Return of the Goddess Chapter 37.1

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Chapter 37.1

A few were cursing in their hearts when the marketing manager, who had excellent eyesight, noticed that the boss’s expression had changed all of a sudden.

Was that the boss’s personal phone?

“Rethink this proposal. Give it back to me within two days.” On his phone screen, he saw the two words clearly displayed. Unknowingly, Chang Shi Gui’s icy cold expression melted as if to welcome spring, as even his tone became much gentler.

The few very tactfully stood up, took the proposal that was harshly criticized by the boss on the table, and scurried away.

At the door, the marketing manager curiously took a glance back. It was such a pity that even though the boss was standing in front of the window with his back facing them, his voice was so gentle and affectionate that one could wring water from it.

“Done with your work?|

The boss’s secretary was still standing by the door, and so the marketing manager was too embarrassed to listen any longer. He flashed a perfunctory smile at Xu Zhou before turning to walk out.

Xu Zhou returned his smile and leaned forward to close the office door, leaving his boss with some personal space.

“I just ended my shoot. Later, I will be heading down to the television station to record a program. I hope I didn’t disrupt your work?” Ning Xi stretched her sore neck and switched to a more comfortable position. After her makeup artist removed her hairdo, she felt her head was much lighter and at ease.

“Not at all,” Chang Shi Gui looked at the world outside of the window, everything under his feet appearing tiny and unreal. He placed his hand on the glass window, “In a few days, our corporation’s head department will be organising a party. When that time comes, many artists will be participating, will you be coming too?”

“A party?” Ning Xi was momentarily stunned. She did not hear of this news at all, “When is it?”

“In two days, at six in the evening.” Chang Shi Gui hesitated for a short while, “That night, I will be there as well. When the time comes, I will go and fetch you.”

Ning Xi rubbed the edge of her phone, turning silent for an instant before opening in a joking manner, “Aren’t you afraid of the media spreading nonsensical rumors?”

“There will not be any scandals,” Chang Shi Gui’s low laughter was transmitted into Ning Xi’s ears, “Furthermore, to have a scandal with you, I wouldn’t mind.”

“Aren’t you considerate, Mr. Chang?” Ning Xi recalled that Zhang Qingyun once mentioned, there was a female artiste that stirred up a fake scandal with Chang Shi Gui and within two hours, that news was taken down from the entertainment headlines. This artiste more or less also became the laughingstock amongst the netizens.

“If it is you, I can be even more considerate,” Chang Shi Gui paused, teasingly chuckling, “You are my life mentor, you know?”

“Life mentor?” Ning Xi lifted her chin and let the makeup artist help her remove the makeup on her neck, “Oh, I had thought that you think of me as a goddess.”

“Goddess……” Chang Shi Gui paused oddly for a few seconds. Ning Xi seemed to have heard the sound of typing on the line.

“En, goddess works too.”

Ning Xi suspected that this mister here had went to Baidu [2] to search for the meaning behind ‘Goddess’. Under the prowess of the advanced and fast internet, one could simply search up any word randomly and numerous meanings would pop up. This President Chang was probably not much of an adept in using the net.

Even after creating his Weibo account, apart from clarifying the post of Ning Xi hugging a golden thigh, there was no other content.

Who knew if once he opened his Weibo and found that under it, there were a bunch of netizens, whether male or female, passionately calling him ‘Husband’, would he be too shocked to reply?

Thinking that Chang Shi Gui could still land in such a situation, Ning Xi suddenly felt that this President Chang seemed to have gap moe, and couldn’t help but laugh out, “Mr. Chang, you are so cute.”

“Cough cough cough cough!”

Xu Zhou had just pushed open the President’s office door when he heard a gut-wrenching cough. He was so frightened that he almost dropped the files in his hands.

“It’s settled then, I will pick you from the production set then.” After Chang Shi Gui hung up, he turned to say to Xu Zhou, “Pass me the files.”

Xu Zhou saw that Chang Shi Gui had choked so much that his neck and ears flushed red and felt awkward. It seemed like he had choked pretty badly this time.

“The party in two days……” Chang Shi Gui looked at Xu Zhou, “Which artists are invited?”

“Boss, please be at ease. To be invited to our head department’s party, they are all renowned artists. Normal artists would definitely not be given an invitation letter.” Xu Zhou didn’t expect that his boss would suddenly care about such a small matter and was briefly surprised. “Are there any problems?

“It’s nothing. Have the Public Relations department prepare a few more of Jiuji Entertainment’s invitation letters.” Chang Shi Gui flipped open the file and without raising his head, he said, “That night, I will be bringing Ning Xi along with me to attend. You don’t have to arrange a female partner for me anymore.”

Xu Zhou understood instantly, Jiuji was the company that boss invested in. Not allocating more places for them would be inexcusable.

Just as the makeup removal ended, Zhang Qingyun arrived. After Ning Xi sat in the car, she had Zhang Qingyun send her home to retrieve a few items.

After collecting her items, she sat in the car and did some basic skincare while she said, “Brother Zhang, did anyone in our company receive an invitation letter to Chang Corporation’s party?”

Zhang Qingyun was confused as he glanced at Ning Xi through the rear mirror. This matter had not been publicly announced, how did Ning Xi know?

“Our company only has two Film Queens that received the invitation,” Zhang Qingyun also did not ask her how she knew, “The party that Chang Corporation’s head department organises, normal artists can chop off their brains and would still not be able to squeeze in.”

An artist like Ning Xi who had just become popular and didn’t have any connections or background – it was all the more unlikely she would be on the invitation list.

“So it’s like that…….” Ning Xi lightly patted her face, allowing her skin to fully absorb the skincare lotion, “Mr. Chang gave me a call just now. He told me that he will pick me up and bring me to the party on that day.”

Zhang Qingyun’s hand that was on the steering wheel abruptly shook, thank god nothing major happened.

“Ning Xi!”

“En?” Ning Xi’s face was full of innocence.

“Next time before you reveal such explosive news, can you please wait until I stop the car?” Zhang Qingyun gritted his teeth and said, “I do not want to cause a car accident.”

Ning Xi did a sealing mouth action. Xiao Yang, who was seated beside Ning Xi, also shrunk her neck.

The car was silent for a while before Zhang Qingyun couldn’t take it anymore and once again opened, “Ning Xi, what exactly is between you and Chang Shi Gui?”

Ning Xi was swiping through Weibo, and said without lifting her head, “It’s just like that.”

“As a manager to an artist, even though I cannot overly meddle into my artist’s personal life, the life of the rich and powerful is not as beautiful as you think,” Zhang Qingyun pulled over the car by the road, seemingly in a trance, “Around ten years ago, I was the assistant of a very famous female artist. Afterwards, she married into the rich. In the end, within a few years, she chose to die by suicide.”

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