Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 164

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Chapter 164 — What To Do? Brother Has Blackened (34)

The soft, sweet voice of the boy looked harmless and innocent, but the coldness contained in his words made a chill surged on people’s back.

Su Huaiyan lazily put his chin on the girl’s shoulder, his movement was skilled and intimate, only staring at the older boy in front of him with a smile that didn’t look like a smile, “Are you a second grade senior?”

Su Huaiyan’s face appeared harmless, but the boy who knew about his notorious fame stepped back subconsciously and nodded, “…yes, hello junior.”

Su Huaiyan slanted his head and gazed at his dearest elder sister and said softly, “Someone’s waiting for your reply ah, sister.”

As soon as the angel-like boy appeared, Shen Mubai felt an inexplicable feeling of guilt, although she didn’t know why the hell she even felt that. The warm breath beside her ear made her scalp tingle for a moment, thinking about the eccentric temperament of this little devil behind her, Shen Mubai had to quickly toughened her skin and said to the one in front, “Classmate, I’m sorry.”

The boy seemed to be unwilling, but realizing the current situation, he still had to say, “I know, it’s okay.”

He left the place with a lonely and defeated look.

Shen Mubai opened her mouth and spoke, “Su Huaiyan, can you let go of me now?”

The teenager seemed to be a little bit upset. He still kept his position and said in a lazy tone, “It seems some people also like sister ah?”

Shen Mubai said with a bad mood, “Quickly go, it’s heavy.”

Su Huaiyan wrapped his arm around her neck, squinting her eyes close to her face, “Su Yiyi, I found that your temper has grown a lot during this time.”

Shen Mubai quickly shifted the topic and said, “What are you doing here?”

Who would know that this sentence made Su Huaiyan’s unhappy mood to be even more violent, the tone of his words became even colder, “Elder sister, it seems that you really wish me not to disturb your lovers’ rendezvous?”

Shen Mubai felt like she just died from injustice, “Su Huaiyan, why are you so weird these days ah?”

Low laughter sounded beside her ear as Su Huaiyan revealed his soft dimples and sweet tone again, “Sister, hear the second condition properly.”

Her neck was tightly clasped by the other’ arms as his cheek pasted on hers, Shen Mubai was very uncomfortable and tried to avoid him only to be restrained even harder. His lips almost touched her earlobes as he said, “Puppy. Love. Is. Not. Allowed.”

As soon as Shen Mubai wanted to retort, she heard the boy’s sweet and soft voice continued, “Or else, I would be very angry.”

Although the other person said such words with a casual tone, but it still made one could feel that he was being serious when he said that sentence. And although Shen Mubai’s EQ is low, and she usually would need the other person to clearly speak straight words for her to understand, she’s able to feel doubts with how Su Huaiyan acted just now.

However, thinking about the original host’s body’s relationship with him, she still felt a little uncertain… Perhaps there’s some crooked nerve in Su Huaiyan just now so he said the wrong words.

And just like that, she comforted herself and sighed a breath of relief, “Okay.”

A hand reached inside her pocket as a pink-enveloped love letter was pinched by the person behind her accompanied by the boy’s laughter, “Sister accepted his letter?”


Shen Mubai really can run from her problems with her ‘positive’ thinking ah~ (*´∀`)

Translator: MadPanda

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Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 164

6 thoughts on “Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 164

  1. My favourite ML is still zombie guy. The cross dresser never even confessed; him and this kid – who is really just a brat with minimal to zero social skills – are just creeps. Bring zombie guy back!! It started so well…

      1. You think so? But this Su Huaiyan is an exact copy of the previous incarnation (evil intentions hidden under a smiling/harmless face) rather than feeling like the personalities of these “male leads” are evolving, I just feel like they are becoming more and more unreasonable – so unreasonable that I’m not quite sure they fit into the category of Yandere anymore – they’re just psychotic at this point.

        1. Well… It’s not that i don’t feel the same, they are very yandere heavy, but I also think it might have to do with the past two being young and immature. Su Huaiyan is different in that he doesn’t really hide his intentions at all, it seems as if his scheming level isn’t as high. He has a fake smile but he uses it to be threatening; not a white lotus like Snow White.They are definitely psychotic and out of my comfort zone at this point, but I’m trying to stay positive and hope for better, improved MLs. At least Shen Mubai is really likable.

  2. I. Can’t. With her “positive” thinking. It’s too much. If I were the system, I would self-destruct or force upgrades to her EQ. 🤦

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