Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 158

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Chapter 158 — What To Do? Brother Has Blackened (28)

There’s nothing she can do about his shameless behavior, Shen Mubai was depressed.

Her cheeks were poked by a restless finger, Shen Mubai turned her head helplessly, “Su Huaiyan, what do you want?”

The boy blinked innocently, a sweet smile appeared on his cheeky face, “Elder sister, buy me some bubble gums.” Then, he pointed his finger to a nearby convenience store.

Shen Mubai couldn’t hold back saying, “…are you still a kid?”

Su Huaiyan only smiled with his beautiful eyes staring straight at her, his voice was like cotton candy, “Then, will you buy it or not?”

She looked at him with a numb face, “…buy.”

When she came out of the store, Shen Mubai saw a girl standing next to her bother, looking beautiful and shy. Didn’t know what Su Huaiyan told her while pointing at her, but then the girl glared at her furiously and turned away.

Shen Mubai, “…”

Seeing her coming, the teenager’s face was full of smile, “Sister, my bubble gum?”

Shen Mubai threw it to him and said unhappily, “What did you say to her just now?”

Su Huaiyan only looked at her with an innocent expression, “I just told her that my sister doesn’t allow me to have an early love.”

Shen Mubai, “Eh? When did I say something like that?”

Su Huaiyan lazily lifted his eyes and lowered it down again, his voice was sulking, “Then, does my sister really want me to have an early love?”

The young man’s voice was as soft as marshmallow, but when he said this, his voice was much lower than usual.

Shen Mubai of course chose to refute, telling him seriously that it was bad to have an early love.

After all, as the future public figure, how can he engage in puppy love? She thought silently.

Didn’t know why, Shen Mubai felt that after she said this sentence, Su Huaiyan’s mood was somewhat lifted up.

Cycling through half of the way, Su Huaiyan called Shen Mubai. She turned her head to be greeted by the other’ smiling eyes, “Elder sister, open your mouth.”

Shen Mubai knew how evil Su Huaiyan was that she can’t just obey him like a little fool. Instead of opening her mouth, she looked at him with vigilance.

Su Huaiyan laughed softly, his voice became all the more softer, “If sister doesn’t open her mouth, I might get angry oh~.”

Shen Mubai’s courageous spirit was turned to dust.

A sweet thing was thrown into her mouth, she immediately knew that it was a bubble gum.

The boy’s mouth popped out a bubble, his eyes looked at her with smiles, “Does sister like it?”

Shen Mubai felt that there was something wrong from the moment Su Huaiyan came back with her. When she looked at the person with a bright smile on his face, she felt her scalp tingling, “Like.”

This treatment continued into the evening, and even when they were eating dinner, the young boy still kindly putting her favorite food to her face.

Shen Mubai only felt that Su Huaiyan was acting ridiculous today, she doubted and felt a bit dizzy, “System, you say, have I reformed this little devil?”

System said, “It might be that your retardation had infected him.”

Shen Mubai, “…”

The more Shen Mubai thought about it, the more she felt that Su Huaiyan had indeed been reformed by her, and so she knocked Su Huaiyan’s bedroom door with excitement. When she saw the exquisite face of the young boy, her pair of eyes brightened up, “Su Huaiyan, I’ll give you a makeup lesson.”


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Translator: MadPanda

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Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 158

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