Run Over Chapter 4.2

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Break My Body
Chapter 4 Part 2

I turned the key, as if going into my own house, and finally felt the guilt, once firmly drowned by the regular cleaning of other people’s pockets.

Shoes were beautifully arranged on a stand at the entrance. The place was clearly much more spacious than mine. Having taken off my shoes at the entrance, I slowly walked into the corridor. The dead silence was broken only by the beating of my heart. If that woman remembered that she forgot something, and would go back, I would be finished. I wonder how long would it take for the hostess to realize the loss of the key and ask the concierge for a spare?

Though it wasn’t necessary to muffle my steps, I preferred to move slowly. I went into the living room – a table, chair, and a couch, then to a standard kitchen. I found a room filled with clothes resembling a large closet. Probably a wardrobe. The shower and dressing room didn’t feel humid. The examination of secluded corners created the impression, that this place was carefully cleaned, or maybe even that nobody lived here.

In the next room, I suddenly froze.

It was also cleaned, but differed from the rest with white walls, and with the fact that someone definitely lived here. On the table stood a glass stand for pens, and on the bookshelf stood disks and books. Their genres were the most diverse, from manga to ranobe to serious novels. This talked about the broad views of the owner.

And for some reason I was convinced that this room belonged to Minato Rica. It seemed as if I learned something new, but didn’t get much further. It was as if I learned at least a little about the girl named Minato Rica, and for some reason this pleased me. Almost when you get the corner of a puzzle.

Examining the room, I opened the drawers. There weren’t many things in them, but in the clothes drawer of the cabinet I found something unexpected. Dozens of wallets. If you think about it, it was expected. Having found a suitable bag, I stuffed all the goods in it. My right hand took all the evidence of the committed crimes. I only just realized, that this was my first prey for today.

Closing all the drawers, I noticed a photo frame on the desk. In the photo Minato was with a different girl, apparently a friend. Minato, who I was used to seeing in a blazer, looked unusual in a striped shirt. When was this shot taken? Not long before the transfer or during middle school?

The girl in the photo had an impression of a frightened, maybe melancholic, but definitely a not very social person. Bangs to her eyes, dark skin.

It was as if a spark flashed through my head.

The girl lowered her gaze, as if not daring to look into the camera’s lens.

In my head the sounds of clapping was heard.

I remembered. The girl in the photo. She was in the same class as me.

“Well, what do you think?” came from behind me, and I shuddered from surprise and turned around. Minato stood there, and I tensed up immediately. “We were in middle school then. After that the close friend went into high school, there, because of humiliation killed herself, and as revenge I transferred to the same class. I do not hesitate and act with full cruelty, and blame everything for the sad past. And now a question. Is this true? Or not?”

I stood like a statue, and Minato slowly approached me.

“The fact that we were close friends, it’s true, but the revenge is just an excuse. I am actually a very cruel girl, and I just wanted to destroy the class. And again, is this true? Or not?”

Minato cut the distance between us, and I tried to move away, but hit my heel on the bed, and from surprise I became breathless.

“But maybe, I faked the photograph, to justify my revenge on the a*sholes, who began to bully immediately after my transfer. To get revenge for oneself alone is somehow too much, but if you add a victim, the avenger will have an excuse for all the cruelty. Well?”
From the push, I sat down on the bed. Minato, who stayed on her feet, grabbed me by my shoulders and pushed again, and then sat on top.

“Or this. You and I are alike, Idzono-kun, our parents left us both to the mercy of fate, and we show cruelty to distract ourselves. The woman you met is actually a servant who was hired to look after me. That’s how it is.”

I was pinned to the bed. I tried to shove the girl sideways, but lost all my strength. Or maybe the strength was there, it just hid somewhere. Minato was so close, I felt her breath on my face.

“Idzono-kun, which of the heard motives, do you like the most?”

I didn’t know.

“Isn’t it amazing? If we hadn’t the same reason for all this, I would’ve had to force you. I would tell you a depressing story, and you would feel sympathetic. You still wouldn’t have checked whether it’s the truth or not. That’s why, Idzono-kun, you will like my story.”

What was she going to do?

“Or will you announce that I don’t need a motive?”

I tried to open my mouth, but my lips did not obey.

“I am worrying. Soon things won’t go as planned, from this one thought I lose myself. I love you, Idzono-kun. Do you love me? Would you do anything for me?”

My heart squeaked. The miniature Minato on me seemed to be unliftable. She towered over me and stared, waiting for an answer. The silence in the room was suffocating.

“Listen… Tell me at last, what are you planning?”

Minato asked, whether I was ready to do anything. Anything. But what is she planning? What was she going to make me do? It hurts to breathe. My body trembled with shivers.

“A massacre.” Minato smiled. “There, I said it, now what?”

What gibberish. What did she think of.

“What a coincidence. I was thinking of the same thing.”

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