Return of Goddess Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Heya guys!! I’m not dead hahaha it’s been so long I know. Sorry for being so late.

I’m slow yes, but I’m trying my best ahaha translating alone…
I know many thought that I’ve dropped this novel or smt but no lol.. I just need time to get my life tgt ya ahaha XD So sorry.

Honestly, do you guys actually still want me to be the translator..? Should I stop and let someone faster do the job..? I mean, I saw on NU there’s someone else that picked this up haha.
I’m glad but at the same time, I was thinking ‘Does it make sense for two different translation group to be updating NU?”. Idk man, what do yall think? Let me know on discord (dm me) or wherever if yall want me to stop. For now, I’ll still do my best on my to try to translate the next chapter. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it up next week. (Since I translate on weekend).

As always, thank you my kind editor hannah <3 Reina peace out! 😀

Return of Goddess Chapter 38

4 thoughts on “Return of Goddess Chapter 38

  1. Hi Translator! I think the answer to your question is does translating this novel make YOU happy or stressed? If you like the challenge, then continue. If taking the time to work on this makes you give up on sleep or takes away from work or studies – then please don’t. I like this story and your work but – I can wait. It’s a funny story and your work is good. Thanks for asking us!

    1. Hi!! Thank you so much for commenting hehe (❁´▽`❁) tbh I don’t find it stressful but I do feel bad when I don’t update as fast as others…and when my quality isn’t good as well //sweats
      I’m really happy that you like my work! Thank you so much!! Really thanks to my editor as well to push up the quality haha.
      I’ll try to not make all of your wait too long (though I alrdy did ;;) my internship is ending next month so hopefully I can release more!! Thank you!!

      1. Ive read many novels thus far..I dont mind that the translation is poor as long as the message is being portrayed..And as the commenter above says as long as you dont feel stressed..pls continue.. I have been keeping up with this novel for some time already…

        1. Thank you so much for your support!!
          I will!

          The next chapter is fully translated and currently in the midst of editing, it should be out within this week!

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