Return of the Goddess Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

Ning Xi stayed at the hotel for a night. Before she slept, a waiter even delivered a bowl of bone soup to her.

In the morning, she was woken by a knock. Opening her room door, she saw Chang Shi Gui standing outside. In his hands were breakfast and a handbag. In the bag were a set of female clothes and a pair of flats.

“Good morning,” Chang Shi Gui passed the items to Ning Xi. He smiled, “I am staying right beside you. Once you’ve finished eating breakfast, I will send you back.”

“Thank you,” Ning Xi placed the things onto the table. She turned to Chang Shi Gui, “Will you come in and sit?”

Chang Shi Gui’s gaze lingered on her before he shook his head and said, “I won’t disturb your breakfast.”

Ning Xi smiled, “Okay.”

After closing the door, Ning Xi softly chuckled to herself. This was good. From now on, they would walk their own ways. He would be the CEO of the Chang Corporation, and later on would build his own family and lead a happy life.

She opened the breakfast box to see that inside was a bowl of fruit porridge, a portion of vegetable salad and a few panda-shaped pastries. Seeing these, she stopped.

Not long ago, she had liked a Weibo food post. That post had pictured the things before her now. In actuality, she had seen that those panda pastries were too adorable and had casually given a like. She did not actually feel like eating them.

The taste of the fruit porridge was sweet and sour. The salad was savoury and the pastries were just nice.

An hour later, Ning Xi rang the doorbell next door. In less than two seconds, the door opened, Chang Shi Gui’s face appearing in front of her.

“Done eating?” Chang Shi Gui walked out and smiled towards Ning Xi, “Let’s go.”

“En.” Ning Xi nodded, and the two approached the elevator side by side. Chang Shi Gui
reached out to press the floor number and the elevator returned to its silence.

Chang Shi Gui looked at Ning Xi from the side, wanting to speak, but nothing came out.

Clearly the two of them were so close, and yet he couldn’t understand her thoughts. He wanted to let go of everything and hold her; to tell her, don’t be too hard on yourself, he would always be with her.

However, he couldn’t say these words, and she wouldn’t want to hear either.

“Ning Xi,” Watching the elevator slowly descend, Chang Shi Gui opened by saying,

“What do you desire the most?”

Ning Xi’s eyes remained looking forward, “I am a secular person, what else can I want besides money and fame?”

Hearing her speak in such a tranquil tone to describe herself, Chang Shi Gui felt a prick in his heart.

As the door opened, Ning Xi took out a pair of sunglasses and put them on. A wave of reporters suddenly rushed towards them.

“Everyone please give way, give way please.” The security guards of the hotel saw the situation and did everything they could to separate the reporters, letting Chang Shi Gui and Ning Xi walked out of the elevator.

“Mr. Chang, is it because the two of you are in a relationship that you brought her to yesterday’s party?”

“Mr Chang, are you dating Ning Xi?”

“Ning Xi, Ning Xi, people are saying that you stayed overnight in the hotel with Mr Chang. Is that true?”

The security department of the hotel saw the boss of the head office surrounded by reporters and quickly arranged for several more security guards to come over and protect Chang Shi Gui and Ning Xi from being torn down by reporters on the spot.
“Thank you everyone for being concerned about my life, but Mr. Chang and I are just ordinary friends. Please do not get us wrong,” said Ning Xi, who staggered because of a reporter that rushed over suddenly. Chang Shi Gui, who was near her, reached for the back of her hand and the other hand blocked the microphone, camera and other things extended towards Ning Xi’s face.

“Please give way.” With Chang Shi Gui’s status, he had never before encountered such a situation. The way these reporters looked at Ning Xi was as though she was a piece of meat with fragrance, rather than an artiste. They were ready to pounce and bite at any time.

“Ning Xi! You claim that you are not lovers, but can you explain why you are walking out of the hotel together and Mr. Chang’s protective attitude towards you?” A reporter yelled out, “Please give us an explanation.”

“We’re just staying at the same hotel, there’s nothing for me to explain.” Ning Xi stopped in her steps and looked at the surrounding reporters. She placed her hands together, “I ask that all of you do not misunderstand us, please.”

The reporters saw that Ning Xi adamantly refused to admit their relationship and watched the way that Chang Shi Gui was protecting Ning Xi, so they all put their microphones in front of Chang Shi Gui. “Mr. Chang, please tell us your relationship with Miss Ning.”

Chang Shi Gui was calm and collected as he said, “No comment, please make way.”

“Ah!” God knows who was unable to hold the microphone with stability and it directly hit Ning Xi’s head, making a thumping sound.

“Ning Xi, are you okay?” Chang Shi Gui pushed away the two reporters that were
nearest to Ning Xi and pulled her into his embrace protectively. His face was ice cold as he said, “To all of my reporter friends, if you continue to keep this up, then please wait for my lawyer to contact you.”

When they saw the cold expression on Chang Shi Gui’s face, most of the reporters felt a little weak. What kind of identity did Chang Shi Gui have? They were very clear in their hearts. Nothing good would come from offending this person.

“But as a reporter, we have the right to interview freely. You can’t interfere with this,” A reporter who looked very young spoke stiffly.

One after another, all the other reporters turned to worship said young man. Where did this idiot pop up from? He dared speak in such a manner?

Chang Shi Gui gave a cold stare to the young reporter. The reporter couldn’t finish speaking his remaining words as he lowered his head in fear.

“Let’s leave.” Looking at the reporters who dared not move anymore, Chang Shi Gui led Ning Xi out of the hall protectively, leaving a group of reporters to look at each other.

“Who dropped the microphone just now?!” One reporter shouted in anger, “We’re here for an interview, not to start a feud!”

Rumors said that reporters were, as a whole, the “king without a crown”. In fact, it wasn’t easy for them to be reporters. Some news could be reported casually, while some people, as long as they change their faces [1], reporters like them would have to shrink their necks and pretend to be grandchildren.

The current society was fierce in competition. Who didn’t want to have a good bowl of rice? It would be hard for them to stand firm in the capital if they offended any big figures.

Last night, the news about CEO Chang holding hands with Ning Xi to attend a large-scale party appeared on the Internet. They even thought that Ning Xi’s PR team was behind the scenes to promote her using Chang Shi Gui. Today, they purposely came to block the hotel just to expose Ning Xi’s means of using Chang Shi Gui, but the reality seemed to be different from their expectations.

Ning Xi and Chang Shi Gui had come out of the elevator together. Chang Shi Gui had lashed out at the media for Ning Xi’s sake. From the beginning to the end, he was standing in front of her, shielding her. His intentions of protecting her was very evident.

On the contrary, Ning Xi’s attitude seemed to be a little cold. Not only did she bluntly say that that they were just friends, she also did not make intimate moves towards Chang Shi Gui.

This seemed a little different from the picture they imagined.

What about the well-known artiste holding on to the thigh of CEO Chang? It was said that the newly popular third-rate artistes were scheming to marry into a powerful family?

This script was clearly indicating the opposite.

The tyrant president was crazy about a beautiful female artiste, but the female artiste was not tempted by the wealth and turned a blind eye to the pursuit of the tyrant president?

They seemed to have received the wrong script?

After shielding Ning Xi’s way into the car, Chang Shi Gui retrieved the hand that was behind her shoulder.

“Don’t move. Let me see your head.” Chang Shi Gui gently shifted Ning Xi’s hair from the top of her head and found that the place where she had just been hit was swollen.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t expect the reporters to block off the hotel to stop you. I should have arranged for security beforehand.”

Ning Xi rubbed the place where it was swollen and inhaled sharply from the pain. Then, she said with a wry smile, “It seems that my luck over the past few days is not very good. It has nothing to do with you. I haven’t thanked you for helping me to stop the reporters just now. If it wasn’t for you, I’m afraid I would still be surrounded by them.”

“Without me, you would not be surrounded by them.” Seeing that Ning Xi was so courteous towards him, Chang Shi Gui felt a little uncomfortable. “Don’t worry, I’ll deal with this matter. Don’t let this small matter affect your mood.”

Ning Xi nodded and said, “Take me to the studio, I still have several scenes to shoot today.”

“But your leg is still injured,” Chang Shi Gui said, “Why don’t you stop shooting for a few days?”

“Where is there a producer like you? The production team will burn money each day they stop. Even if you have money, you can’t be so wasteful,” Ning Xi chuckled. “Rest assured, I’ve already told the director so that there won’t be any strenuous scenes, only literary plays.”

Chang Shi Gui still couldn’t put it down in his heart, but the relationship between him and Ning Xi was not close enough to allow him to interfere with her decision.

Chang Wu of the production team of “Three Lives of Rogue,” said to Kong Yuheng, “Director Kong, Teacher Ning may not be able to make it today right?”

The news of her dating CEO Chang had spread all over the Internet. If Ning Xi were to appear, she would definitely be blocked by reporters on the way over.

“Even if she doesn’t come, we still have to continue filming,” Kong Yuheng had long thought that there was something between Chang Shi Gui and Ning Xi. Otherwise Chang Shi Gui would not have invested so much money in their production. But she couldn’t say these words to other people. She only said, “Since this information is already circulating outside, we should stop making baseless remarks. If Ning Xi doesn’t come, we’ll shoot the supporting roles first.”

Chang Wu also knew that most of the investment in this film came from CEO Chang the moment he saw Ning Xi’s face. So he nodded and ran to one side, never inquiring about it again.

The black car stopped outside the production facility. Ning Xi opened the door and was about to get off.

“Ning Xi.”

Chang Shi Gui stopped her and she looked back at him.

As she wore sunglasses on her face, Chang Shi Gui could not see the emotions in her eyes. At this time, his intuition told him that if he did not say something now, he might not have a chance to say it later.

“I like you, I want to accompany you, I want to walk with you for the rest of our lives. ”

Ning Xi’s throat trembled slightly but her face that was exposed outside the sunglasses did not move at all. She turned her head and said lightly, “Mr. Chang, things such as ‘like’ are too unreal. I know nothing about you, and you don’t know enough about me. The two of us…..were not meant for each other from the start. ”

She didn’t think Chang Shi Gui would confess to her after what she said that last night.

How could someone like him who was born superior and ‘God’s favored’, confess even when he knew that the other party would reject him?

But Chang Shi Gui did so, which was completely beyond her expectations.

“People change,” Ning Xi said with a smile. “I was young at that time. It is a wonderful thing that I was able to lead you out of the haze unintentionally. But I am not who I was, and you are not who you were. You don’t have to compensate me using the rest of your life just for the past that I didn’t even know about. ”

Chang Shi Gui walked up to her and touched her hair, “It is not to compensate you, but you are where my heart belongs [2].”

Ning Xi shook her head and took a step back, leaving the safe distance between a man and woman, “Mr. Chang, you are suited for a better woman.”

“I don’t need others who are better.” Chang Shi Gui’s deep eyes were like a beautiful spring, clearly reflecting Ning Xi’s figure, “You are not the best, but for me, no one can compare to you.”

“I’m very sorry,” Ning Xi pushed up the glasses further on the bridge of her nose. “I’m sorry.”

After saying this, Ning Xi turned around and strode towards the direction of the production team. Only when her colleagues in the production had surrounded her did she wake from her trance.

“Teacher Ning, are you okay? Those reporters just love to scribble. Don’t take it to heart.”

“Teacher Ning, you don’t look very well. Are you sick? Do you want to have a rest first?”

“Teacher Ning…..”

“Teacher Ning…..”

“I’m alright, thank you all for your concern,” Ning Xi turned around and saw that the black Bentley was still there in the distance. Chang Shi Gui was standing quietly in front of the door, not moving a single inch.

But they were so far apart she could not see his expression at the moment.
Taking a deep breath, Ning Xi turned to Kong Yuheng and said with a smile, “Director Kong, I’m sorry for coming late.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. I’ll shoot some supporting roles first,” Kong Yuheng said with a soothing smile. “You can go do your make up first.”

“Okay,” Ning Xi nodded, and apologized to the rest of the production team. “I’m sorry to have delayed everyone.”

Why would any of the staff have any dissatisfaction? From the looks of today’s situation, it was not easy for Ning Xi to even be able to come on set.

“Teacher Ning, you didn’t sleep well last night?” When the makeup artiste was doing her makeup, she found that Ning Xi’s eyes were somewhat puffy.

“Yes,” Ning Xi said with a smile, “Last night I was so worried that the reporters would write without basis. Who knew that by the time I got up this morning, they really had.”

People in the circle did not like to talk too directly. The make-up artiste could tell that Ning Xi was trying to say that she is not in a relationship with Chang Shi Gui and hoped that production team would not falsely spread the news.

The make-up artiste understood this and laughed immediately, “Since they’re entertainment reporters, they can only rely on this kind of news to eat. Of course, they hear the wind and mistake it for rain. To hear the wind and mistake it for the rain [3]. Don’t worry too much about it.”

Ning Xi smiled and did not refute her words.

The production team of ‘Three Lives of Rogue’ could still be regarded as calm, but on the net it was totally the opposite. Some media outlets had released a video of Chang Shi Gui protecting Ning Xi.

‘Entertainment reporters surrounded Ning Xi, CEO of Chang Corporation protected the flower from the beginning to the end’
‘Ning Xi: Mr Chang and I are just ordinary friends.’

The length of the video was not short. The video clearly showed the entire scene, starting from the moment Ning Xi and Chang Shi Gui came out from the elevator to the part where Ning Xi was hit by a microphone. It was probably because of the fear of offending Chang Shi Gui that the media deliberately removed the part where Chang Shi Gui got angry.

At first, after watching the video of Ning Xi holding on to a big thigh, the netizens felt complicated and their faces held twisted expressions.

Netizen A: I thought I would see a video of a female artiste saying that they are ordinary friends while doing all kinds of ambiguous actions. But the results are far beyond my expectations. I apologize for my colorful eyes [4] on the female artiste.

Netizen B: Ning Xi said that she and Boss Chang [5] are ordinary friends. I believe it. It’s just Boss Chang…..

Netizen C: Boss Chang boyfriend power >

Netizen D: I think all of your brains have been nourished with too much romance. If my female friend was being surrounded like this, I would also go up and protect them. It seems that the two of them are really good friends. The media just loves to write nonsense.

Netizen n: Upstairs, are you being serious?

Netizen n1: I just want to say, that’s really enough of all the media. Before the truth was revealed, each and every one of you claimed that Ning Xi hugged a big thigh and pulled popularity through CEO Chang. It seems that in all of your eyes, as long as they are female artistes, they will only seduce and scheme when facing rich men. Do you really need to look at people with such colorful eyes?

Neizen n2: Could this be…… the tragic story of a cold and cool CEO secretly loving a beauty but the beauty despite being deeply moved, still rejecting him?

Netizen n3: Kekeke, Ning Xi family’s fans are getting more and more shameless. To actually dare to say that the CEO of Chang Corporation secretly loves your family’s lovely bean? Why don’t you actually take a look at what kind of status the CEO of Chang Corporation actually has? Does he lack women?

Netizen n4: Even though upstairs spoke crudely but I don’t think it’s possible either. How can such a big figure secretly love another? My brain can’t register this.

“What are you trying to do again, Zhu Moli?” Her manager found out that Zhu Moli actually contacted the water army [6] in private. Afraid that she would do something stupid again, he called and asked her directly.

“I didn’t do anything,” She watched as the comments on the net moved in the direction she wanted. Her face revealed a satisfied smile, “Just relax.”

In the past two days, old stories suddenly began to reappear on the Internet. Stories of Ning Xi’s name getting blackened, getting bullied by the production team; Zhu Moli guessed that Ning Xi might have hired the water army in private.

Now that Ning Xi had bullied her, if she didn’t fight back, that would be inexcusable.

To play the battle of the online public opinion, she had never been afraid of anyone. In the past two years, even Sun Yuhan had suffered losses in her hands, not to mention Ning Xi whose foundation was not even stable.

The good show was yet to come!

(1) Basically saying that some people cannot be reported casually as they can turn from nice to nasty in a moment, and they as reporters can only be good like all grandchildren.

(2) ok this is a lot deeper than what it actually seemed.
归宿 means a place to return to, a home, the final destination, a heart of everything. CSG’s really saying that she is the rightful place where his heart supposed to stay. omg i can’t express this well //cries

(3) to believe in rumors

(4) 色(se) = ‘color’ aka pervertic; Basically saying that he’s using a biased/offensive POV to look at Ning Xi

(5) Original wrote ‘boss’ in English but in the reverse order = 常boss

(6) To hire people to post comments online whether good or bad. Water army are not fans.

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