Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 166

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Chapter 166 — What To Do? Brother Has Blackened (36)

Su Huaiyan drooped his eyelids and quietly looked down at the scenery below. Many people were coming and going, but no one could enter his eyes.

A pink bubble popped out from his mouth as a hum sounded out from his throat, “En.”

Blocking the dazzling sunlight, unlike the roguish smile before, Shen Zheyuan said with little seriousness shown on his face, “I didn’t expect that when you like someone, you can act this odd. But, have you thought about it properly? Although you guys aren’t related by blood, but that layer of sibling relationship will always be inseparable.”

Su Huaiyan laughed softly, tilting his head while looking at him, a soft sweet voice of a young boy followed, “Brother Yuan, do you think this excuse can hinder me from loving her?”

Shen Zheyuan blanked before he roared with laughter, “You’re still the same Ah Yan that I’m familiar with, but then again, does she know that you like her?”

A faint click of the tongue sounded from his mouth, Su Huaiyan squinted his eyes slightly, “I don’t care if she knows or not, but I won’t tolerate anyone who wants to be close with her other than me.”

The boy’s voice was as soft and innocent like usual, but that unconcealed intense desire to monopolize could make one scared out of one’s skin.

Shen Zheyuan leaned back, the glare of the sun made him squint his eyes a bit as he whispered something that only he himself could hear, “The jealousy is big enough for him to personally root out the boys that like her, I can’t help but sympathize a bit with this Su Yiyi.”

Shen Mubai now felt her scalp always tingling a bit whenever she looked at Su Huaiyan, but her task was still not completed so she had no other way but to follow him along all day like a Siamese twin.

Although she didn’t know how Su Huaiyan went to school before, but ever since the dislocated bones were healed, this fellow would naturally wait for her to take him home.

“Sister.” The boy showed her a cute and lovely smile, the soft dimples on the side of his mouth were very intoxicating, his beautiful glass-like eyes were staring at her adorably.

Shen Mubai held back the goosebumps that were about to emerge on her arms. She casually turned her eyes away, “Let’s go.”

As usual, the delicate and beautiful teenager was sitting on the back seat, his pair of arms tightly wrapped around the girl’s slender waist while his chin lazily resting on her shoulder, his actions were done like he had been doing this his whole life.

The two girls crossing the road can’t help but looked at them. One of the girl said in jealousy, “The boyfriend is so handsome, if it’s me, I would willingly cycle the bike for him every day ah, no, I would even buy a BMW for him.”

The other also chimed in, “But that handsome boy already has an owner, not to mention his good looks, he also admires his girlfriend like that ah. Even if he doesn’t look good, but that gesture of him holding his girlfriend like that just really shows how much he adores her.”

Shen Mubai didn’t hear what they said until the end, but she still could see that they had misunderstood her and Su Huaiyan’s relationship. Her body became slightly stiff, but she quickly continued to act as if nothing ever happened.

Su Huaiyan heard them clearly as a soft laugh sounded from his throat. His warm breath was touching the girl’s white neck, then he clearly saw how she shivered a bit, making the joy on his face even more prominent.

The boy closed in to the girl’s ear and said with a soft voice, “In my eyes, no other girl is as good as sister.” He said as he bent his eyes into a beautiful radian, “I won’t be tired looking at you for my whole life.”


Baibai, may I suggest you to run and abandon the ship? (;゚д゚)

Translator: MadPanda

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Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 166
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