

Want to marry a wife?

Want to be strong?

Everything follow Mr. Su ah!

Therefore, the single, foolish youths felt that they found a shortcut to the road to success —

The first step to becoming Mr. Su, is to first become a zombie….


‘Wash everyone white’ as in ‘turning over a new leaf’ or a new clean slate.


BLU: ( ̄▽ ̄)  Aiya, these youths…. Must be nice to be so hotblooded….

I’m sorry, I didn’t post much lately because I’m in the middle of my exams. The last one’s on 19th June, so hang on till then!~

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