Return of the Goddess Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

Words were like a door of art, nobody liked someone who only knew to curse.

The moment the words “damn fat pig” left Wei Siqi’s mouth, she was already labelled as someone unreasonable even though Ning Xi did not do anything at this moment.

At that moment when Ning Xi appeared, Wei Donglai was dumbfounded. Hearing his younger sister cursing with words like “damn fat pig,” he himself was also taken aback. In his memories, his sister was always sweet and adorable. How could she let out such uncouth words? Even though their Wei family relied on selling electrical supplies to make a fortune, that was twenty years ago. In order to not get criticised for becoming wealthy overnight, their whole family has kept up appearances outside, being careful in their actions and behaviours in fear of others noticing any faults in them.

“This young lady, what do you mean by your words?” Ning Xi stepped forward, leaning down to look at Wei Siqi who was sitting on the floor, “Regardless of being plump or skinny, it does not mean that anyone can mindlessly humiliate someone. Tall, short, plump or skinny are just one’s physique. The most important thing in life as a person is to have proper morals.”

After being tossed in such a way, Wei Siqi sobered up. She looked at Ning Xi and suddenly, anxiously tried to retreat. But because she was sitting on the floor, she could only use her hands in panic to shuffle backwards.

“It is you! You’ve returned!” Wei Siqi spoke out incoherently, “Weren’t you supposed to be overseas? What are you back for?”

If it wasn’t because she came back, Yi Jun wouldn’t have treated her with such coldness. When she was leaving the house this morning, she found out about Cheng Yi Jun’s Weibo side account on his phone. That account was only following people who were related to Ning Xi.

Her life has been ruined by Ning Xi, every single happiness torn open with a big hole, never to be filled again.

Looking at Wei Siqi’s current state, Ning Xi no longer had any interest in messing with her. She straightened her back and took a step back with a scowl on her face. She lifted her head to look at Wei Donglai who appeared awkward, “Mr. Wei, please take your sister away. This is a shooting set, not the Wei house that allows her to act so crazy.”

“I am very sorry, Siqi is drunk and doesn’t know what she’s doing. I am sorry for the disturbance.” Wei Donglai was not a fool, from Ning Xi’s attitude, he understood that she knew his sister. It seems that Siqi who was spoiled by her parents and had even wronged her before.

It was just that blood was thicker than water. He was unable to blame his own sister and could only apologize on her behalf.
“Miss Wei is not a child anymore. One cannot forever use the excuse of “not sensible” to shrink away from their mistakes,” Ning Xi smiled mockingly, “In any case, the Wei family is still an affluent household. Why the need to bully a small production group like us? Even if Miss Wei has resentment towards me, she can find me privately. There is no need to involve the entire group.”

The production staff had originally thought that Ning Xi was a little bit troublesome had a penchant for trouble. However, not only was she the female lead for this drama, she also had a good relationship with the scriptwriter and helped the production team by acquiring funds from the President of Chang’s Corporation. Hence, even if they had opinions about her, they did not dare express them. But now after hearing her words, they now saw her in a new light.

Ning Xi did not quarrel with this woman that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere to curse at people. Instead, she had chosen to kindly explain. If this matter was targeted at them, they may not have even be able to endure it.

Especially because there were a few workers in the production team that were on the plump side, who could have been laughed at before due to their size, hearing Ning Xi’s words about body physique and morals allowed them to feel better and thus view Ning Xi in a better light.

“Don’t think that just because you’ve become a star you can stand out to lecture others,” Wei Siqi staggered up from the ground, “In my eyes, you’re just a mere actress. If I want to torment you, it is just a matter of saying a few words.”

“Miss Wei’s household has wealth and authority, of course you can do as you please. It’s just that there are some things that should be made clear. No matter an actor or actress, each and everyone is equal. It is already a new century, those who kept the feudal system alive have long perished!” Ning Xi then continued on not in anger, but with laughter,“That year when you and the other classmates locked me up in the warehouse, I’ve always wanted to say this to you. Money is indeed powerful, but it is definitely not omnipotent.”

Ning Xi’s words revealed too much information, everyone at the scene suddenly thought back to when Ning Xi had revealed that she herself was pretty fat in high school and that it had led her to leave the country before she even graduated. But now that someone had not only come to find trouble, but by also calling her a damn fat pig, it was no longer a mystery as to why Yang Yan wanted to take care of her.

Being a bully in school was already bad enough. But coming to bully Ning Xi now that she had become not only pretty but also a famous celebrity? Even if one had money and status, wasn’t it a bit too unsightly and lacking in morals?

“Since you’ve put it so nicely, if you have the ability, come and get back at me,” Wei Siqi pointed at Ning Xi, and coldly laughed, “I just want to call you a cheap actress, so what?!”

“Get lost!” Xiao Yang could no longer hold it in and slapped away Wei Siqi’s finger that was pointing in Ning Xi’s face. With eyes turning red she shouted, “On what basis are you looking down on people!”

“What kind of thing are you? How dare you hit me?” Ever since young, Wei Siqi had never suffered any losses. Since Xiao Yang dared to hit her hand, of course she would pay her back and tried to pull her hair.

Unfortunately, before her hand could even touch Xiao Yang, she was stopped by Ning Xi.
Pa pa pa!

Ning Xi grabbed Wei Siqi and gave her three tight slaps. Before Wei Donglai could react, she pushed Wei Siqi on to him, “Scram!”

It was dead silent. Forget about the slaps, no one had expected Ning Xi to act…

Just from the sound alone, they could feel the pain.

It was evident that Wei Siqi was stunned by the slap as well, she did not have a least bit of reaction. She touched her face blankly for a short moment before shrieking as she threw herself at Ning Xi trying to attack her, “Bitch!”

“Only an ignorant woman would constantly use depreciating words on the same sex.” Ning Xi shifted, avoiding her aggression and giving Wei Siqi another slap in return. “Since your parents did not teach you respect, I will let you know the consequences of mindlessly swearing at people.”

“Miss Ning,” Wei Donglai caught Ning Xi’s wrist and said solemnly, “I’m afraid you’re going overboard.” Even if his sister had areas where she had done wrong, it was also not for outsiders to intervene.

“As a public figure, such actions from you, aren’t you afraid of inviting trouble?”

When Zhang Qingyun saw a male chauvinist like Wei Donglai interfering, worried that Ning Xi would be at a disadvantage, he pulled Wei Siqi away, not allowing her to touch Ning Xi.

“Mr. Wei,” Ning Xi’s face carried a cold smile as she met his gaze, “Seven years ago, when your sister colluded with others to hide my phone away and lock me up in a storage room for an entire night, did she fear any trouble?”

At such beautiful eyes staring straight into him, Wei Donglai felt somewhat guilty even though he had no idea what happened seven years ago.

“Did you know?” Ning Xi suddenly lowered her voice, her smile revealing a trace of hatred, “Because he couldn’t reach my phone, my father searched for me for an entire night.”

Wei Donglai subconsciously understood that the ending of the story was not something he wanted to know.

“My father was knocked down by a car. His blood covered the entire scene. When he was sent to the hospital, I was still stuck in that storage room,” Ning Xi’s voice was trembling but her face still showed a smile, “Mr. Wei, take a guess. That year, who was the one to hide my phone?”

Wei Donglai opened his mouth, unconsciously letting go of Ning Xi’s wrist. He looked towards his sister who was still making a scene, and back at Ning Xi. He felt that his throat was being choked with countless grains of sand. Painful, itchy and even disgusting.

Ning Xi’s voice was very small. The people that heard these words, aside from Wei Donglai, were Zhang Qingyun and Wei Donglai’s secretary.

The secretary that revered Ning Xi as a goddess was shocked by her words. He was floored for a very long while before feeling sorry for the goddess. At such a young age,meeting with such an incident, how devastated would she have been?

Right now, looking at Wei Siqi, the secretary abruptly thought that Ning Xi’s patience was very good. She had endured Wei Siqi’s disturbance for so long before finally making a move.

“I’m sorry……” Wei Donglai felt that these two [1] words had no substance to them. He turned around and hauled his sister who was still acting drunk and crazy, “Miss Ning, for not discipling my sister, it is our Wei’s family’s fault.”

Ning Xi mockingly laughed, not a single word was said.

Before the other people of the production team could even react, the one who had come looking for trouble had suddenly changed their attitude. At first, they were worried that Ning Xi’s actions would have caused the situation to escalate further. But instead, it had extinguished the fire.

There was something off about this plot progression.

Wei Donglai knew that no matter what he said right now, he would only make the atmosphere even more awkward. He held Wei Siqi’s arm strongly in support, “Li Hao, hold Siqi for me.”

Secretary Li Hao hesitated for a moment before turning his head to take a glance at Ning Xi with a lowered head, and supported Wei Siqi’s other hand.

“Miss Ning, regarding this matter, I will discuss it with you again on a later date. Sorry.” Wei Donglai exerted strength, forcefully taking Wei Siqi away from the set.

After putting Wei Siqi into the car, Wei Donglai ordered: “Li Hao, go and ask around among the production team. Make sure that the video of the matter just now does not spread.”

He was very clear that if this matter was to be revealed, the person who would be criticized would not be Ning Xi who raised her hands, but Wei Siqi.

“I understand, Manager.” Li Hao nodded and closed the car doors. Once the Wei family siblings left in the car, he turned around and looked at the production team. He pondered shortly before walking back.

“Ning Xi…..” Zhang Qingyun knew that Ning Xi’s parents were no longer around. However, he did not expect that her father had passed in such a way. He suddenly did not know how to console her.

“I’m fine,” Ning Xi turned over, not meeting his eyes that were filled with sympathy and concern. She called out to Kong Yuheng who was standing a few steps away, “Director Kong, is the time for the shoot almost up?”

“Ah?” Kong Yuheng vacantly nodded, only reacting after a long time, “Ning Xi, do you want to take a break?”

“It’s okay, I’m alright,” Ning Xi smiled at him, turning around to bow at everyone on set, “I’m really sorry. Today’s matter has affected everyone.”

Afterall, Ning Xi had become popular and even have a backer. Despite this, ever since she entered the production team, she had never put on airs. Whether she was facing the director or the minor supporting actors, her attitude remained courteous and respectful. Hence, even though such an incident happened today, nobody expected that such a gentle person like Ning Xi would hit someone. But honestly speaking, they were still on her side.

The lady from before had such an arrogant attitude and had even once bullied Ning Xi before. It was no wonder that Ning Xi would make a move.

It was just that………cough……..that slapping of hers was clean and ruthless.

By the time Li Hao returned to the production set, Ning Xi had already started filming. He glanced around at the production crew before walking up to Zhang Qingyun: “Hello, I am……”

“If this established person wishes to discuss with me the matter from before, save your breath,” Zhang Qingyun’s tone was slightly cold, “This kind of issue, as an agent, I have no say in it.”

“I’m sorry, this is not my intention. It’s just that our manager expressed his deepest apologies to Miss Ning Xi and wondered if there are any areas in which he could help her?” Finished saying his piece, Li Hao felt his face turned red.

Zhang Qingyun scoffed: “Our family’s Ning Xi right now has fame and money. She does not need anyone’s help. Thank you for Mr. Wei’s generosity. However, after this matter, it should not be mentioned again.”

Li Hao silently nodded: “What you’re trying to say, I understand.”

“With regards to the things that happened to Miss Ning Xi, I express my regrets. In the future…..if there is anything that requires my help, please feel free to ask.”

Zhang Qingyun gave an astonished look to Li Hao, what was the meaning behind these words?
Getting stared at by Zhang Qingyun made Li Hao felt somewhat embarrassed, he lowered his head and bashfully laughed: “I am Ning Xi’s fan. The Jin Youyan [2] which she acted as, I like it very much.”

“Thank you.” Zhang Qingyun’s expression softened slightly.

Li Hao did not stay any longer. He knew that in his current position, he would not be welcomed by the production team.

This matter indeed did not get too far. However, after a few days, rumors of Ning Xi acting arrogant on the set was circulated. It was just that this kind of news had always been hard to believe, so it did not attract much attention.

But the Wei family was currently in a mess because of the matter with Wei Siqi. When Mother Wei saw that her daughter was hit, she, enraged, was not willing to listen to anything else and wanted to get back at this unreasonable small actress. In the end, it was Wei Donglai that stood out to dissuade her before finally managing to suppress the issue.

Father Wei only treated it as a small matter and didn’t put much thought towards it. In contrast, Mother Wei had some difficulty controlling herself. She still felt that her daughter had been wronged and that she should not just let this be.

It was just that, just as she was able to contact the media to find trouble for Ning Xi, she suppressed by the higher-ups.

She wanted to ask around who was the one concealing this matter. But her friends in the media industry did not give her any clear answers. They only told her, it was best to let this matter slide, do not incite more problems.

However, some matters simply could not be let off just by saying so.

[1] – The original text is 對(dui)不(bu)起(qi) which are three words.

[2] – Refer back to Chapter 19 if you forgot who she is

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