Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 167

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Chapter 167 — What To Do? Brother Has Blackened (37)

Shen Mubai felt that her head was about to explode, but on the surface, she still had a calm look, “Su Huaiyan, don’t lean so close, I’m still cycling.”

Su Huaiyan laughed softly and halted his movements. He lazily pasted his cheek against hers and said sweetly, “Elder sister, I have something to say to you.”

The soft voice of the boy carried a bit of indolence, like a small feather, tickling the softest part of her heart.

Shen Mubai’s ears slowly became red as she almost lost her balance, her heart felt like a thousand horses was galloping inside, “What?”

Su Huaiyan squinted his eyes, “Wait a bit and you’ll know.”

As a result, after she heard his words, Shen Mubai waited for five minutes in restlessness. When she stopped the bike, she didn’t wait for Su Huaiyan to open his mouth before trying to run away.

As she was preparing to get down, a smiling voice came from behind her, “Turn your head around.”

Shen Mubai turned her head unconsciously before her lips bumped into something soft and cold, she widened her eyes in shock.

Su Huaiyan leaned forward, putting her head fixed in place with one of his hand, he deepened his kiss.

Sliding along the girl’s slightly opened lips due to shock, he gently but strongly thrust his tongue inside, catching the other’ softness, sucking it with possessiveness.

She tried to struggle but was instead met with a powerful suppression. Shen Mubai’s mouth was full of the boy’s taste, but it also brought along a bit of sweetness. Her mind was in chaos as she thought, Su Huaiyan ate strawberry flavored gum today…

Seemingly aware that she was distracted with something else, the teenager nibbled her tongue lightly as if he was punishing her, then continued with strong and heavy kisses, he swept every inch of her mouth while his glass-like eyes kept on watching the expression on the girl’s face.

Shen Mubai’s breath was about to cease as the back of her head was held tightly inside his iron-like hand. There were sloppy, embarrassing noises coming out from the place where their lips and teeth intertwined, but Su Huaiyan was still persistently licking and sucking like the devil he was. When she wanted to turn her head aside, his other hand quickly caught her jaw before he sent out an ambiguous chuckle. He once again pushed his tongue to enter her mouth, over and over, he kept on eating her with relish, sucking and licking her soul away.

Mmmnn…!” The girl’s fair cheek were stained with a layer of beautiful crimson color from his possessive kisses, she quickly felt her strength was leaving her body, even her breath was taken away.

The kiss lasted for a full three minutes. At the end, Shen Mubai pushed Su Huaiyan fiercely with a strength that she didn’t know where it came from. She gasped like her life depended on it, the corner of her eyes were slightly red, her appearance was as if she was ravaged, evoking the wicked desire from the depth of one’s heart.

Su Huaiyan extended his tongue and licked the saliva stains from the corner of his mouth, his pair of eyes were staring straight at the girl as he gave a soft laugh, “Sister’s reaction is too green (inexperienced), is this your first time kissing?”

Shen Mubai was still panting, but when she heard this sentence, she glared at him fiercely and denied, “No!”

The girl’s grumpy words reached Su Huaiyan’s ears, he stared at her without the usual smile in his eyes, “Sister, don’t say words that can make me unhappy, otherwise…” His eyes fell on her ruddy and swollen lips, he smiled slightly while speaking dreaded, possessive words, “I can’t wait to make you my own.”


Too late~ (´・ω・`)

Translator: MadPanda

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Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 167
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