Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 155

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Chapter 155 — What To Do? Brother Has Blackened (25)

The silky sensation made her can’t help herself but laughed lightly.

“Sister, are you a pervert?” The cottony voice of the boy suddenly sounded, it felt too different with her brutish laughter.

Shen Mubai immediately withdrew her smile and refused to admit it to death, “I just want to wake you up.”

Without exposing the girl’s lie, Su Huaiyan loosened the grip on her waist and stretched his back lazily, “Sister’s back is so comfortable ah.”

Shen Mubai almost choked on her own saliva.

Su Huaiyan blinked, his smile was mischievous, “Even more comfortable than a pillow.”

For the next two weeks, the relationship of the two was almost the same. The only thing that made Shen Mubai thankful was, after that event, Su Huaiyan finally ceased to have any evil interest to make her help him bath again.

In the span of two weeks, Su Huaiyan’s leg had healed completely. Furthermore, auntie Chen had also came back, Shen Mubai can’t help but felt touched.

As for the several students who played dirty on Su Huaiyan, even if they didn’t transfer school, their days still won’t be easy.

“Hey, Su Yiyi, have you heard? Shen Zheyuan is back.” As always, after Shen Mubai entered the classroom, Zhou Jialin would start talking like a chirping bird.

Shen Mubai knew that this person named Shen Zheyuan was one of the most popular personage, but he was regarded by teachers as a bad student. Cutting class, smoking, fighting were all accounted for. Not only that, but he and Su Huaiyan was like bird of a feather. For quite some time, he didn’t come to school without providing any reason.

The alarm bell in her heart suddenly rang. Shen Zheyuan’s return meant that Su Huaiyan, who had been behaving well lately due to his injuries, was likely to make troubles again.

Zhou Jialin didn’t know what she was worried about, she said shyly, “Speaking of them, although Shen Zheyuan isn’t the same type as Su Huaiyan, but he’s also a handsome guy oh.”

Shen Mubai, “…” such a fickle woman.

The place on the rooftop can overlook some corners of the school. A handsome boy with a cigarette between his index fingers was slumping against the railing in a lazy manner.

The one on his left side, Lu Jiachen, who had been following Su Huaiyan before, pulled out a lighter and lit up the cigarette, “Brother Yuan.”

Shen Zheyuan inhaled once and asked, “What has Ah Yan been doing lately?”

Lu Jiachen’s face became a little awkward, “After you’re gone, there were a few blind people who wanted to make trouble with brother Yan, but later they were cleaned up by a few brothers so it’s all good. Then, there were a few boys in brother Yan’s class who played dirty when they were playing basketball with him, brother Yan broke the bones of their leader, but his bone also got dislocated, now…” He hesitated and continued to say, “All day, he go to school and return home with his sister Su Yiyi. That Su Yiyi is able to fight too. Last time, a few idiots outside the school took the opportunity of brother Yan being injured to fight him, but was instead beaten by Su Yiyi in the alley, it was a bit brutal.”

Shen Zheyuan’s face showed a bit of surprise. He naturally knew that Su Huaiyan had an older step-sister, but from what he’s seen of Su Huaiyan, he seemed like he didn’t care about the other person and only mentioned about her once or twice.

Lu Jiachen thought he was angry, so he hastily said, “Brother Yan had already dealt with those guys.”


Ohh, Huaiyan’s ‘brother’ eh?~ (・∀・) People said he’s as crazy as Su Huaiyan~

Translator: MadPanda

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Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 155

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