Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 153

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Chapter 153 — What To Do? Brother Has Blackened (23)

And so, he quickly found the one that belonged to Su Yiyi. The one sitting in front of him looked at him with a shock, “Xiaoyan, what’s wrong with you?”

Xiaoyan didn’t give him even a glance as he grabbed the letter, bumping against his classmates around him and ran out of the classroom.

The student in front of his table showed a dumbfounded look, “What happened to him? It’s as if the world is ending.”

The other classmates’ faces also showed a bewildered look.

In the last few seconds, Xiaoyan finally arrived at the toilet while breathing heavily, beads of sweat rolled down from his face, “Huffhuff… this is the love letter that Su Yiyi gave me.”

Stopping for a few seconds, Su Huaiyan’s gaze fell on the pink enveloped letter, coldness began to seep inside his eyes.

Xiaoyan noticed that the boy’s face in front of him changed, he pursed his lips and said, “I’ve already given you the letter, can you let me go? I promise to make a detour whenever I see your sister, I absolutely won’t cross her or behave badly against her.”

Su Huaiyan smiled softly as he lifted his eyes to look at him, “Of course you won’t think that this is the end, right?”

Xiaoyan’s face paled, “Then what else should I do so you can let me go?”

Su Huaiyan tilted his head as he used his gentle, youthful voice, “En? Let me think a bit.” As if he thought of a good idea, he grinned and said, “Since your mouth is so smelly, then why don’t we forbid you to talk in the school for a week?”

Xiaoyan widened his eyes.

Su Huaiyan lifted his eyebrows, “And since you’re not willing, we can do ten days.”

Xiaoyan hurriedly replied, “No, no, I’m willing.”

Su Huaiyan laughed lightly, the soft dimples on his cheeks made him look cute and innocent, “You can scram now.”

No need to say, Xiaoyan rolled out in one fell swoop.

The teenager walked on the aisle of the teaching building, his perfect figure and beautiful face attracted the attention of most girls. When he looked down on the pink letter in his hand, a jealousy glinted over his eyes.

From when Su Huaiyan entered the school until now, there were countless girls who gave him love letters and presents, but there was no one who can break the rule and make Su Huaiyan looked straight at her.

He didn’t take long to scan over the few lines of love words on the paper, Su Huaiyan’s smile faded gradually as he changed it into a cold sneer. Then, he tore the letter into pieces, squeezed it into a ball, and threw it straight into a trash can nearby.

His casual and unrestrained movements provoked the girls’ screams. He didn’t even turn his head and walked straight without a care.

When school was over, Shen Mubai’s right eye kept twitching, she dejectedly pressed on her eyelid.

Zhou Jialin asked, “Su Yiyi, what’s wrong with your eyes?”

Shen Mubai took her school bag and said, “Don’t know, I’m going first.”

Zhou Jialin waved her small handkerchief, “Remember to take good care of my junior Huaiyan.”

Shen Mubai pondered for a while, but she still chose not to turn back and strangle her friend to death.

She rode a bicycle to the place they agreed on to pick up Su Huaiyan, the other person was chewing bubble gum while leaning lazily. When he saw her coming, a smile appeared on those crystal clear eyes.

For a moment, Shen Mubai felt her fine hairs stood straight. For no reason, the Su Huaiyan’s today looked particularly dangerous.

She tentatively said, “How are you today at school? Is everything’s alright?”

Su Huaiyan laughed, showing off his gentle dimples, “Why does my sister ask that?”


AdvertisementShen Mubai’s right eye kept twitching – there’s a belief that something bad will happen if your eyes twtich without reason… ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

Translator: MadPanda

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Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 153
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