Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 171

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Chapter 171 — What To Do? Brother Has Blackened (41)

Her tongue was sucked by the other person again while her shoulders were slightly pressed, she suddenly realized that her position has changed, her line of vision completely turned upside down.

Underneath her was a soft bed, while her whole body was pressed down by the other person on top. Su Huaiyan leaned down, his lips covering hers again.

“Ung… Su Huaiyan… what are you doing?!” Shen Mubai turned her face away and tried to struggle free.

Su Huaiyan paused slightly before he continued raining gentle kisses on the girl’s white, delicate chin. He couldn’t help sighing as if he’s in distress, “Sister bit my tongue, what should I do?”

While the girl was panting, he laughed softly, showing his cute and adorable dimples, “Let’s lick the blood until it’s clean, okay? Sister.”

Her tongue was caught by the other person again, and the faint smell of blood gradually faded as the teenager continued to suck and lick. Shen Mubai’s eyes turned red, her hands and feet were restricted and she became unable to move.

The feeling of his satiny skin made her hairs stood on end, crawling slowly on her whole body as her nerves seemed to be paralyzed. Lacking the strength to resist, she was compelled to accept his tyranny that she can’t help but to sob softly.

The kiss lasted for five minutes, and just when Shen Mubai was about to suffocate, the boy’s tongue finally retreated from her cavity.

She gasped and panted, swallowing air like her life depended on it, and because of a moment of inattention, she choked on her saliva until she shed tears. Her grieving, pitiful appearance made the light inside Su Huaiyan’s eyes to darken.

“Sister can’t stand this already?” Su Huaiyan’s voice was just like a naive and harmless boy, with a soft smile adorning his face, “But the reward isn’t over yet.”

Shen Mubai coughed a few times and said between her panting, “W-what?”

Su Huaiyan pulled out two black strips of cloth from his pocket, he said with his soft, cottony voice, “It’s just beginning.”

And then, Shen Mubai’s hands and feet were both tied up.

The beautiful teenager looked at his own masterpiece, his face showed that he was satisfied as he smiled happily, “Sister, are you ready? I’m gonna receive my reward.”

Shen Mubai felt an incomparable shame being stared at by his eyes that were filled with naked aggressiveness and can’t help but buried her face, “That’s enough!”

Su Huaiyan laughed, like a child who finally got ahold of his beloved candy, “That can’t be counted oh, Sister, you can’t cheat.”

What else can Shen Mubai say? She can only persisted and buried her face in grief and indignation, unwilling to accept the cruel reality.

A soft laughter sounded from above, Su Huaiyan leaned forward, and a feathery kiss fell on her blushing cheek, trailing all the way up from her lips, nose, to the slightly trembling eyes, straight to her fair and smooth forehead.

The boy’s lips seemed to have a magical power, Shen Mubai couldn’t control herself and curled her toes slightly.

As if feeling the subtle changes and reaction of the girl under his body, Su Huaiyan’s lips fell down next to her ear and said odious words with his soft whisper, “Looks like sister’s body is very sensitive ah.”

Shen Mubai bit her lips, not willing to give him any response.

Su Huaiyan just laughed with a low voice, then bit the girl’s earlobe gently, putting the delicate little thing inside his mouth, he started to suck and lick.

With her hands and feet bound with a tight knot, Shen Mubai can’t help saying, “Su Huaiyan, don’t mess around!”

“Sister, rest assured, how could I do that kind of thing without your permission?” The boy’s gentle voice revealed a bit of innocence.

Shen Mubai thought to herself, I’d rather believe in ghosts than you.


We’re still in 2/3rd of the arc and the ML has done this already… (∥ ̄■ ̄∥)

Translator: MadPanda

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Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 171
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