Return of the Goddess Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

When Chang Shi Gui appeared, the people who were standing beside Jiang Yi took a few steps back, using their actions to show that they had no relation to the current situation.

Especially the underlings: to them, the fact that Chang Shi Gui was protecting Ning Xi was not normal. As a man, to bring a woman along to such an important occasion willingly, it proved that this woman had a definite spot in his heart.

“Nephew Chang, Yiyi had some small issue with Miss Ning. To let Miss Ning experience such grievances, I am very sorry.” Jiang Hongkai could see that Chang Shi Gui was angry. He turned towards Ning Xi and said, “Miss Ning, if this matter today was to be made known, it would be portrayed as the Jiang family young miss deliberately making things difficult for a female artiste over a man. In such a matter, even if Jiang Yiyi is not afraid of being embarrassed, the Jiang family could not afford to lose such a large amount of face.”

Ning Xi lowered her head and laughed lightly, “Born to an aristocratic family, with a frank and blunt personality, how can I blame her?”

These words seemed to be unblaming and kind, but in reality every word held thorns. Miss Jiang abused her power and had a bad temper, a small artiste like Ning Xi would not dare to offend the Jiang family.

Upon hearing such words, Jiang Hongkai felt somewhat displeased. However, looking at Ning Xi’s unbending appearance, he could not help but soften his heart again. It was normal for a young and pretty lady being humiliated out of the blue to be angry.

“Even if you blame me, what can you do to me?” Jiang Yi laughed coldly, “Don’t you think that just because Jiang Hongkai was all smiles with you that you can walk all over me. If not for that face of yours letting a few guys supporting you, what kind of thing are you?”

“Then I am really sorry,” Ning Xi smiled as she touched her cheek, “Having this face made Miss Jiang feel so unpleasant, it is my fault.”

Ning Xi suspected that Miss Jiang did not have any brains. Those words of her just insulted Chang Shi Gui as well. This method of secretly loving someone, was it really good?

Picking up that Ning Xi was hinting that she (JY) was jealous of her beauty, Jiang Yi was angered beyond reason, “What kind of thing are you that I would be jealous of you?!”

Seeing that Jiang Yi was stalking towards her, Ning Xi took a step back to evade her, only to find that her ankle was hurting. She must have twisted her ankle when she was pushed by Jiang Yi previously.

However, before she could move away, someone had already placed themselves in front of her and blocked the incoming attack.

Chang Shi Gui used his hands to push away Jiang Yi’s clutches and said in a low voice,

“Have you had enough?!”

Jiang Yi stared at Chang Shi Gui in disbelief as she pointed her finger at Ning Xi who was standing behind him, her face filled with grievance, “You actually shouted at me because of a female actress?”

Throughout all these times, while Brother Chang was cold towards her but he had never shown such a face nor used such a tone towards her. What was so good about this Ning Xi that she could make him change so much?

Just because she was pretty?!

Chang Shi Gui turned his head towards Jiang Hongkai and said without any expression, “Second Uncle Jiang, before when she caused trouble, you would always say that she’s still young and that you hoped I could be more tolerant. However, not everyone in this world are like her parents who can tolerate her forever. What Second Uncle should do is to educate your daughter and not to seek that others overlook her actions. Today she tried to hit my partner right before my eyes. I wonder whose power is she relying on that allows her to be so unruly?!”

In terms of the way of communication in upper class circles, Chang Shi Gui was being extremely impolite, even refusing to give Jiang Yi face in public. If Jiang Yi did not give a proper response, he was afraid that the cooperation between the two families would be affected.

The surrounding watchers originally thought that Ning Xi was a female artiste that Chang Shi Gui brought casually and that he did not hold any special feelings for her.

However, seeing his attitude, they were stunned.

This artiste called Ning Xi: what in the world had she done to the CEO of Chang Corporation, who was known to not be close to women?

Standing not so far away was Bai Lu watching this entire scene. Her heart was extremely complicated. She had never seen Chang Shi Gui acting so rudely to a lady nor had she seen him protecting any woman. When everyone gathered to hang out, they always laughed at him for being a block of wood that does not understand romance. He had never retort or showed any care.

It turned out that it was not that he did not understand love, nor was he a block of wood. But his object of consideration was not her nor other women. When Ning Xi appeared, his tenderness and carefulness, even his emotions, were displayed incisively and vividly.

She knew that she should leave in silence, pretend not to see a thing, and thus perfectly maintain the nobility and aloofness of an eldest daughter of the Bai family. But at this moment, she could not move a single inch. She could only quietly watch as Chang Shi Gui protected his treasure, the Ning Xi who was standing behind him.

Jiang Hongkai felt extremely embarrassed. He knew that this matter has arisen because of his lack of discipline with his daughter. If he was Chang Shi Gui, he would also be furious.

As men, they all wanted face, he understood.

He looked around, and found that there were many people glancing secretively over, so he said, “Dear nephew, let’s speak inside. This place is full of people [1]. If Miss Ning has been wronged, it’s not good.”

When Chang Shi Gui turned around, he accidentally bumped into Ning Xi’s shoulder. The soft and cold touch startled him.

The night wind came, carrying with it a bout of chilliness. He looked at the swimming pool, which was rippling due to the strong wind. He took off his suit coat and put it onto Ning Xi. He then lowered his head and said, “Let us find a room to talk.”

The suit coat covered Ning Xi’s body, appearing especially large. It wrapped her in the slight warmth left behind by Chang Shi Gui.

Ning Xi pinched the collar of the suit, nodding silently.

Without taking even two steps, Chang Shi Gui noticed Ning Xi’s expression seemed to be off. The way she walked also appeared to be awkward, “What’s wrong with your leg?”

“I was careless and twisted it.” Ning Xi looked at her high-heeled shoes in disapproval.

At this time, high-heeled shoes were the most useless.

Chang Shi Gui looked back and glanced at Jiang Yi, his eyes cold.

Jiang Yi was scared by his cold glare. She even suspected that, at this moment, the look that Chang Shi Gui gave her was full of murderous intent.

In reality, Chang Shi Gui did not do anything. He only held Ning Xi carefully as they walked towards the hotel elevator.

AdvertisementJiang Yi’s underlings took advantage of the opportunity to sneak into the crowd, hoping that after today’s event, Chang Shi Gui would forget what they looked like.

If they had known that Chang Shi Gui would place so much importance on that woman, no matter what Jiang Yi said they wouldn’t have followed her. This was clearly finding trouble on their own.

“Bai Lu?” When Jiang Cheng saw Bai Lu walking towards Chang Shi Gui without acknowledging him, he couldn’t help but call out, “What are you going over for?”
Bai Lu pointed to the washroom nearby, “Of course it is to touch up my makeup.”

The expression on Jiang Cheng’s face kept changing, eventually he cursed under his breath and turned around to leave. Even though he and Jiang Yi were cousins, they had never gotten along since they were young. Now that Jiang Yi had caused such a problem, he felt very ashamed.

“Thank you.” Upon entering the room, Ning Xi returned the suit jacket to Chang Shi Gui.

“It’s fine.” Chang Shi Gui smiled at her. He casually took the suit and put it back on.

Afterwards, he called for a waiter to bring up a few hot drinks.

Watching the interactions between the two, Jiang Yi’s eyes turned red. She bit her lip as she sat on the sofa in silence. In her point of view, Ning Xi was just a vixen that seduced Chang Shi Gui, whereas Chang Shi Gui was the innocent man that was seduced by this fox.

Everything was Ning Xi’s fault.

Jiang Hongkai was old and experienced. If he still couldn’t tell that Chang Shi Gui has interest in this female artiste, then he has lived these past few decades for nothing.

“Miss Ning, the matters today are all to be blamed on my daughter. I wonder how can I compensate you to make up for your loss?”

“Second Master Jiang spoke too harshly. I have already said previously that Miss Jiang is naturally frank, I do not blame her. You do not have to compensate me.” The corners of Ning Xi’s mouth turned up, but the smile on her face was polite yet distant.

Chang Shi Gui said coldly, “Even though Ning Xi is not a young miss from a wealthy family, she is a known artiste. I’m afraid she does not need Second Uncle Jiang’s compensation. The one who should apologize to her today is not you, it is Jiang Yi.”

Jiang Yi finally couldn’t hold back her anger and stood up. In a sobbing tone, she yelled at Chang Shi Gui, “Chang Shi Gui, you are a bastard. I hate you.”

Throwing down this phrase, Jiang Yi turned her back and left. When she closed the door, it let out a huge bang.

The room fell into a dead silence. Ning Xi stared emptily at the closed door, Jiang Hongkai smiled awkwardly at Chang Shi Gui and Chang Shi Gui’s eyes fell on Ning Xi’s ankle.

“Take off your high heels,” Chang Shi Gui placed a pair of slippers in front of Ning Xi, “Is it very painful? I’ve already called for a doctor, just hold on a little bit longer.”

“I’m fine, it’s just a small sprain,” Ning Xi chuckled without care, “Back then when I was filming in the dragon robe, I was still able to continue shooting with a twisted leg. This isn’t much.”

“Even if that is so, you still have to be more careful in the future.” Chang Shi Gui kneeled down and helped Ning Xi take off her heels. Then he put on her slippers for her.

After finishing, he realized that his actions were a bit abrupt. He hurriedly stood up and moved his eyes away uneasily. He explained with a red face, “I’m sorry, I was too anxious just now….”

Ning Xi looked at the slippers on her feet and then at the man who seemed to be at a
loss before her. She shook her head slowly, “Thank you, Mr. Chang. I know you are
concerned about me.”

It was just that all these years, in order to live, she had long become accustomed to these injuries. She had forgotten the feeling of being treated like a delicate girl.
Jiang Hongkai, who was sitting next to him, felt that he was a little unnecessary. His index finger tapped on the armrest of the sofa. After enduring for half a day, he finally said, “Nephew Chang, I will definitely give Miss Ning Xi an account of this. Please rest assured.”

Chang Shi Gui did not speak, instead turning his head to look at Ning Xi.

“Since Miss Jiang does not wish to apologize to me,” Ning Xi bent over and rubbed her ankle to find that it was swollen,”Second Master Jiang does not have to mention this again. I’ll just take it as my bad luck.”

Jiang Hongkai was not concerned about Ning Xi’s attitude, but rather Chang Shi Gui’s thoughts. But as things stood, Chang Shi Gui had made it clear that he wanted to get justice for Ning Xi. If he didn’t display enough sincerity now, he might impact the relationship between the two families in the future.

Many of their industries were developed by the Chang family. If Chang Shi GuI was truly dissatisfied with the Jiang family, the impending consequences were not something that the Jiang family could bear.

However, this Ning Xi was also strange. Her attitude from the beginning to the end was not salty or insipid.She did not take the opportunity to air her grievances to Chang Shi Gui, nor did she try to embarrass the Jiang family using Chang Shi Gui. She clearly did not eat soft or hard, making it difficult for people to attack [2].

“Miss Ning’s words make me feel ashamed of myself,” Jiang Hongkai didn’t dare think that just because Ning Xi said so, he could really take it for granted. On the contrary, he had to make an apology to satisfy Chang Shi Gui.

“Since Miss Ning has injured her leg, I shall not disturb any further.” He stood up from the sofa, “Please have a good rest.”

Since he couldn’t get through to Chang Shi Gui, he could only have his sister-in-law have a chat with Chang Shi Gui’s mother.

No matter how much Chang Shi Gui liked her, as long as his mother didn’t, even if Ning Xi wanted to enter into their family, it would not be an easy task.

“Second Uncle Jiang, take care.” On the surface, it seemed proper, but his cold attitude was evident.

Jiang Hongkai walked out the door and sighed when he thought of his daughter who had not been close to him in years. If he hadn’t insisted on marrying Chen Zhenzhen back then, the relationship with his daughter would not be so bad, and he…

That year when Zhenzhen passed away, whether was it the media or her fans, everyone blamed him.

She had committed suicide, he hadn’t killed her. What were these people implying by blaming him?

How many of those indignant people still remembered Chen Zhenzhen?

It was just some senseless people who flaunted themselves as upholders of justice.
If he knew that a day like today would come, he would never have done any of those stupid things, like marrying a troublesome woman and causing so much trouble.

He looked back at the door behind him, thinking that he didn’t expect that the most capable of the younger generation, Chang Shi Gui, would follow his old ways. He did not know whether to laugh or to sympathize.

As the saying went, prostitutes are ruthless, actors are unjust [3]. He didn’t believe this sentence at that time, but now he believed it deeply.

Sooner or later, Chang Shi Gui would come to understand this too.

Before long, the hot drink sent by the waiter arrived. Chang Shi Gui took a cup and put it in Ning Xi’s hand, “Have a sip to get rid of the cold.”

The air was cold at night. Although Ning Xi’s dress was beautiful, it was not good against the cold. So it was better for her to drink hot drinks.

“Mr. Chang…” Ning Xi held the hot drink, looking at Chang Shi Gui in a daze, “Is it because of our past in the hospital that you are so good to me?”

Chang Shi Gui looked at the hot drink in his hand. He did not admit it nor did he refute it. The eyes that he used to look at her were deep and gentle. This kind of him was enough to make all the women swoon.

Ning Xi smiled reluctantly and took the hot drink to her mouth for a sip. The heat from the cup made her eyes ache, “You treat me so well, what if I misunderstand you?”


“Mr. Chang,” Ning Xi cut off Chang Shi Gui before he could speak, “I am currently focusing on my career. Everything else will come second to my career, which is first priority.”

Chang Shi Gui remained silent for a moment, before he nodded and said, “I understand.”

The room once again quieted. Ning Xi lowered her face, not wanting to look in Chang Shi Gui’s eyes, “Mr. Chang, I am really grateful to you.”

Thank you for letting me experience care [4] and love again after so many years.
It would be nice if that was all. But as she was currently, she could not accept it, “I…… ”

“Ding dong.”

Hearing the doorbell ring, Chang Shi Gui stood up hurriedly, “The doctor is here, let me go get the door.”

Ning Xi saw his hurried form and her eyes trembled. She did not speak anymore.

After the doctor came in and examined Ning Xi, he gave her two bottles of spray, “This young lady’s injury isn’t too serious, but she can’t wear high heels or be too vigorous for the next few days. Otherwise the injury will be aggravated.”

“Is there anything else to look out for?” Chang Shi Gui asked, “Does she have to eat anything to nourish herself?”

Seeing the worry on Chang Shi Gui’s face, the doctor with grey temples smiled and shook his head. “Mr. Chang doesn’t have to worry. Your friend only has to rest for a few days. If you insist on looking after her, she can eat something to nourish her qi and blood.”

“Okay, thank you. I understand.” After Chang Shi Gui sent the doctor out, he turned to Ning Xi. “Since your leg is injured and there is no one at home to take care of you, why don’t you rest here for a night and I’ll send you back tomorrow?”

Seeing the concerned look on his face, Ning Xi could not refuse.

(1) Original text = 这个地方人多嘴杂的 – which means that there’s too many people around for them to hold a conversation properly and for them to come to an agreement.

(2) One is immune to hard and soft tactics

(3) Original text = 婊子无情,戏子无义 – According to google, this is a proverb that is not meant to direct hate towards their professions.

It’s saying that when both are too into the act (because of their professions), people mistakenly took their (acted) emotions as real.

Another said that prostitutes are ruthless because they have no real feelings towards others; Actors are unjust because they are not worth being friends with since they do not real camaraderie.

(4) Original text = 包容 which means to show tolerance. It’s kind of like, no matter what you do, I’ll always be ok with it because I like you etc etc.. But it doesn’t have to be romantic

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