Return of the Goddess Chapter 44

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Chapter 44

When the reporters saw Ning Xi leaving, they all went to chase after her. But Xiao Yang was fierce and forcefully stopped the reporters, allowing Ning Xi to get in the car without disturbance.

After the car left, Xiao Yang then let out a sigh of relief. “These reporters are crazy. Sister Xixi, don’t take their words to heart.”

It was hard to fathom what these reporters were thinking. Instead of blaming those perpetrators, they surrounded Sister Xixi. Were they sick in the head?

“They’re not crazy. It’s because I got pulled into the matter that it drew the attention of the masses.” Ning Xi unlocked her phone and laughed mockingly, “In fact, this is also good. With this hubbub, more and more people will then pay attention to this topic.”

“But this is unfair to you,” Xiao Yang ranted. “On what basis are these people asking these questions?!”

“In the face of benefits, many people do not care for fairness.” Ning Xi opened her browser. On the opening page, topics like ‘Popular female artist has a narrow heart, does not have the morality of a public figure’ appeared.

Meeting their wishes was righteous, but not sharing the same opinions as them was then immoral?

Each and everyone of them claimed to be a supporter of justice. They were just using the suffering of others to make known their own so-called nobility and righteousness.

This was because the ones who were hurt were not them, and the people who experienced the pain were not them. So, they could be relaxed and at ease, standing high on the stage of morality, pointing fingers at others, and speaking without thought. This could even sentence a person to death.

In reality, these kinds of people were holding buns filled with others’ blood, simply taking big chunky bites out of them.

From the beginning, a large number of people on the Internet had denounced Ning Xi as a public figure. She was labeled vengeful and seen to hold zero tolerance. She practically led the next generation of teenagers astray.

There were even some well-known Weibo accounts that expressed that female artists like Ning Xi, even if they read more books, were still women who could not stand chicken stomach and intestines.[1]

These people continued cursing Ning Xi as though she had committed a heinous crime, and was undeserving of any forgiveness.

However, the eyes of the masses were sharp. Their three views [2] were above average, and their intelligence was also very high. Very quickly, there were people that could tell that someone had invited the water army to vilify Ning Xi on purpose.

The kind of people who, for the sake of ruining others, had forsaken their three views, made people speechless.

When a victim who had experienced campus violence over and over again stepped out to speak up about their suffering, countless people had remained silent.

Nobody could represent the victim to forgive on their behalf, and neither could anyone
seek the victim’s forgiveness. This is because an observer would not know what the victim had gone through.

Why did some people force the victims to forgive their tormentors, applying methodical pressure to get the victims to forgive them, rather than helping them out of the shadows of their youth and letting them live a happier life?

Real forgiveness was not moral kidnapping [3], but the tolerance that came from the heart.

Since people felt sorry for the victim, they hated the hypocrites who didn’t speak up along with the perpetrators. Countless social figures stood up against campus violence and condemned moral kidnapping.

The topic of campus violence soon replaced that of Jiang Hongkai and Zhu Moli kissing in a car late at night, making the Jiang family release a sigh of relief.

As for the final outcome of the mysterious other party involved in this article, Jiang Hongkai was unconcerned. Instead, he was more or less blaming Zhu Moli for it.

If she hadn’t seduced him, how could he impulsively have kissed her in the car, and also be photographed by several entertainment reporters, leading to such a mess?

“Moli, this is the company’s decision. I can’t help you. Sorry.” Her manager looked at Zhu Moli, who was crying while covering her face, feeling very complex inside.

He had brought out Zhu Moli alone, so he wanted to leave her be. But he would always become softhearted in the end. It was just that at this time, the company’s senior executives had already spoken, saying they would like to hide her. Even if he was more capable, he would still not have been able to turn things around.

Perhaps within his own heart, he was also secretly relieved. But he unconsciously ignored this point.

“The company can’t do this to me. When I was with Jiang Hongkai, you didn’t say anything. Now that something happened, all of you want to conceal me?” Zhu Moli yelled, unresigned to her fate, “Don’t force me!”

“Moli, be smarter,” her manager said helplessly. “Now your popularity has dropped to the very bottom. Even if the company wasn’t going to hide you, no one dares to cooperate with you right now. You just have to keep a low profile for two years. When everyone forgets about this matter, we can find an opportunity to come back again. Maybe you’ll be able to make a comeback after ‘Tán Hǎixiān jì’ has aired.”

Zhu Moli laughed angrily. Did they think she’s a newcomer? What “make a comeback in two years”? Now that the number of newcomers had doubled, those with good acting skills and good looks were more than a dime a dozen. She would be 30 in two years. What could she use them to compete with those newcomers, who were fresh and tender?

Yes, she also had ‘Tán Hǎixiān jì’. As long as this movie aired, she would definitely have a fighting chance!

AdvertisementUnfortunately, her extravagant hopes were soon broken off.

One day later, the production team of ‘Tán Hǎixiān jì’ informed her that because of her personal image, her scenes in the film would be greatly cut down.

Back when she had worked with the production team, there was such a clause in the contract. If there is a possibility of the box office being affected by the actor’s own negligence, the film maker had the right to delete the actor’s scenes.

In desperation, Zhu Moli could only call Jiang Hongkai. Unfortunately, the other party could not be reached. She finally understood that Jiang Hongkai had given up on her.

“You bastards!” Zhu Moli smashed her cell phone and cried in bed.

Seeing that the netizens were finally losing interest in them, Jiang Hongkai started to return to his good life again.

However, he was still unhappy. Although other people in his circle did not say anything in front of him, he knew that these people must be laughing at him behind his back.

“Hahaha, the second son of the Jiang family doesn’t have a brain. If I was in his situation, I would have thrown the actress out to block the public opinion that very day. How stupid was he, to try to find someone to suppress the topic? Isn’t that adding fuel to the fire?”

“If he wasn’t stupid, how could the whole Jiang family fall into the hands of his eldest brother?”

“That’s true. It’s also a good thing that the Jiang eldest son has such a stupid younger brother. At least no one is fighting with him for his family fortune.”


When Jiang Hongkai passed a private room with the door ajar, he heard someone mention his name. After stopping, he overheard such a conversation.

He kicked open the half-closed door with an ashen face, glancing at the several people sitting in the room, and then turning away angrily.

The room fell into silence. A man carefully said after a while, “Brother Qu, Jiang’s second brother will not go crazy right?”

“Even if he does, it will be a headache for only the Jiang family. What are you worried about?” Qu Yuanbai shook the ice in his glass and sneered, “If the two brothers get into a predicament, just based on Jiang Cheng’s lousy character, how can he support the Jiang family? Let’s wait to watch the fun.”

“Right right right, Brother Qu is really brilliant!” Everyone in the room knew that the Qu family did not get along with the Jiang family, and began to praise the Qu family.

Listening to the flattery flowing from the people around him, Qu Yuanbai looked absentminded. The person who had emailed him yesterday seemed to know Jiang Hongkai’s temper very well, so he had given him such an idea.

One must know that even though Jiang Hongkai was always idling about, he usually looked like an elite outside. Ordinary people would not believe that he’s such an easily provoked person.

It could only be said that the Jiang family had taught Jiang Hongkai too well, so much so that he learned to put on airs outside.

However, in the email he received yesterday, whoever it was had clearly stated Jiang Hongkai’s temper and some of his living habits. Obviously, he had a thorough understanding of Jiang Hongkai’s personality and hobbies.

For one to know another so well, he either loved or loathed him. Obviously, this mysterious man belonged to the latter group.

This made him suspect that the scandals about Jiang Hongkai online had something to do with the mysterious man. However, this mysterious man was unlucky; just when Jiang Hongkai’s news had created a big stir, another hot topic regarding a female artist had covered Jiang Hongkai’s issue.

This female artist who had unintentionally helped Jiang Hongkai seemed to be called……Ning Xi or Ning Xia?

“What’s the name of that female artist who was brought to the party last time?” He looked at the people in the room.

“It seems like her name is Ning Xi. Chang Shi Gui treasures her really deeply. Jiang Hongkai’s daughter went to look for trouble with that actress but in the end, Chang Shi Gui immediately turned hostile. It was said that the Jiang family paid a special visit to the Chang house two days ago, but it didn’t seem to be fruitful,” a young man who usually liked to gossip replied. “This actress must not be very happy now. She became Jiang Hongkai’s shield for suppressing the noise around him for free.”

“Ning Xi..” Qu Yuanbai frowned, inexplicably thinking that he seemed to have heard this name somewhere before.

[Hermit Crab: Ning, you are so terrible. I sympathize with those who are against you. ] [Return of Messenger: Thank you. I take this as a compliment. ]

Ning Xi exited the chat and pinched the bridge of her nose wearily. Suddenly, her phone rang. The caller id showed Zhang Qingyun’s name.

“Brother Zhang,” she got up to pour herself a glass of water. Then she leaned against the window to look at the nighttime scenery, “A public-interest advertisement?”

“Okay, no problem.”

A few days ago, the host of ‘Current Affairs Exchange Talk’ Lao Xu, offered her name for consideration to play in the public-interest advertisements for campus violence. Now it had been finalized that she would be playing the female student who grew up after campus violence.

“One more thing,” Zhang Qingyun hesitated for a moment. “Zhou Zhengchuan’s new play is coming up. His manager hopes you can smoke up a love affair with him.”

Ning Xi’s personal relationship with Zhou Zhengchuan was not bad. If she wanted to help him create a stir, it wouldn’t be impossible. But it didn’t have to be about love.

“Brother Zhang, let me think about it first.” Ning Xi did not refuse directly. After hanging up, she turned to make a phone call to Zhou Zhengchuan.

The next day, Ning Xi posted a photo on her Weibo. In the photo, she was dressed in a dashing suit. She was so handsome that many female fans asked her for her hand in marriage and said they would be willing to give birth to monkeys for her.

Ning Xiv: After taking care of my beautiful fans, I also need to care for my handsome fans. Come on, offering beauties. [Photo]

In the photo, Ning Xi was full of momentum. She held a blonde curly hair “woman” in her arms. It was just that this woman……

Netizen A: Hahaha, Xixi really knows how to play. Look at the aggrieved little appearance of Heavenly King Zhou. Tell me, what did you do to force him to change into this kind of clothes?

Shi Pangv: Zheng Chuan told us with his practical actions that we must not compete with smart people in terms of intelligence. The consequences will not be affordable for ordinary people.

Netizen B: Heavenly King Zhou, I didn’t expect you to be such a heavenly king. I feel that I cannot directly look at your handsome face anymore.

Netizen C: To be honest, I think Xixi and Heavenly King Zhou have the same face, but it seems that they are a little rebellious. I’m not going to tell you that as early as the after-show fireworks, I thought they should be a couple.

Netizen D: Two tops together will not bring happiness. Ning Xi is clearly my husband, upstairs don’t talk nonsense.

It was probably because the appearances of Ning Xi and Zhou Zhengchuan were too powerful that both fans and passers-by could watch their Weibo mercilessly.

Everyone expressed, Heavenly King Zhou, I didn’t expect you to be this kind of Heavenly King.

Zhou Zhengchuan soon became number one on the hot search list, and many passers-by and Ning Xi’s fans began to powder [4] him because of his friendliness.

Zhou Zhengchuanv: I never thought that I would lose so badly. The people that can solve these problems in just a few minutes are not human beings, but gods!

The netizens clicked to open the picture. In the picture were three questions of ‘deciphering each word they know’. They could add all kinds of mathematical symbols together and even then they couldn’t understand the mathematical problems.

Soon everyone understood what was going on under the allegations of Shi Pang. When Zhou Zhengchuan was bored, he found several super difficult math problems on the Internet, and made a bet with Ning Xi to see if she could solve them in half an hour.

Facts proved that IQ is enough to crush everything. Zhou Zhengchuan lost miserably. And because his mouth was cheap [5], he was forced to change into women’s clothes.

After this incident, Zhou Zhengchuan became a funny and down-to-earth person in the hearts of the netizens. Every day, he ran to his Weibo to interact joyfully. The atmosphere was lively and friendly.

Zhou Zhengchuan, whose popularity had declined due to lip synching during the Spring Festival Gala, finally manage to pull back the netizens’ favor after this incident.
This effect was much better than speculating over the relationship between two people. Additionally, there would be no subsequent negative impact, either.

However, some of media saw that Ning Xi had a good relationship with Zhou Zhengchuan, and began to suspect that they had an ambiguous relationship. Some outlets even posted photos of Ning Xi visiting Zhou Zhengchuan’s home, proving that the two had a strong relationship.

There was also some so-called gossip on Weibo that expressed: no wonder Ning Xi plainly stated that she and Chang Shi Gui were just ordinary friends. So it was that she was already in a relationship with Zhou Zhengchuan.

“Mrs. Chang, I heard that your family’s Shi Gui was dumped by a female artist?” The woman who spoke seemed to be gloating. After all, the children in their family were usually too low-key. Compared to Chang Shi Gui, they were scum. It was rare to see Chang Shi Gui to be humiliated. All of them had feelings of exhilaration.

“Where do I begin?” Tao Huixue put down the teacup with a smile. Although she was old, she still showed good mannersand elegance in every move.

“I’m afraid you don’t know. The female artist who was in love with Chang is now dating a male artist.”

Didn’t they all say that Chang Shi Gui is amazing?

Now, he couldn’t even woo a female artist successfully. The other party would rather be with another male actor than with him.

Wasn’t this slapping him in the face?

(1) chicken intestines and stomach here refers to the bullies back then. They’re trying to say that she held no tolerance and disgust towards commoners.

(2) One’s morals.

(3) In the absence of clear and standard code of conduct, use morality to make other people’s behavior or ideas affected and act against their own consciousness.

(4) slang for becoming a fan.

(4) term to say someone with a loose mouth in the sense that saying something that could land them in trouble.

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