Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 28

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SEG Chapter 2.13 — The Ninth Nightmare (13)

“Yi Zi Xuan, how about making a deal?”

At Qi Mu’s languid voice, Yi Zi Xuan did not turn his head and could imagine that Qi Mu’s face right now had, more or less, an expression that set himself high above the masses.

“Not interested.”

Yi Zi Xuan already opened the door lock, his hand holding the door handle as if he was about to open the door and immediately leave.

“Don’t you want to know what your true sequence number is?”

Qi Mu’s voice rang out once more, with a tone of absolute certainty.

Yi Zi Xuan’s leaving figure paused: “Why should I trust you?”

Although, deep down, he wanted to know the answer, is Qi Mu really worth his trust? If what he said was somewhat fake, I’m afraid no one would know except for himself.

“You can also choose to not believe me. No one’s forcing you. However,……”

Qi Mu, who sat on the sofa, lightly turned sideways: “And, it’s undoubtedly the safest if we stay together. It’s our choice to form an alliance or to stand alone. Everything depends on yourself. Of course, if you cannot stand the sight of me and Xiao Wan publicly displaying our affection all day in front of your face, then I also can’t do anything about it. Who made me love her so much? If she died, I wouldn’t be able to live ne.” 1

“You  go to hell!”

Su Wan, who returned to the living room who knows when, happened to hear Qi Mu’s last words. She forcefully threw the suit she was holding to Qi Mu’s face and firmly scolded him.

“Aiyou, hitting is considered a kiss, scolding is considered love. I know you love me.” 2

Qi Mu pulled down the clothes that were on his face and gave Su Wan a  roguish smile.


Su Wan glared at him and turned to look at Yi Zi Xuan who was at the door, her expression cold: “Why haven’t you left yet?”

If, not long ago, Su Wan was still considering to lay down her pride for Yi Zi Xuan’s complex, then, now, Su Wan already completely severed that idea.

She never thought that she was that kind of shameless woman in Yi Zi Xuan’s heart.

As it turns out, he’s never looked at himself.

A man of character indeed. If a guy had sincerely liked a girl, even if they finally parted ways, even if that girl let herself go, he would only feel a little regret. And wouldn’t be like Yi Zi Xuan this kind of childishly and conceitedly making rude remarks to hurt people.

When all’s said and done, once that sincere love had become a thing of the past, this kind of demeaning a person once he turned his head. Is he really a man? 3

Su Wan felt utterly disappointed. She was a daughter from a poor humble family in the city. She never felt that she was noble nor was she ever looked down upon in this way.

Hearing Su Wan’s sarcastic comment, he turned around to see Su Wan look at him with a hurt expression. Yi Zi Xuan couldn’t help but sneer in his heart. Was she acting in front of Qi Mu?

She acted like he was a heartless person who had hurt her.

At this very moment, Yi Zi Xuan suddenly didn’t feel like going.

His gaze fell on Qi Mu. Right now, our Qi Mu was changing his clothes on the sofa, bluntly acting as though no one else were present. He had long threw the blood-dyed shirt onto the floor.

“Qi Mu, it’s not that I can’t cooperate with you, but your bargaining chips aren’t enough.” 4

Yi Zi Xuan’s tone and expression was full of confidence. He also had an ability to save his life, so his whole person became very confident.

Yi Zi Xuan…….

Qi Mu fixed his gaze on Yi Zi Xuan.

This Yi Zi Xuan really has a problem. Qi Mu recalled that Chen Yu Feng once described that Yi Zi Xuan to him that he was cheerful and lively when you look at him, but in reality, he was a child from the mountains with a fragile heart and had an inferiority complex. The other younger brothers in the dormitory always took his feelings into consideration and never had any contradictions with him.

This kind of Yi Zi Xuan, suddenly became full of arrogance and self-confidence. Who was it that gave him this kind of confidence?

Qi Mu looked at Yi Zi Xuan with interest: “Just now, I forgot to tell Su Wan that every person who was killed by a ghost would immediately become a ghost. In other words, our enemies keep increasing.”


When he heard Qi Mu’s words, Yi Zi Xuan brows rose. Come to speak of it, truly raised too many unpredictable factors.

Although Yi Zi Xuan had a lot of confidence in his ability, but his ability actually had a limit on time and the number of times. He couldn’t use it more than 10 times per day. Ten times might seem like a lot, but in this kind of crisis-ridden world, it was somewhat dangerous. Furthermore…..

Yi Zi Xuan discreetly looked at Qi Mu and then looked at Su Wan. These two people still seemed to be more trustworthy at the moment. At least before Qi Mu appeared, Yi Zi Xuan had given Su Wan quite a few chances to make close contact. At the time when he seemed defenseless, Su Wan didn’t make any movements at all.

So, she was now, at least, still a living person.

As for Qi Mu……

He was somewhat mysterious. It should be a secret that he didn’t want to let anyone know. Staying together with him was better than being apart. It was a lot better than being calculated by him behind his back.

He considered it in his mind for a moment. Yi Zi Xuan then nodded at Qi Mu: “I’ll accept this deal. Don’t know if you still have any additional conditions?”

Since it was a deal, Yi Zi Xuan was convinced that Qi Mu wanted something from him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t ask him and definitely wouldn’t form an alliance with him.

“I have one condition.”

Qi Mu packed up his smiling expression and suddenly seriously and solemnly looked at Yi Zi Xuan: “I want you to do something simple. If we meet any danger together, I hope you’ll use the best of your abilities to help me protect Su Wan. Naturally, I do not expect you to keep protecting her. One time. I need you when I’m too busy to do anything else. Just protect her once. Remember this, Yi Zi Xuan. This is a promise between men. You can disagree. If you do that, then our deal is canceled. Of course, if you agree, then you have to follow the rules. Do not think of deceiving me!”

Qi Mu’s voice dropped. Yi Zi Xuan and Su Wan looked at him with extreme astonishment. As if it was their first time knowing Qi Mu.

“Xiao Wan, were you touched by my words? How about……giving your heart to me a?” 5

When Qi Mu caught a glimpse of Su Wan’s gaze, he immediately followed by climbing up the pole. He always didn’t forget to flaunt his affection index. When Su Wan, who’s heart throbbed a little, saw that smile of Qi Mu’s that was a smile yet not a smile, immediately furiously turned her face away.

Yi Zi Xuan once again carefully sized up Qi Mu. Could it be that this Qi Mu was truly an infatuated seed?

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  1. Is he a transmigrator too? I remembered there was another plane not too far from su wan’s and that plane also registered to the same mission world..

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