Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Arc 4 Summary

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Arc 4 – The God of Online Games is Petting Me

Su Wan wakes up in the world of 《Ling Shen》, a game created by the TX company. She was currently level 11 after being killed multiple times. (You lose levels everytime you are killed). While going through the details of the game, Su Wan gets ambushed by an Assassin and a Fire Mage.

She wakes up in the Novice Village at level 10, which is the level where players cannot Player Kill (PK) them. Su Wan goes through the plot and memories of the former Su Wan that happened till then. The general outline was that Ye Tian/ Di Shi Tian is the local tyrant of the server in District 4 of the Huaxia server. He’s the Guild Leader of Shitian Guild and Su Wan is the Vice. The guild members had offline meetings and Su Wan was regarded as Ye Tian’s wife. That was, until Hui Mou Yi Xiao pops up. Ye Tian came across Hui Mou Yi Xiao, who was a novice that got lost and wandered into a level 50 map. He saved her and fell in love at first sight. He started to have an ambiguous relationship with Hui Mou Yi Xiao and sent people to kill Su Wan after she PKed Hui Mou Yi Xiao twice. In the original plot, Su Wan was supposed to withdraw from the game and, Di Shi Tian and Hui Mou Yi Xiao had a happily ever after controlling the whole server. Lone Wolf also had an ambiguous reltionship with Hui Mou Yi Xiao for a time, and he also sent people to go and hunt down Su Wan.

After going through the plot and hatching a plan, Su Wan logs off from the game for a week. Meanwhile, Su Rui wakes up in the body of Situ familly’s Young Master, Situ Ye. The former Ye Situ was a sickly person and played an Ice Mage in 《Ling Shen》. He’s the Guild Master of Yong Ye/ Eternal Night Guild. He has the highest level in the whole Huaxia server and originally had no experience in PK, but this naturally changed with Su Rui’s appearance.

Taking a break from the game, Su Wan meets up with Xu Hua/ Shi Li Hua Mei offline. She also sent an application to Hurricane Studios, who is run by Supreme Emperor and his crew.

A week later, Su Wan logged back into the game and started the process of leveling up. When she was leveling at the outskirts of Longcheng City map, she came across Dancing Baby,  Fire Ice Walker and Windless. She helped them kill a Wild Boss and left after adding them as friends. The trio discuss about Su Wan’s level and current situation. Windless swears to repay Su Wan.

Su Wan was walking when she was ambushed by an Assassin again. A Priest by the name of Lemon Is Not Sour also appeared. The Assassin this time was Supreme Emperor, who runs Hurricane Studios. His crew, Swift Cross Blade and Zero  Degree Combustion, a Warrior and Mage respectively, also appeared. They welcomed her into Hurricane Studios and brought her to various maps for leveling.

When Su Wan returned to the game, it had just been updated so other players were too busy to pay attention to her. Di Shi Tian and Hui Mou Yi Xiao were in the midst of cultivating their feelings. Morning Breeze Waning Moon, the new Vice- Leader of Shitian Guild, blocked the news of Su Wan returning to the game because he couldn’t bear to see her get hunted down again.

Su Wan goes to the entrance of the Millenium Instance so that she could get the experience necessary to level up in te shortest time possible. There, she comes across White Wolf, who belongs to the Wolf’s Fang Guild which was headed by Lone Wolf. He taunted her and challenged her to a duel in the Arena. Su Wan accepts and proceeds to whoop his wolf havin ass. Then, she left and entered the Millenium Instance.

Meanwhile, in District 6 of the Huaxia servevr, the Eternal Night Guild members were chatting in the Guild Chat when their Leader, Night Rain appeared. When they were chatting, the topic shifted to Su Wan, and Night Rain (a.k.a. Su Rui) expressed immediate interest, shocking his members.

At the entrance of the Millenium Instance, White Wolf sat waiting. Lone Wolf contacts him and asks him to stop bothering Su Wan. Meanwhile, Su Wan clears the Millenium Instance and receives a Unique quest from the Mermaid King. After that, she simply went offline and went out to go get food. When she returned, she saw Su Rui standing in front of her door and she proceeds to let him in. They discuss about their roles given by their respective Headquarters and about their current identities in this world. Su Wan lets him stay the night and goes back to her room. In the guest room, Su Rui contacts his butler, Uncle Li, to fly over his gaming capsule and install it at Su Wan’s place.

When Su Wan logs back into the game, she sees that her mailbox is full and opened them. She settles the mail and thinks about Su Rui’s appearance. After that, she quietly logged off and went to sleep.

The next morning, she was very confused when she went out of her room. Su Rui was getting people to install the game capsule that he bought for himself and Su Wan. They go to the local shopping mall and come across the Yang brothers who play the characters Ice Cold Small Hands and Ice Cold Small Feet. After the brothers freaked out for a bit, they quickly left.

Back in the game, Su Wan continues her leveling plans. At the Underground Dream Palace, Ice Cold Small Feet and his friend, Ends of the Earth runs into her and backs off after being chased off by Dancing Baby and co. Dancing Baby, Fire Ice Walker and Windless did not bother Su Wan and went somewhere else to level.

Meanwhile, in District 6, the members of Eternal Night Guild were in a flurry because their Leader, Night Rain leveled up another 2 levels. Due to a moment of impulse, Ice Cold Small Hands blurted out that he came across Su Wan recently. This attracted Su Rui’s interest and he proceeded to interrogate him. After Su Rui mentioned that his brother should withdraw from Wolf’s Fang Guild, he went offline.

After she went offline, Su Wan went out of her room, only to see Su  Rui busying about in the kitchen with a chef that he plucked out from  restaurant. After eating, they relax on the couch. Su Rui watched  his TV dramas while Su Wan bought up TX Company’s stocks for her future plans.

The next day, Windless sends her an invitation to enter his Guild, Phoenix Dances In The Ninth Heaven. After joining, Ice Cold Small Feet and Ends of the Earth appeared and requests to join. After an intense level up session, Su Wan logs off.

The next day, Su Wan and Su Rui goes to a restaurant to eat. There, they discuss their plans again. They also talk about their past in Su Rui’s world.

After the game updated, Su Wan went back online to conquer the new instance with her team. At the entrance of the instance, she came across Hui Mou Yi Xiao and Di Shi Tian. After dissing each other back and forth, they enter the instance.

Su Wan and her team clears the instance and achieves First Kill. Su Wan also acquires a new skill, Forced Ressurection. When she came out of the instance, Lone Wolf approaches her and proposes an alliance. Su Wan rejects his proposal and declares that Shitian Guild an Wolf’s Fang Guild will be their enemies. Su Wan also declares that only Eternal Night Guild that was run by Night Rain is qualified to be their Alliance Guild.

After a brief exchange with Su Rui, Su Wan sets up the stage to bring down Hui Mou Yi Xiao. She got her Guild members to go to a certain coordinate and met Hui Mou Yi Xiao there. At Silver Moon Lake, Su Wan confronts Hui Mou Yi Xiao. Her Guild members (and some passerbys) became her witness and Ice Cold Small Feet recorded the whole thing. Su Wan continues to kill and revive Hui Mou Yi Xiao, repeatedly until she was level 10. After doing so, she left as the Shitian Guild members were approaching their location.

The next day, videos of Su Wan “bullying” Hui Mou Yi Xiao appeared on the game forum and a lot of people left Phoenix Dances. After cleaning up the guild, Phoenix Dances declares war on Shitian and Windless sends a message to Di Shi Tian on behalf of Su Wan, asking him to meet her at a certain location.

That evening, the full video of what happened by Silver Moon Lake was uploaded on the forum. The female players who supported Hui  Mou Yi Xiao at first felt furious and betrayed. These feelings permeated the entire forum and turned most of the players against Hui Mou Yi Xiao and Shitian Guild.

That night, Ye Tian was going to sleep when he was contacted by Morning Breeze Waning Moon to go and check the forum. Ye Tian does so and finds the video, his expression getting worse as he continued watching.

Su Wan goes online to meet the guild members before heading off to the location she agreed wih Di Shi Tian. When she went online, she was met with the apologies and support of various female players. After thanking them, they teleport to the agreed location. What greeted them there was a display organised by Su Rui.

When Shitian Guild arrived, they also saw the harmonious scene between Eternal Night Guild and Phoenix Dances In The Ninth Heaven Guild. Night Rain and Di Shi Tian have a face-off, and Night Rain proceeds to crush Di Shi Tian till he goes offline. After Ye Tian went offline, Hui Mou Yi Xiao tries to bewitch Su Rui with her disgusting fake White Lotus act.

After Su Rui went offline from the game after settling various matters, he was stunned by the sight of Su Wan cooking for him in the kitchen.

For the next few days, Su Rui brought Su Wan to various maps to level up. He also issued kill orders for people who belonged to Shitian Guild and Wolf’s Fang Guild. He also issued kill orders for people who killed Su Wan and collected her bounty before. Phoenix Dances, Xiaoyao Pavillion and 2 other Guilds established themselves in District 4 and became the overlords.

After Ye Tian left the game, he took over his family business and tries to topple Su Rui. Su Rui ganged up with Su Wan and crushed Ye Tian until his family went bankrupt. Su Wan paid attention to Hui Mou Yi Xiao’s (real name Yu Xiao Xiao) situation and found that she met an overbearing President when she was going around looking for someone to help Ye Tian pull himself back together.

In the new update of the game, the Marriage System was finally enabled. Su Rui immediately proposed to Su Wan until she accepted. She would’ve accepted it earlier, but she was stuck watching a Pet Egg hatch with Su Rui. Eventhough he was there, he still kept proposing on the World Chat. The pet egg hatched into a little human who was the Mermaid King’s Descendant and was named Su Xiaosu. Su Wan and Su Rui had a super grand wedding in the game.

On Christmas, Su Wan ditched Su Rui and met up with Yu Xiao Xiao at a coffee shop. There, Yu Xiao Xiao threatens Su Wan with her new backer and asks her to leave the game in return for letting Night Rain and Phoenix Dances off. Her new backer was a man named Charles who was a Prince of the Principality of Phelps.

Su Wan taunts Yu Xiao Xiao and shows her a video of Prince Charles marrying some other lady. In her despair, Yu Xiao Xiao forgets to pay for what she ordered and rushes out of the coffee shop. She gets hit by a car. Su Wan talks with Queen Nia, whose huband is a competitor for the throne of the Principality of Phelps.

After putting down the call and settling the tab, Su Wan goes out of the coffee shop, only to meet Su Rui standing there. After a brief conversation, she continues walking and leaves the world. After she left, Su  Xiaosu appears in front of Su Rui and transferred all the game’s data to Su Rui. Turns out, this Su Xiaosu was a copy of her Main body that was created by Su Rui in the future. She was sent here to obtain the data from Lingshen to complete her future Main body. After receiving the data, Su Rui also leaves the world. Su Xiaosu laments that she will be left alone in this world forever.


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