Sinister Ex-Girlfriend on ISO!

Vin here~ The translator of SEG, Blu, has joined us to ISO and will be hosting her translations here \o/ welcome, welcome.

Link to chapter 1 will lead to the rest of the chapters.


Update [10/02/19]:

Hey dear readers, Blu here~

First of all, welcome to SEG and I hope you like it! ヾ(☆▽☆)

Second, please note that I’m only a student who just started learning Chinese AND it’s my first time translating, so please don’t have such high expectations of the translation quality! Also, you  might find the translations hard to read at first (bc I’m a newbie), but I promise it gets better as I get more practice translating (I hope). (´ε`;)

Third, I would really love it if you guys post any feedback (which could be things that you don’t like about how I present my translations, or things I could improve upon) in the comment section. Because, if you post it on Novel Translations, I won’t see it until a long time later when I’m in the mood to check the comment section of NT.

This isn’t to discourage you on posting comments and reviews on NT! Σ(゜゜) No, no, no, no. It’s just that if I don’t see your feedback, then I can’t make immediate changes and you’ll have to suffer through whatever it is that you’re dissatisfied with for quite a while. (゚ω゚;) That’s a lose-lose situation, so let’s all avoid that! ^^

Here’s an example, someone posted in the NT comments that I spoil the story a bit and made their readin experience not as pleasant as they wanted it to be with my comments throughout the chapter and thought they were annoying. I felt a bit sad (who wouldn’t be when they’re called annoying), but I’m also happy that I’m getting these kind of feedback since it makes me reflect on myself. Thinking back, I also find it embarrassing and annoying.(* ̄□ ̄*; *sweats* Also, I kind of forgot to put these lil’ comments in footnotes until I read this comment.(´w`*) Teehee~ So from now on, for better reading experience, I’ll put all my existing comments in footnotes and only react in the form of emotes from (to avoid ruining reader’s expectations, existing or non-existing)! (ง •̀ω•́)ง✧ Update: Actually, that’s kinda drastic and I don’t think I can just commit to emojis. To a talkative person like me, that’s like slowly killing me. I’ll just put a short sentence. Juuuuust a short one. Update: I admit, I got a bit too talkative in the later chapters (I got a bit too carried away, I’m sorry). So I’ll just stick to one-liners from now on!

Once again, if you have any feedback, please do comment in the comment section! Thank you for reading this long note (and for future stuff) and happy reading!! *bows* (シ_ _)シ

Sinister Ex-Girlfriend on ISO!

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  1. Lol maybe you can put your spoilers on hide mode . Personally I hate spoilers but I love reading comments and author notes but not the long one just some short notes .
    Keep up the good work and thanks for the chaps

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