Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Arc 3 Summary

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Arc 3 – Scapegoat Sweetheart

The story starts with Su Wan’s return to Huaxia from abroad to take up a job as a CEO of a branch company, EVFA. On the plane, she reads a finance magazine with Xiao Jing Mo on the front page. Xiao Jing Mo was the former Su Wan’s childhood sweetheart. They fell in love with each other in highschool and got together. They planned on going to the same college after graduating highschool, but the former Su Wan left the country with her family and only left him with a break up letter.

Not long after she left, Xiao Jing Mo’s mother passed away due to a disease so the poor highschool boy was left alone in the world. That was, until the Xiao family found him. The backstory of Xiao Jing Mo’s birth was that his father was the eldest son of the Xiao family and he fell inn love with a poor girl, his mother. The Head of the family, Xiao Laoye strongly opposed their relationship. So his father and mother planned to elope together. On the day of their elopement, his father got into an accident and was sent abroad for treatment, though he did not survive. His mother thought that he abandoned her, so she got onto the train alone and returned to her hometown. There, she discovered that she was pregnant with Xiao Jing Mo and worked hard to raise him alone.

She brought him back to Xiang City years later and discovered that his father didn’t abandon her. He actually got into an ccident and died. Her health began to go downhill and she died. At this point, Xiao Jing Mo was picked up by the Xiao family.

In a bar, Xiao Jing Mo came across Luo Chu Chu, who was a poor university student working several jobs and she looked somewht similar to Su Wan. He used her as a substitute for Su Wan, but they gradually fell in love with each other.

Here, Su Wan begins to go over the details of the former Su Wan’s life. At the time of the college entrance examintions 8 years ago, the former Su Wan’s father was hospitalised. Her mother informed her that her father’s company went bankrupt and owed a huge debt. Muddle-headed at that time, her mother also told her that someone was willing to send her father abroad for treatment, but on the condition that she broke up with Xiao Jing Mo and go abroad for at least 5 years.

In the world’s original storyline, the former Su Wan met Xiao Jing Mo again after returning to Huaxia. She had never forgotten him and actually had conflicting thoughts about him, wanting to let him forget her and begin a new life, but on the other hand, she hoped that he would remember her and still love her. At this point, Xiao Jing Mo had been in a relationship with Luo Chu Chu for about a year now.

The former Su Wan then comes across Fang Zi Wen, who was Xiang City’s Fang family’s 3rd Young Miss. She claimed to be Xiao Jing Mo’s fiancee and told her that the person who made her father’s company go bankrupt was Xiao Jing Mo’s grandfather, the former head of Xiao family, Xiao Laoye. After a night of drinking, the former Su Wan calls Xiao Jing Mo and told him everything. Feeling that he owed Su Wan too much, Xiao Jing Mo broke up with Luo Chu Chu and got together with Su Wan. Xiao Laoye opposed their relationship again so Xiao Jing Mo moved into an apartment near the company together with the former Su Wan. Living with him, she felt that he sometimes got into a daze as he looked at her, as if he was seeing someone else. Things became clear when Su Wan sprained her leg. Xiao Jing Mo was helping her wrap it up, but as soon as he heard that Luo Chu Chu got into an accident, he immediately abandoned Su Wan and rushed off.

Dejected at the realisation that their love 8 years ago could not be rekindled, the former Su Wan decided to resign from her job in Huaxia and return abroad to take care of her parents. On the day of her departure, Xiao Jing Mo drove the former Su Wan to the airport, but his brakes suddenly failed. Su Wan protected him with her life.

After the accident, Xiao Jing Mo investigated the incident and discovered that it was the Fang family that was behind it. The Fang Family’s Young Master, Fang Zi Mu was infatuated with Luo Chu Chu and wanted to get rid of the competition. So Xiao Jing Mo ruined the Fang family and married Luo Chu Chu in front of Su Wan’s grave to show their love. 1

——– (Reflection ends and actual story begins)——–

Luo Chu Chu stood at the entrance of Xiao Jing Mo’s shopping mall with a cake box in hand because it was his birthday. There, she came across Su Wan and discovered that they looked pretty similar. They introduced themselves and Luo Chu Chu realised that Su Wan was Xiao Jing Mo’s first love. This information was provided by Fang Zi Wen along with the info that Xiao Jing Mo was only using her as a substitute for Su Wan.

After a brief exchange, Luo Chu Chu hurriedly left. A black Maserati pulls up in front of her and she was ordered to get into the car. Realising that it was Fang Zi Mu, Luo Chu Chu got into the car. Fang Zi Mu’s gaze glanced over at Luo Chu Chu when he felt Su Wan’s presence. He immediately got out of the car and rushed to where Su Wan was, but left without finding her. After he left, Su Wan comes out from the corner and realised that Fang Zi Mu was Su Rui after thinking it through.

When Fang Zi Mu (a.k.a. Su Rui) returned to the Fang family’s house, Fang Zi Wen was just changing her makeup. Soaked wet with rain, he just ignored her and lied on the couch. In her concern, she called out to him, only to receive a “Shut up!” in reply. Su Rui felt even more annoyed when he saw Fang Zi Wen’s terrible makeup. He kicked her out of the house and told her to look for Ya Fei to get ready for Xiao Jing Mo’s birthday feast that she was invited to.

Meanwhile, Su Wan just returned to her company, EVFA when her assistant, Chen Wei handed her an invitation from the Xiao family for Xiao Jing Mo’s birthday party. Su Wan decided to accept and ordered Chen Wei to get dressed so that he could accompany her to the party.

Sinking into her thoughts, Su Wan thought of the dynamics of the business world in Xiang City. At the top was the Fang family with Xiao family a close second. Xiao Laoye wanted to make Fang Zi Wen Xiao Jing Mo’s wife. Not to strengthen their ties by marriage, but to bring them down!

When she stepped into the party, Su Wan got into conversation with various other guests. Chen Wei saw Fang Zi Mu and whispered his identity to Su Wan. This would bite him in the ass later when he went to the restroom, only to be beaten up by Fang Zi Mu.

After conversing with guests for quite a while (with Su Rui intently staring at her), Su Wan went to sit down somewhere. Holding a glass of red wine in her hands, Su Wan looked around but she couldn’t find Su Rui. Meanwhile, the party  was going to start.

Xiao Jing Mo led Luo Chu Chu down the staircase. Seeing her, the audience started to whisper. This annoyed Xiao Jing Mo and when he looked where they were looking, he stopped. Feeling their gazes, Su Wan turned her head and they made eye contact. Su Wan wanted to say something, but seeing Luo Chu Chu beside him, she simply looked away.

Everyone started discussing how Su Wan and Luo Chu Chu looked very similar, even their dressing was similar. Luo Chu Chu felt a rush of humiliation and shook off Xiao Jing Mo’s hand. In anger, Xiao Jing Mo sternly whispered her name and she obediently held his hand again. They danced the first dance of the party together.

Fang Zi Wen, feeling indignant, almost crushed the wine glass in her hand. She was then approached by Ouyang Jing who was her childhood friend andwas chasing after her brother, Fang Zi Mu. Sitting together, they lightly discussed about Luo Chu Chu. She gazed at Su Wan and planned to deal with Su Wan.

Meanwhile, Chen Wei left in a hurry with the company car after getting beaten up by Su Rui. Thinking that she should leave early so that she had a way to get back to the city, Su Wan got up to leave after the first dance was over. At this moment, she was called out by Fang Zi Mu for a dance. Seeing that Xiao Jing Mo was getting closer, she promptly accepted. Seeing the two dance well together, Xiao Jing Mo got jealous.

After dancing a few rounds, Su Wan went back to where she sat to rest her aching feet. Su Rui naturaly tagged along with her and sat across her. When it was time to cut the cake, they followed the crowd and went towards where Xiao Jing Mo was. On the way there, a certain fool tripped Su Wan. Xiao Jing Mo wanted to help, but Su Rui quickly supported Su Wan.

Without waiting for the party to finish, Su Wan left the place. She was reminiscing about her past when Ouyang Jing stopped her car in front of her. She offered to send Su Wan back, which Su Wan agreed to. When she dozed off in the car, Ouyang Jing drove to a spooky barren hill in the outskirts of the city. She was going to leave Su Wan beside a tombstone when Su Wan reversed the situation and knocked her out instead. She took Ouyang Jing’s keys and purse, and drove back to the city. There, she disposed of the evidence and returned to her apartment.

Getting to work the next day, Su Wan was handed Chen Wei’s resignation. She demanded Chen Wei to personally come and demoted him. Planning what to do, she decided to make use of Su Rui.

When Su Wan went to the car park to get her car, she was stopped by Xiao Jing Mo. They went to have a meal together at a restaurant. There, they had a heart to heart talk of the past. After sorting it out, Su Wan asked him to be her company’s spokesperson because the previous one had a terrible scandal. Xiao Jing Mo rejected and Su Wan left in a hurry. Feeling suspiscious, Xiao Jing Mo ordered his men to investigate what happened to Su Wan 8 years ago.

When she returned to her apartment, she saw a familiar black Maserati. She has a conversation with Su Rui and invites him upstairs due to his silent coercion. Su Wan goes to her room to change and Su Rui tries to make something in the kitchen. As she was watching a TV drama, Su Rui plops down his bowl of noodles, causing Su Wan to sigh. Thinking that she was going to cook for him, Su Rui got excited but was ultimately disappointed when she ordered delivery.

At night, Su Wan let Su Rui stay over at her apartment due to his coercion (again). At this time, Su Wan asks Su Rui to be her spokesperson. After threatening to ask Xiao Jing Mo again, Su Rui immediately accepted.

The next day at work, Su Wan put down her work after her new assistant, Xu Jie comes in. She brings him out for lunch to celebrate his promotion to her assistant. She then brought him to buy a tie from her brand’s store. There, she (accidentally on purpose) came across Luo Chu Chu. Hearing from her assistant that Su Wan was buying a tie for her boyfriend, Luo Chu Chu proceeds to converse with Su Wan, asking her about her boyfriend. Su Wan misleads her to think that it was for Xiao Jing Mo.

After buying two ties, she sent one to Xiao Jing Mo and one to Su Rui. When her assistant quickly walked into Xiao Jing Mo’s company, Haoyue Group, to pass the tie, he did not see Luo Chu Chu standing at the entrance.

When Luo Chu Chu went up to Xiao Jing Mo’s office, she confronted him about it. They got into a fight and Xiao Jing Mo finally called up Su Wan to clear things up. But Su Wan quickly hung up after saying that she was busy. Xiao Jing Mo decided to bring Luo Chu Chu with him to Su Wan’s company after work. Luo Chu Chu agreed.

Su Rui called Su Wan to tell her that he liked the tie and that he was going to bring her for dinner after work. After work, Xiao Jing Mo and Luo  Chu Chu just happened to arrive just as Su Wan stepped out of the elevator. She and Su Rui activated ‘Acting Mode’ and showed off their affection right at that moment. Xiao Jing Mo disrupted them right then and Su Wan introduced Su Rui as her new spokesperson and boyfriend.

Su Rui taunted Xiao Jing Mo. After biting back, he left with Luo Chu Chu. Su Rui and Su Wan had a short conversation.

At this time, Su Wan reminisced abou the past when she was brought out from her original world.

The news of Su Rui becoming the spokesperson for EVFA (Su Wan’s company) caused an uproar in Xiang City. To celebrate thir success, Su Wan reserved a hotel and invited her company to celebrate. There, Su Wan discusses future plans with Su Rui. When the party ended, Su Rui was drunk. The assistant, who thought himself as understanding, asked Su Wan to help Su Rui get back while he settled everyone else. Su Wan helped Su Rui contact his sister to pick him up.

Fang Zi Wen arrives to the ridiculous scene of her brother being drunk. After pushing Su Rui onto Fang Zi Wen, Su Wan drove off. Fang Zi Wen mocks Su Rui, but found that he was actually pretending to be drunk. He orders her to drive home. While in the car, he starts his plans to bring Xiao Jing Mo down.

The next day, Su Wan was driving to the company when she got a call from her company’s Headquarters about the news concerning her wanting to cancel the contract with Haoyue Group. When Su Wan got to the company, she quickly formed a crisis team and asked Xu Jie to organise a meeting with Xiao Laoye.

At the meeting with Xiao Laoye, Su Wan exposes that she knew it was him that made her break up with Xiao Jing Mo 8 years ago and forced her to go abroad. She made it clear with him that the canceling of the contract will be her final involvement with him. After replying that she didn’t like Xiao Jing Mo anymore to Xiao Laoye’s question, Su Wan left. At that moment, Xiao Jing Mo stepped out from the screen behind Xiao Laoye.

After leaving the tea house, Su Wan stopped by a park to take walk and clear her head. She didn’t know that Xiao Jing Mo had been following her from behind the whole time. She was strolling around when a car sped towards her. Xiao Jing Mo wanted to help her, but he was too far away. Su Rui suddenly jumps out in front of Su Wan and shields her. Su Wan quickly calls the ambulance and follows him to the hospital. Xiao Jing Mo also tags along.

Su Wan takes care of Su Rui at the hospital. Xiao Jing Mo, who felt like he owed Su Wan a lot, settles the matter of the contract with her company and investigates the person behind the car incident. Of course, Su Wan already knew who it was. It was Ouyang Jing.

After Su Wan left to get back to her workplace, Su Rui calls up one of his men about Ouyang Jing’s status. While speaking on the phone, Su Rui strolls around his room as if the cast on his leg wasn’t there. Outside the door, Xiao Jing Mo, who was peeping, quietly left. Su Rui smirked when he left. He knew that Xiao Jing Mo was there the whole time.

After work, Su Wan went to the hospital to take care of Su Rui and found him watching those brain-dead TV dramas again. While waiting for the caretaker to wipe Su Rui down, Su Wan went to the hospital’s flower garden. There, she ran into Xiao Jing Mo who was looking for her. He wanted to tell her who it was that wanted to hurt her, but she already knew. The topic then shifted to Fang Zi Mu. He asked if Su Wan really liked Fang Zi Mu and not only revealed that he was at the tea house when she talked with Xiao Laoye, he also revealed that Fang Zi Mu was actually the mastermind behind Ouyang Jing. Then, Su Rui and Xiao Jing Mo then confronted each other at his private ward. During their argument, Su Wan left the room to get the doctor, but discovered Luo Chu Chu at the door. Xiao Jing Mo chases after her at Su Rui’s instigation. When Su Wan returned, they had a conversation which hardened Su Wan’s resolve.

The next day, Xiao Jing Mo and Luo Chu Chu broke up. As Luo Chu Chu left his villa, she went over the past with melancholy and walked down the quiet street alone. Su Wan watched Luo Chu Chu leave as she sat in her car. Then, she dialed a number and asked the person on the other side of the phone to start moving.

Two days later, she went to visit Su Rui in the hospital out of habit.  There, Su Rui showed her the news about a group of people retaliating against Haoyue Group. These people were victims of Xiao Laoye when he was running Haoyue Group. He forcefully hired people to demolish the houses of the people who lived on the land that he wanted to acquire. He suppressed the victims through his personal connections and merely gave the victims a sum of money in compensation.

After conversing with Su Rui for a bit, Su Wan leaves his ward. Later that night, Su Wan met up with Xiao Jing Mo to offer up her savings to support him during his troubled times. Xiao Jing Mo felt touched.

When Su Rui came to take over the company, Xiao Jing Mo handed him his resignation letter and the invitation for his and Su Wan’s wedding. Meanwhile, Su Wan also sent in her resignation letter and handed her assistants, Chen Wei and Xu Jie, a wedding invitation each.

On the day of the wedding, the guests who arrived at the hotel were confused. When they were handed another wedding invitation at the entrance of the hotel, they discovered that written on the invitation was the same as Xiao Jing Mo’s wedding invitation! Only the name of the groom was different.

Xiao Jing Mo waited for Su Wan, but she never came. A guest finally told him about the other wedding and he rushed there. When he rushed into the wedding hall, he saw Su Rui and Su Wan exchanging rings. Su Wan expressed her hate towards him before the audience and he dejectedly left. Hearing the news, Xiao Laoye relapsed and died. Xiao Jing Mo took his savings and left Xiang City, wanting to make a comeback in another city and crush Su Rui and Su Wan.

Su Wan always had someone to notify her of Xiao Jing Mo’s current circumstance. After making sure that he had no way of making a comeback, she left the world. When she woke up in her room at the Plane Destroyer Headquarters, she read the contents of the mission file. There, she saw that Xiao Jing Mo wandered the streets in poverty and became a vegetable after being hit by a truck. He was sent to a sanatorium because he couldn’t be identified. There, he was reunited with Luo Chu Chu.

At the same time Su Wan sighed at the miserable amount of points, Su Rui woke up at the Plane Restorer Headquarters. As he was walking about, he came across his fellow Plane Restorers, Qi Yue and Yun Sheng. Qi Yue had bought an item to track Su Wan’s whereabouts while Yun Sheng was nagging at him. Su Rui picked the item from his hands and left after saying that he will transfer the points.

(●o’∪`o)ノ―♪`*.+  The End   ☆*ヾ(-∀・*)*+☆

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