Return of the Goddess Chapter 43

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Chapter 43

“Uncle Jiang, although I hold shares in Weibo, you should know that I never intervene in their operations,” Chang Shi Gui said indifferently. “Sorry, I may not be able to help you with this small matter.”

After rejecting Jiang Hongkai, Chang Shi Gui did not wait for him to explain and stood up and said, “Sorry, I have some documents to get through.”

“Shi …” Seeing that Chang Shi Gui left without turning back, Jiang Hongkai got up and wanted to call him, but Chang Shi Gui left too fast. He hadn’t finished what he wanted to say, and the figure of the other person had already disappeared around the corner.

“Sister, look at Shi Gui this child, now his temper is getting worse, why …” Before Tao Minya finished speaking, she saw that the expression on her sister’s face was a bit ugly, and she suddenly went silent.

Her sister was good at everything, including defending people. If she told her sister that Chang Shi Gui was not good, her sister would turn hostile, and refuse to give in to anyone.

Tao Minya’s husband, Jiang Yuanpeng, came out to see the situation. “Sister, Minya thinks that entertainers and artistes have complicated minds, and they worry Shi Gui will suffer losses. They have no other meaning.”

“I know you guys are doing this with good intentions, but this child always has his own opinions. Whatever he decides, it’s not easy for me as a mother to get involved,” Tao Huixue said with a calming smile. “Let’s not talk about this, we can talk about something else.”

Tao Minyagan laughed and nodded: “Yes, let’s talk about something else.”

All three knew that when they came to the Chang household that they might not get the results they wanted.

As they ate lunch, the Jiang family looked for topics to talk about, and Chang Shi Gui stayed very cold.

The three walked out the door without embarrassment. After Jiang Hongkai got into the car, he complained, “Now those of the younger generation are disrespectful to their elders.”

Tao Minya didn’t want to hear anyone badmouthing her maiden family and said, frowning: “Can Shi Gui be blamed for this? If it wasn’t for Yiyi provoking people over nothing, would this have happened?”

Her sister and her nephew had so much dissatisfaction with her because Jiang Hongkai was unable to control the nonsense of his family.

“Yiyi that girl likes Chang Shi Gui so much, and it’s not like it’s only been a day or two of this. Didn’t he bring a female companion along to provoke our Yiyi?” Jiang Hongkai was so surprised by Tao Minya’s comment that he couldn’t get over it. “Shi Gui is your nephew, Yiyi is also your niece. You can’t favor one and discriminate against the other.”

“Then if your Yiyi likes the Guanghan Palace on the moon, wouldn’t she need to reach heaven?” Tao Minya asked angrily, “Why didn’t I see that you listened to Yiyi so much before?”

“Okay!” Jiang Yuanpeng saw the two people speaking less and less civilly. After interrupting the conversation between them, he turned to Jiang Hongkai and said, “You still have to find a way to calm down those remarks on the Internet and apologize. We can use more scandalous news about other people to eliminate negative topics as soon as possible! ”

“I see,” Jiang Hongkai said when he saw his elder brother say this, and angrily agreed.

“Oh my gosh, this Jiang Hongkai has truly opened people’s eyes,” Xiao Yang said, holding her cell phone in front of Ning Xi, and pointing at the news displayed on it. “Sister Xixi, look at this, at such a young age he already knew how to flirt with his home tutor. It’s no wonder that he is so wretched-looking. ”

Ning Xi took a look at the mobile phone. The scoop was somewhat true, and he intentionally or otherwise pulled the entire Jiang family into the water. People who read this information would definitely feel that the entire Jiang family was not good.

This was fortunate for the business rivals of the Jiang family; not needing to act yet profiting from their misfortune anyways.

There was a saying about being kicked while one was down. It was no wonder that Jiang Hongkai’s scandal made such a big splash this time, and no wonder that someone would take the opportunity to step on him. Especially the Qu family, as was common knowledge, the relationship between the Imperial Capital Qu family and the Jiang family was akin to fire and water.

More than 20 years ago, Miss Qu had married Jiang Hongkai. After two years together, Jiang Hongkai couldn’t control himself, was unfaithful and was discovered by Miss Qu.

Miss Qu was so mad at Jiang Hongkai that she had a miscarriage, and the two divorced. They never saw each other again, and the Qu family and the Jiang family became enemies.

Jiang Yi was born to Jiang Hongkai’s second wife. She died soon after giving birth to her baby. It was said that Jiang Hongkai spent a lot of time outside and made her angry.

“It’s such a big show,” Ning Xi sneered and said to Xiao Yang. “For some people, any chaotic life is entertainment. In their eyes, women are things, and men who are weaker than them are things.”

Xiao Yang sighed: “It’s so complicated to be part of a rich and powerful family…”

Ning Xi couldn’t help laughing: “So we are ordinary, are we proud?”

“Haha,” Xiao Yang chuckled, and then said, “By the way, Sister Xixi, do you remember the program about campus violence you participated in last time? It will be broadcast tonight. The official Weibo group of the show just specially tagged you.”

After Ning Xi heard this, she took out her mobile phone and posted on Weibo.

Ning Xiv: Tonight at 10.20, please check out Dan Gao station, the “Current Affairs Talk” will be broadcasted there.

Rumors on the internet regarding Ning Xi and Changi Shi Gui’s love affair were spreading like wildfire and her haters were sneering at her on Weibo. There was a period of time in which that Ning Xi did not post, and furthermore, there was no response from her agency, which led her fans to feel anxious. When Ning Xi finally posted on Weibo, they then felt a sense of relief.

It was just that no one knew what “Current Affairs Talk” was, and hadn’t heard of it?

The broadcasting time was so late, it was likely not a high-profile program. Why was goddess Xixi involved in such a show?

The haters took the opportunity to laugh and say that Ning Xi’s popularity was all self-made. In fact, it was good for her to be invited to a program, and that her fans should not be picky.

Fan A: Yes yes, our family’s Xixi is not very popular. It’s just so happened that she had good relationships with all kinds of big names and big shots.

Fan B: Every show is painstakingly produced by the program production team. Saying that someone else’s program is not successful means that only you will be promoted, and only your family will be promoted.

In fact, even the “Current Affairs Talk” group didn’t expect that one day their show would be hotly discussed on Weibo because of fans and haters of an artist.

This could also be said to be riding the coattails?

At 10:20 at night, it was already bedtime for the main members of the audience who enjoyed watching TV. However, because of Ning Xi, some fans and haters were in front of the TV, the former to support their idol, the latter to find blackmail material anytime and anywhere, to quickly broadcast on the Internet to spread hate.

However, what disappointed the haters was that Ning Xi was graceful in the programme; elegant in speech, reasonable in her sentences, not grandstanding, with no incoherency in the preface. The intellectual beauty that emanated from the inside out threw many haters into a little trance. Why were they trying to blackmail this female artiste?

Maybe because someone exposed her for being arrogant and cocky in the past? Or was it because they thought she didn’t deserve CEO Chang?

But when they saw Ning Xi’s inner beauty, they suddenly felt that such a beautiful woman with such a character was worthy of everyone’s admiration. They had blackened her name due to those rumors, which might have been the hidden jealousy in their hearts acting up. When they hated her, they hadn’t seen her work or any shows that involved her. Just because of the gossip, they had been prejudiced against her.

However, when they saw Ning Xi on the show, they were attracted by her speech. They then suddenly realized that they had made a mistake, that they had vilified the wrong person.

Aiyo, nobody noticed this before. It turned out that Ning Xi was really beautiful. Even in the close-up of that super close-up, she was beautiful. She was just too beautiful to control.

Especially when the host Lao Xu asked Ning Xi why she paid so much attention to campus violence, her answer made many people feel sad.

“After that year’s high school entrance examinations, I was put on a lot of hormone drugs when I was in the hospital. Then in just two months, I gained about 30kg.” Ning Xi talked about the things that happened in her past in a very calm tone, but everyone in front of the TV could tell that it was not a very good memory.

“As we all know, people who have used hormone drugs to gain weight, have a hard time to lose them after and may even continue to grow,” Ning Xi said after comparing her arm. “At that time, my wrist was twice as thick as it is now. Anyway, my whole body became round like a ball.”

“Were you bullied because you were fat?” Old Xu said, “I heard that when you were in high school, you got excellent grades and won awards for your school.”

Ning Xi smiled and nodded: “Maybe it was luck that I received awards? In fact, I didn’t expect to get first place.”

“At that time, no one in the class envied you?” Old Xu said, “When I was a child, I envied the students who got good grades in my class.”

“I don’t know, because no one told me,” Ning Xi smiled helplessly. “But at that time, we at sixteen and seventeen were at just the age when we began to love beauty. At that time, the whole class gave me a nickname. They called me pig ball.”

Ning Xi didn’t say how she was bullied, but from this nickname alone, everyone could feel that it was full of malice.

“How hard have you worked to become so skinny?” Xu said, “I don’t think the live audience and the audience in front of the TV can believe that you used to be fat.”

“When I first went abroad, I was not accustomed to anything, and sometimes I would cry secretly under the covers,” Ning Xi said with a light smile. “Maybe the two years I first went abroad were too hard, so I lost weight slowly.”

“Did your family worry when you lived abroad?” After Old Xu asked this, Ning Xi was silent for a moment, then smiled and said, “If they could have known, they would surely have been worried.”

From the beginning to the end of the show, it all ran very smoothly. There was no deliberate provocation and no pretenses of affectation, but the topic of campus violence was heavy. Some people watching the show were victims of campus violence themselves; some were perpetrators, and some had been indifferent onlookers.
But no one could watch those photos and videos without any change in mood.

The day after the show came out, a very famous educator in China posted on Weibo. She spoke about the harm of campus violence, as well as the responsibility of the public, the education system and parents in regards to campus violence and preventive measures. At the end, she praised Ning Xi, saying that she was willing to uncover her own scars and to bring attention to campus violence and that she was an actress with both art and morality.

Yes, for artists, most of them didn’t like to let the public know what bothered them due to the multitude of surface-level fans. If the public were to know that they were not good-looking previously, how could those fans continue to be fans?

However, Ning Xi had dared to do so, and also brought more attention to campus violence in order to avoid more sadness.

Even if Ning Xi was doing all this just for show, it was a very good thing to be able to do.

Netizen A: After watching this show, I have to say that I have gone from a hater to simply a passerby to Ning Xi. Although I haven’t seen her work, I don’t think one’s eyes can deceive others. When she got up and bowed, she sincerely hoped everyone would pay more attention to the problem of campus violence.

Netizen B: As someone who has experienced campus violence, I would like to say thank you to Ning Xi, thank you for standing up so bravely, and thank you for letting me find a way out of the shadows.

With the praise on the Internet, even the haters that usually made their moves were not so bold now. They were as quiet as chickens.

There were also video sites that specifically bought the rights to play this show in order to put it on their own network platforms. In just two days, the click-through rate of this show already exceeded 900,000. This number, in the midst of the constant barrage of new content from various shows, was already a very rare number.

Well-known but not a netizen: Did you notice Ning Xi’s eyes when Lao Xu asked Ning Xi if her parents were worried when she went abroad? You may not know this, but actually, Ning Xi’s parents died before she went abroad. I hope that if Ning Xi comes back to the show in the future, the host would stop asking her these questions. Really, please. Seeing that look in Ning Xi’s eyes made me so sad that I wanted to cry.

As soon as this message came out, many people noticed that Ning Xi’s parents indeed had passed away before she went abroad?

So, she had been living alone since she was seventeen?

Fan A: Please stop talking about her parents on Ning Xi’s Weibo, please.

Fan B: Since Xixi doesn’t want to mention it, don’t bring it up to make her sad again. Please, thank you.

However, things would not go as smoothly as fans imagined. After Ning Xi finished filming, a reporter stopped her and asked her about her past.

“Ning Xi, you said that you have experienced campus violence before. Were you able to forgive those who bullied you in the past?”

“Ning Xi, is the news circulating on the internet about your parents having passed away true?”

A group of reporters surrounded Ning Xi to ask, wishing for an answer, but to their disappointment, Ning Xi didn’t answer at all.

“What happened back then was nearly seven or eight years ago, when everyone involved was underage. Bringing this up again, you don’t want to forgive those students?

“Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Are you saying you can’t forgive them now that you are a public figure?”

Ning Xi stopped and looked at the reporter who asked the question: “Did you know that some people who suffered from campus violence don’t even get the chance to forgive or not?”

The reporter who asked the question was speechless for a moment, and then hesitated for a while. “We are asking you now, so I hope that you can answer.”

Ning Xi smiled at him, turned around and walked away without turning back.

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