Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Arc 1 Summary

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Arc 1 – Princess Substitution Marriage

ヾ(о-ω・)ノ⌒★ Note: Because this arc is so confusing, the original plot of the story will be referred to as the ‘original plot’, the plot where the arc world was changed will be called ‘new plot’ and the story plot with our Su Wan in it will be referred to as the ‘current’ plot. 


This arc was set in the Great Xia Dynasty. The main lead is Xuan Yuan Qing and he’s the unfavoured Fifth Prince. He moved out of the palace when he was sixteen and moved into the Qin Wangfu that was bestowed to him by his daddy (who doesn’t like him much, or at all), the Emperor.

When Xuan Yuan Qing reached a marriageable age, no one wanted to marry their daughters off to him due to his bad temper and also because his legs were deformed (no one knew that his legs got better a loooong time ago and he’s just using it as a cover to plot for the throne, the usual stuff). So, he hatched a plan with the teachers of the state to pull Ye family into his camp. He put on a play where he was afflicted by a serious illness. This severe illness can only be resolved by marrying a lady who had an identical Eight Characters as his to ward of this “bad fortune”.

The person who matched this was the Imperial Censor Ye’s dear official daughter, Ye Zhi Hua. When Mr. Imperial Censor and his wife found that their daughter’s Eight Characters matched the Fifth Prince’s, they were devastated. Ye Zhi Hua hatched a plan that would let the family conceal the substitution and also preserve their dignity. The plan: Get her younger sister (who’s a concubine’s daughter, so she has no say in this) who was born 2 hours later than her (which woud probably mean that their Eight Characters were similar to each others) to replace her in this marriage because Ye Zhi Hua already liked someone else ( Third Prince, Xuan Yuan Rui).

The younger sister, Ye Zhi Jin, was meek in temperament and appearance which irritated Xuan Yuan Qing, so he killed her (method unspecified). Three days later, a transmigrator occupied Ye Zhi Jin’s body and became the new Ye Zhi Jin. This Ye Zhi Jin is this realm’s female lead. She got on Xuan Yuan Qing’s good side and ended up together with him. They plotted together to make Ye Jia fall and get the throne.

In the original plot, Xuan Yuan Qing and Ye Zhi Jin were successful. They defeated the Third Prince, Xuan Yuan Rui and fell Ye Jia, who stood on the Third Prince’s side. Ye Jia was executed till the third generation. In the end, Xuan Yuan Qing and Ye Zhi Jin became Emperor and Empress.

However, our dear female lead of this arc just had  to tell Ye Zhi Hua (who was imprisoned till her execution) that she wasn’t the old Ye Zhi Jin. The old Ye Zhi Jin died and she was a soul that transmigrated over from another world. Ye Zhi Hua was later beheaded, bringing her deep regrets with her. These deep regrets caused her to reincarnate.

In the new plot, Ye Zhi Hua was reborn a month after Ye Zhi Jin married into Qin Wangfu. Ye Zhi Hua knows that Ye Zhi Jin had died and was possessed by another soul. So, Ye Zhi Hua used her knowledge and experience from her past life to counterattack. She married Third Prince, Xuan Yuan Rui, who was her husband in her past life, but he didn’t bother with her. She also persuaded her family to stand on the Third Prince’s side. Thus, begins the fight for the throne between {Xuan Yuan Rui & Ye Zhi Hua (reincarnated)} vs {Xuan Yuan Qing & Ye Zhi Jin (transmigrated)}. DING DING DING, FIGHT!

Naturally, Xuan Yua Rui and Ye Zhi Hua won. Xuan Yuan Qing and Ye Zhi Jin were going to be put to death, BUT at this point, our dear MC Su Wan enters the realm!

Now, this is where the character, Su Wan comes in.

Original plot: Ye Zhi Hua married into Yue Wangfu, but Xuan Yuan Rui and Su Wan were deeply in love with each other. So, Xuan Yuan Rui didn’t care about Ye Zhi Hua at all. Su Wan died of her illness, leaving behind a broken-hearted Xuan Yuan Rui who was later defeated and executed (probably) with Ye Zhi Hua because he lost in the fight for the throne.

New plot: Ye Zhi Hua seduced Xuan Yuan Rui when he was drunk. She got him to marry her and gradually made him distant from his former childhood sweetheart, Su Wan. He gradually got colder to her because of the incident involving Ye Zhi Hua and Su Wan falling into a pond, causing Ye Zhi Hua to miscarry. Former Su Wan was banished to the cold yuan with her confidant, Lu Zhu.

Current plot: When Su Wan woke up in the cold yuan, Xuan Yuan Rui & Ye Zhi Hua were watching Xuan Yuan Qing & Ye Zhi Jin get beheaded. 1

Now, Su Wan starts putting her plan into action. She wrote a letter home which her younger, sis-con brother took over. Lu Zhu delivers this letter to An Wu, who delivered the letter to Su Rui. After doing this, she took a nap. When she woke up, she saw Physician Si and proceeded to use him to achieve her goal.  He euthanized Su Wan (former) in the new plot because Ye Zhi Hua thought that she was pitiful. In the current story line, Su Wan charmed him, made him fall in love with her, used him, and finally threw him away. Very sinister and badass.

On the day Ye Zhi Hua was officially titled as Yue Wangfei, replacing Su Wan, Su Rui interrupted Su Wan as she was making Physician Si fall even more for her. Su Rui came to take Su Wan away from Yue Wangfu and bring her back to Su Jia. Before leaving Yue Wangfu, they didn’t forget to crash the party with a hell of an entrance that made everyone in the hall shocked. There, Su Wan gracefully divorced with Xuan Yuan Rui, and left with Su Rui. Su Rui has a yandere, siscon episode in the carriage with Su Wan and thinks back of the day when Su Wan married into Xuan Yuan Rui. After Su Rui brings her back to Su fu (which is the General’s fu bc their dad’s a very important General), he pampers her like there’s no tomorrow.

Su Rui even saved Xuan Yuan Qing and Ye Zhi Hua from their execution and brought Su Wan to meet them so that she can hatch plans with them. The deal was: In return for Su Jia helping them make a comeback, Su Wan gets her revenge on Xuan Yuan Rui and Ye Zhi Hua.

Su Wan got Su Rui to get Physician Si to treat her using her awesome acting skills. She continued working her charm on Physician Si and got him to teach her how to make poisons, since he was a Poisons Master.

This was where things started to go wrong for Xuan Yuan Rui and gang. The Emperor impeached Xuan Yuan Rui and Imperial Censor Ye because of Su Wan’s matter. He only did it after Su Rui rose up and fought back for Su Wan. Xuan Yuan Rui was advised by a Taoist preist to divorce with Ye Zhi Hua and get back together with Su Wan because, ever since he made Ye Zhi Hua his Wangfei, everything started to go downhill. Xuan Yuan Rui became doubtful of Ye Zhi Hua’s Eight Characters and started investigating. He found that she switched her Eight Characters with Ye Zhi Jin’s. Xuan Yuan Rui then started coming up with wild theories which he believed to be true about why Ye Zhi Hua deceived him. Xuan Yuan Rui gradually became more distant from Ye Zhi Hua.

Xuan Yuan Qing and Ye Zhi Jin made their respective moves to get revenge. Xuan Yuan Qing went to gather his forces outside the capital while Ye Zhi Jin went to Ye Zhi Hua’s place to frighten her senseless.

A war of rumours occured and everyone found out that Su Wan and Xuan Yuan  Rui never “did it” throughout the four years they were married. So, the other Princes decided to try and make Su Wan their Wangfei to gain Su Jia’s support. Xuan Yuan Rui thought that getting Su Wan back would be easy because he ws convinced that she was infatuated with him. 2Su Wan ended up directly confessing to Physician Si during a banquet that was held when their dad, Su Yu Feng, Generalissimo of the Dynasty, came back from protecting the borders.

Xuan Yuan Rui went home in disappointment and stormed off to Ye Zhi Hua’s courtyard to relieve his stress. Ye Zhi Hua didn’t expect him to come since he had been avoiding her lately. When he pressed on her when she was asleep, she thought the ghosts of Ye Zhi Jin and Xuan Yuan Qing came for revenge. She took out a pair of scissors and started blindly slashing. Xuan  Yuan Rui’s cheek got scratched and his sleeve ripped. He got angry and slapped her. Ye Zhi Hua wakes up from her moment of insanity, tried to pounce onto Xuan Yuan Rui, but Xuan Yuan Rui wasn’t having it and left her room after insulting her.

After the banquet, Su Rui and Su Yu Feng had an epic fight that lasted for quite a while. Su Rui then heads to Su Wan’s room and threatens to castrate Physician Si if she was actually going to marry him. Su Wan teases him and asks Su Rui what he would do if the person she was going to marry was him. Su Rui was stunned speechless. He ran back to his room, thought about this for a whole night and goes back to Su Wan’s room. He tells her that he knows that she isn’t truly his sister, so it’s OKAY to marry her! He then falls unconscious onto Su Wan. Su Wan didn’t want him to mess with her plans, especially at this critical point. So, she shouts for help and frames him. Long story short (which is the whole point of this summary), Su Yu Feng put Su Rui out of action for a good long while. Physician Si tried to treat Su Rui, but he wouldn’t wake up from his coma.

Moving on, Su Wan attends the New Year’s feast that the Emperor held every year. Xuan Yuan Qing bursts into the party with an army behind him and burning buildings in the background. He goes a bit crazy and kills his dad, the Emperor, Xuan Yuan Po. No one else could move because they were poisoned by the poison in the food. Su Wan handed out the “antidote” only to those who swore loyalty to Xuan Yuan Qing. This “antidote” turned out to be highly toxic poison. The true antidote was in the incense that was burnt before she handed out the “antidote” like free candy. Su Wan then proceeded to cleanly cut herself off from Xuan Yuan Qing. It turns out, she was actually working with Xuan Yuan Ye, the Fourth Prince.

Xuan Yuan Ye became the Emperor and was going to marry Su Wan. However, when Su Wan was travelling to the palace, Su Rui ambushed her. They had a one-sided emotional moment (Su Rui’s side, of course) as Su Wan disappeared and returned to Realm Destroyer HQ.

Oh yeah, Xuan Yuan Rui was imprisoned with Ye Zhi Hua in a small courtyard with no servants at all and Xuan Yuan Rui killed Ye Zhi Hua in a bout of insanity, and he blamed her for all his mistakes. Xuan Yuan Qing and Ye Zhi Jin were beheaded and their heads were displayed on top of the gates to scare thieves and robbers.

This part’s a bit of a spoiler if you haven’t read past this arc. 3

(●o’∪`o)ノ―♪`*.+  The End   ☆*ヾ(-∀・*)*+☆

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