Return of the Goddess Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 — Investment

When people are impulsive, they will know what fear is.

After Director Qian and the others left, she gradually sobered and realised what she had done. She turned around to see all the people. Even though they weren’t looking at her, she knew they were laughing at her, laughing at her brainless behaviour.

But if it weren’t for Ning Xi, that slut’s behaviour which seemed apologetic on the surface but was actually provocative, how would she have done all of this?

No one could see the subtle expression that Ning Xi had when she lowered her head to pick up the sword. It was an expression that had said, ‘I just hit you, what can you do about it?’ That look was too hateful.

She had been in the entertainment industry for several years but had never been challenged by a new person. This Ning Xi was really deceptive.

She hadn’t experienced this kind of grievance for a long time. Obviously, it was the other person’s fault. But why was she blamed? Even in everyone’s eyes, she turned out to be the one who indiscriminately bullied her juniors.

She was a slut! A hateful slut!

Zhu Moli’s mind had already sent all the swear words she could think of to Ning Xi.

The next morning, the scripts of some of the actors had changed. Yesterday’s fighting scene between Zhu Moli and Ning Xi was changed to Ning Xi’s fight with another villain. While these two actors’ scene was changed, a lot of Zhu Moli’s scenes were cut.

The cast and crew realised that all of this was a warning from Qian Cong Hai to Zhu Moli’s behaviour. It was also giving account to Teacher Lu and Ning Xi. Otherwise, this situation would not be easy to settle.

“Why? Obviously, she provoked me first! Why should my scenes be deleted?” Zhu Moli was so angry that she threw things around in her room. Her agent stood on the side and watched her crazily vent her anger and frustration for some time before he said, “You should pray that no one will cut the video and release it. Otherwise, you’ll only have to wait to be frozen by the company.”

“Even you are saying that?!” Zhu Moli didn’t dare believe her agent.

The man said helplessly, “Moli, don’t look for death again, or I can’t protect you.”

Zhu Moli opened her mouth to argue that she was the one who was wronged, but somehow, she didn’t say anything.

She went out of her room and closed the door. She hadn’t taken a few steps before she bumped into Ning Xi. When enemies met, they would be exceptionally jealous. Zhu Moli hated Ning Xi bitterly and was about to speak, but just then a crew member walked out of a room and she was forced to swallow her words.

The crew member knew that Ning Xi had been bullied by Zhu Moli in the sets, so when she stepped into the elevator, she looked back into Zhu Moli’s eyes.

“Are you satisfied?” Zhu Moli walked before Ning Xi and squeezed out her words through gritted teeth.

“Sister Zhu, what do you mean?” Ning Xi smiled, taking a step back. She suddenly raised her voice a little and said, “Sister Zhu, you have misunderstood me. I was practising the fight sequence with you. How could I have taken a video of it?”

Not far off, the door opened and two people stepped out. It was the producer and the executive producer. The producer was curious about Zhu Moli asking Ning Xi about the video, but to not seem like a gossip, he just nodded to them and took the executive producer to the elevator.

When the doors closed, the producer asked the executive producer, “What was happening between the two actresses?” One was aggressive, while the other was gentle and helpless. Without inquiring, one could find out what had happened.

The executive producer didn’t think that such a thing would happen just when his boss came to inspect. He told him about the incident that had occurred on the sets and said, “This is just the kind of temper Zhu Moli has.”

The producer frowned but didn’t say anything about the matter. “Yesterday, Chang’s president called me up and said that he was interested in this movie and planned to invest in the production.”

The executive producer was stunned for a second. “Chang has so many large assets, he is also interested in this little thing?”

“Now that domestic entertainment industry is developing rather quickly, it has become a sweet potato for all the big-wigs.” The producer smiled. “If he is willing, then, of course, I’m happy to cooperate with him. The investment in this movie is so huge, I can not only find people taking risks with me, I can also sell Chang Shi Gui a favour. It’s a double-edged sword.”

He had long wanted to break into their circle but he had never had a chance. Now that this heaven-sent opportunity had arrived, he would be a fool to not take it.

Zhu Moli felt a pain in her chest, feeling rather dizzy, completely angered by Ning Xi. Who would have thought that this woman who seemed beautiful and harmless had such schemes hidden in her sleeve?

That man just now was the producer. When she deliberately spoke about the video, it would surely intrigue him. And when he asked about the incident…

Thinking of what might happen later, she looked at a smiling Ning Xi. She could only say, “You…!”

“Sister Zhu,” Ning Xi walked towards her and looked at her with a chuckle. “Since you can hire a water army to pour dirty water on me, I can also respond to you similarly. You probably don’t know, I am not the kind to suffer in silence.”

Zhu Moli’s heart skipped a beat. She really knew!

So what happened in the sets was not a misunderstanding or an accident at all, but it was Ning Xi deliberately provoking her? Thinking about all the scenes she was cut out off because of yesterday’s events and leaving a negative impression on Director Qian, she felt the world spinning before her eyes.

Looking at how the other person looked ready to collapse, Ning Xi took a step back. “Have a good rest, Miss Zhu. I have to go for the shoot.”

Zhu Moli was so irritated by her complacent look that her face twisted in an ugly manner. “Slut!” She cursed.

When the Assistant Director and the Director’s assistant left their room, they heard Zhu Moli’s curse. The two looked at Ning Xi who had just entered the elevator and realised what was happening.

“Leader Liu, Assistant Yang,” Ning Xi saw the two coming over and stopped the doors for them and smiled.

“Xixi, thank you.” Assistant Yang thanked her and went into the elevator with the Assitant Director.

“It’s a small matter, don’t mention it.”

Assistant Director Liu and Assistant Yang looked at Ning Xi who was smiling mildly and couldn’t help but sigh in their hearts. How could such a good newcomer actor in the younger generation meet such a bad senior? It seemed that humans were really jealous of popularity. It had nothing to do with whether the character of a person was good or bad.

“Right, did you hear the news?” Assistant Yang spoke mysteriously, “There’s a new investor for this drama, and he’s not a small fry.”

“Who is it?” Assistant Director Liu asked curiously.

“Chang’s big boss,” Assistant Yang revealed. “For his first movie, he chose Director Qian’s. See, this is how our Director Qian is.” He gave a thumbs up.

Ning Xi looked at Assistant Yang who didn’t seem to be lying. She was a little surprised that Chang Shi Gui wanted to invest in the movie.

“Half the movie has already been shot, why did he decide to invest now?” Assistant Director Liu thought for a while before saying politely, “Mr Chang is really extraordinary.”

“When one has money, one can do as he likes.” Assistant Yang shrugged. “When the producer came to meet Director Qian today, his smile had blossomed completely. It can be seen that this investment is good news for him.”

To the ordinary people, these super-rich people weren’t ones they could afford to offend. Putting it the other way, it’s not something they can be interested in.

The investment was a private move by Chang Shi Gui and had nothing to do with the company’s internal accounts. When the company’s senior members learned that Mr Chang was investing in the entertainment industry, they were both curious and surprised.

Especially his aunt, Chang Qiuyu. When she heard the news, she rushed to his office, full of questions.

She asked several of his assistants about his moves and whereabouts. Who would have thought that they were more tight-lipped than clams, telling her nothing?

Knowing that these people only listened to her nephew, she had no choice but to leave. Since her older brother died, she had less and less say in Chang’s matters.

“Mr Chang, this is the set for our crew,” the producer turned to him and smiled apologetically. “Because it’s in the suburbs, the environment is a little inhospitable. Please bear with it.”

“Where do the members of the cast and crew live?” Chang Shi Gui looked around in the scene. It had rained the previous night. The clouds were interspersed between the mountains and the forests. It looked like a fairyland.

Although the mountain air was fresh, the road was muddy and difficult to walk on. His assistant was only a few steps away. He saw that their shoes were already covered with dirt.

The producer looked at Chang Shi Gui’s original shiny leather shoes soiled and felt guilty. Getting such a figure trodding through mud brought a deep sense of guilt in him.

“There is a hotel near the sets, most of the cast members live there.” The producer pointed to the shooting sight in front of him. “The interior scenes have basically been completed. A few will be done in the later stages. There are a few more shots that need to be taken outside.”

That was mainly because of Director Qian’s high demand for perfection, for scenic beauty and his artistic conception. To find the right location, the crew had searched for a lot of places until deciding on this.

“Um,” he stopped walking when he looked in front of him.

Seeing his line of sight, the producer started speaking about the actor who was hanging on the suspension wires. “This is one of the important roles in the movie. The actor does her job very well and endures hardship silently. She’s a very dedicated actor.”

“Is it safe for the crew and cast around here?” Chang Shi Gui asked, stepping forward.

Hearing this sentence, the producer hurriedly replied, “Each artist has been given a high amount of insurance. When shooting in a dangerous location, the crew will have doctors and nurses accompanying them. There’s no problem with safety.”

Chang Shi Gui looked at the woman hanging from the wires. Looking at her, his heart shook.

Ning Xi…

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