Return of the Goddess Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

Ning Xi was awakened by the continuous ringing of her mobile phone. Her hand stretched out from under the quilt and reached for the cell phone on the bedside cabinet: “Hello.”

“Did you have lunch with the president of Chang Corporation yesterday?”

Zhang Qingyun’s voice on the other end of the phone seemed a little urgent. She was confused by the sudden question and frowned. “Yes, what’s wrong?”

“Someone has uploaded the pictures of you two entering the restaurant. Now there is a lot of noise on the internet. Don’t make any comments. The company will help you deal with it.” Zhang Qingyun didn’t tell Ning Xi about the comments on the Internet about “being kept” and “holding thighs”. Some people on the Internet were very angry, they can like her for her appearance, but as long as they see Ning Xi and people with powerful status together, they will think of all conceivable dirty scenarios, and then they will use it to abuse her one after another, as if Ning Xi had insulted the purity of their souls.

Having long been accustomed to some netizens’ critical attitude towards female artists and their hatred of wealth, Zhang Qingyun quickly reported the incident to the company, and when the media called him, he unified to reply that they were just ordinary friends.

The media care did not care if Ning Xi and Chang Shi Gui were good friends or not. Reports like “Ning Xi suspected of interaction with Chang Corporation President”, “The man behind Ning Xi is actually him!” or “Chang Corporation lovingly caring for the popular flower known as Ning Xi” were overwhelming. These reports seem to have exploded into a love affair between the two of them. However, between the lines, they really emphasised how rich and powerful they are and the article exclaimed Ning Xi flattering to the rich.

The net consisted of both good and bad, many people felt that Chang Shi Gui is blind. How can he take a fancy to an actress who nobody knows whether she did plastic surgery or not.
The malicious intentions that spreads around the virtual network are often fierce. While they are scorning Ning Xi, these netizens are touting Chang Shi Gui, because some people think that Ning Xi is not worthy of Chang Shi Gui. There were also some people who hated on their favorite female artists, turning their back and going along with people that holds big influence and whom they could not become in their lifetime. So instead, they turned these unwillingness and jealousy into anger and sprayed them to Ning Xi without hesitation.

Because she is a female artist, a beautiful public figure, and someone who is helpless being without an identity or background, they can vent all their dissatisfaction and satisfy the pitiful emptiness in their hearts.


Ning Xi switched on the computer, and looked at some netizens on the network who were burning with a frenzy of rage. She sneered and threw the mouse in her hand. Feeling neither bad nor worse, she went to take a bath. Even before she decided to return to China, she had anticipated all kinds of possibilities. This screen-separated foul language had no legal effect on her at all.

A few years ago, she experienced the feeling of being mocked and laughed at in person, compared to those young and ignorant ridicules and pranks, these comments on the internet is nothing at all.

As the warm water flowed down, washing her body, her mind recalled the list of participants who played the prank on her as she turned off the shower. She dried her hair, wrapped herself with a towel and wiped away the mist from the mirror, looking at her reflection in the mirror and suddenly smiled.

When she came out of the bathroom, she noticed that she had five missed calls on her phone which showed they were from Mr. Chang.

She stared at the screen for a few seconds and dialed back the number.

“Ning Xi, I just found out what is happening on the internet. I am really sorry for causing you such a big trouble.”


At the other end of the phone, Chang Shi Gui’s voice seemed to be a little anxious and careful. `

Ning Xi suddenly smiled and walked to the balcony to look at the plants that she was raising: “ Mr. Chang does not have to apologise, even if it’s not you, there will be others. As long as I appear with the wealthy in the future, there will be no less slanders. This industry is all about fame and reputation. Nobody cares about your innocence, whether you are right or wrong, it is dependent on words of the others. I just have to get used to it.”

There was silence on the other end of the phone, after a moment, Chang Shi Gui’s deep voice sounded again: “Getting used to it doesn’t mean it’s right. At the least, I don’t want you to be wronged by others.”

“Pfft.” Ning Xi covered her eyes and laughed: “Mr. Chang, has anyone praised you for being cute?”

“Yes.” There was another moment of silence on the other end of the phone, “My mother.”

Ning Xi laughed again, and the person on the other end of the phone listened quietly to her laughter. She wiped the moisture of the corners of her eyes. “Then, did anyone tell you that if you treat the opposite sex this way, it is very easy to…” She turned her head and looked at the painting on the wall.

On the oil painting, there was an endless blue sea, with white sails rolling in the waves, unable to see the margin of it.

“What’s easy?”

“Nothing,” said Ning Xi with a smile. “I mean, it’s not a big deal. Mr. Chang shouldn’t take it too seriously.”

Chang Shi Gui’s eyes became more gentle. He listened to the soft voice of the woman on the phone and his face gave off a little smile: “Then you have a rest today.”

After hanging up the phone, Chang Shi Gui’s eyes returned to the computer screen. The smile on his face evaporating quickly.

In the view of many media, it is nothing special to report the news that small artists like Ning Xi having a meal with Changi Shi Gui. After all, famous people like Chang Shi Gui often don’t care about the gossip. Even if the reputation of Ning Xi is affected in a short time, it is still a win-win situation as it helps to increase her exposure.

However it was today that something everyone had never thought of happened.

Because the president, who hardly ever interviewed and has no social networking account, unexpectedly registered his account on Weibo. The first Weibo post he sent was even in response to the rumor of Ning Xi hugging a big thigh.

Chang Shi Gui V: I have been friends with Ning Xi for many years. Because of her introduction and help, I met Mr. Li, President of Jiuji Entertainment Culture Company, and joined Jiuji Entertainment Company. I feel very angry and puzzled about the false reports of Ning Xi on the internet. I would like all the relevant media to remove the false reports on Ning Xi please. Thank you.

Without ‘selling’ out cuteness , without courtesy, just a simple Weibo post, was quickly forwarded by the majority of netizens, some people say that Boss Chang was an overbearing president. Some others had the idea that Ning Xi is really admirable for being friends with such a big person as Chang Shi Gui, it was no wonder that Boss Chang did not choose so many entertainment company, rather choosing Jiuji Shares as this has Ning Xi’s face on it.

After the post was sent out, the most forceful ones were those entertainment media and some entertainment gossip bloggers. They never thought that Ning Xi and Chang’s President were really not involved in that unspeakable of a relationship, but rather, are old friends.

No wonder despite Jiuji not being one of the biggest and most promising entertainment companies in the industry, it was able to attract Chang Shi Gui’s investment. It turned out that their people have connections.

Entertainment gossip brother: I don’t know how many netizens have seen the last issue of “Happy Dialogue”. Ning Xi, as a special host, did not say which school she was an overseas student at , but she did mentioned where she lives, some scenic spots in the school, and which class of students she is. When I was bored, I went to look it up and found that only one school matched the description of Ning Xi, and among the graduates of this university, there happened to be a female classmate named Ning Xi. You can guess which university graduates Ning Xi is.

Under this post, some netizens who have seen this program came out to pick up details, and others who have also studied abroad came out to express their views. They simply don’t want to miss any suspicious places.

Netizen A: I think I know which university Goddess Ning Xi graduated from. What I want to say is that isn’t being beautiful already fine, why are you also a scholar student?


Netizen B: Don’t hide what you know. If you have the guts, say it out!

With more and more comments and guesses, the entertainment gossip brother finally appeared on Weibo again after leaving the netizens hanging, starving for the news.

Entertainment gossip brother: It seems like some friends have already guessed that Ning Xi is the most famous graduate of Edin University. Some of them lash out scolding people for being friends with the actress. Go back and see if you are better than others before coming out to scold people.

Hater A: Hah hah, you marketing accounts boast too much. If you have the ability, produce the evidence. Without knowing the truth, why don’t you say she graduated from the top three in the world?

Hater B: Goddess Ning is amazing. Goddess Ning’s boasting breaks through the sky. The only thing that can’t be blown apart is Goddess Ning’s face. If that’s true, i’ll kneel down and call you father.

“All of you marketing accounts!” As a gossip blogger, Yang Jing Peng normally would expose small informations of artistes when there is nothing to do. But what he hated the most was having people that suspect his information as false and immediately overwrite his stuffs.

Originally, he did not know whether Ning Xi was a graduate of Edin University. A buddy who had just returned to China two days ago came to look for him and went out for a beer. At that time, ‘Happy Dialogue’ was playing in the shop. His buddy pointed to Ning Xi on TV and said, “This sister is very familiar, very similar to the girl who was regarded as a goddess by foreigners in our neighbouring school.”

Yang Jing Peng’s buddies spent money and studied abroad but the school next to his, Edin University, ranks among the top 30 in the world. So as soon as he heard what his buddies said, he went to look it up on the internet and who had known that it really led him to find out.

Edin University is a very difficult university to apply for, and this school does not have a make-up examination system. So there are not many Chinese students studying in this school. Ning Xi being able enter this university, with excellent graduation results. Such a person could rely on their talent for a living, how did she get into the entertainment circle and depend on her looks for a living?
Entertainment gossip brother: hah hah, I knew that some people wouldn’t believe. The proof is right here. The one who wanted to call me father, I do not have such a stupid son. [picture]

Netizens saw that Gossip Brother posted nine pictures. It included the graduation transcript of Edin University and the photos of Ning Xi and fellow students wearing graduation gowns. All of whom were covered with mosaic, but the background behind them is undoubtedly Edin University.

Entertainment gossip brother: Look carefully at Ning Xi’s academic achievements, as well as the excitement of those Edin alumni when they mentioned Ning Xi in their Facebook posts. Those casual haters, stand up and take two steps, let me see how good you are.

Right after Entertainment brother’s post was sent out, the whole Weibo had boiled up instantly. Many netizens who were interested in Ning Xi were just passers-by, but because of the support of her educational background, they had some good impression of her.

“A few hours ago, many thought I was a shameless actor who likes “hugging thighs”, and now they think I am the goddess of studying in the entertainment industry,” Ning Xi returned the tablet computer to Zhang Qingyun. “Can the level of education become a rod to measure a person’s character?”

“Are you not happy that people’s impression of you have changed?” Zhang Qingyun smiled. “I was going to borrow your academic credentials to stir up the topic. Who knew that Mr. Chang would stand out to help you, and plus the fact that netizens would pick up on your academic credentials. My plan was useless.”

Hearing Zhang Qing Yun mention Chang Shi Gui’s name, Ning Xi became silent: “I didn’t know either.”

Zhang Qingyun shot a glance at her: “Anyway, this is a successful solution, and it also helped to make your image more positive, in the future, if you eat with any investors, there would not be any more media disorderly arrangement.”

If Ning Xi can even be friends with a figure like Changi Shi Gui, then having a meal with others won’t even be a surprise.

Ning Xi took out her mobile phone and logged on to Weibo. All the news about her being taken care of by Chang Shi Gui disappeared without a trace. The trending Weibo topic was “Goddess Ning 666”. The second most popular Weibo topic was “Worship Ning Xi, at the end of the term no failures.”

When she clicked on it, She didn’t know which netizen turned her photo into a goddess. In front of it, there was a little man kneeling down. On his head, there were five words of “begging to be possessed by the top student “.

Ning Xi: …..

If not careful, she could become an internet celebrity again.

She thought for awhile, and sent out a Weibo post.

Ning Xi V: A great man is considered one because of what he has done, not what kind of education he has. I’m just an actor that relies on her face for fame with no gain, so it’s useless to worship me. Everyone might as well turn off your computer, turn off your cell phone and read your books. P.S: Good luck on the exam, I wish you all the best!

Fan A: The goddess is so cute, alright! Whatever the goddess say is right, I will turn off my computer and read my books!

Fan B : After gulping down the Goddess’s ‘sweet and sour chicken soup’, I’m off to revise.

Passer-by A : A female scholar who can depend on her talents and face for a living, but speaks so strongly and energetically, I am about to change my fandom.


Passer-by B: As a learning slag, I have a strong respect for top students. I think I’m going to change fandom too.

Hater A : Hehe.

Hater B : Fans are scary, the passers-bys who are changing fandoms are disgusting.

Fan D : Haters, please happily get lost.

“Boss,” Xuzhou knocked on the door. “Chen’s president is here.”


The boss’s mobile page… looked kind of like it was on Weibo?

“Let the manager see to him and say I’m not here.” Chang Shi Gui locked the screen of his mobile phone, and held back the smile on his face.

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