Return of Goddess Chapter 34 – 37.1

Important Announcement / Question!!

YES I’M SORRY. I know I said end of August and now it’s already 2nd week of September. I’M SORRY.
These chapters were already translated by end of August tbh but there were a few sentences that sounded weird and kinda difficult for me to phrase it properly…..

ok but important thing!!
You’d probably notice that there’s Chapter 37.1
I’m planning to release chapters in parts now as the chapters seemed to be getting longer.
To ensure faster (still slow) release, I wanted to release it in small parts.

Would you guys be ok with that or do yall still prefer I release in full chapters but slower release?
Here’s the chapters!!

Chapter 34
Chapter 35
Chapter 36
Chapter 37.1

Translator: Reina
Editor: Hannah

Return of Goddess Chapter 34 – 37.1
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