Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 151

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Chapter 151 — What To Do? Brother Has Blackened (21)

The sound of water came flowing down the tap, two boys were washing their hands side by side.

“Hey, is that real? That Su Yiyi, Su Huaiyan’s sister, she really wrote a love letter to you?” One of the boys called out in amazement.

Their appearances were reflected from the mirror, the one who was rather handsome said in a disdainful and proud manner, “Ah, yeah.”

The other boy pressed down on his chest, “How great ah, Xiaoyan, I didn’t expect Su Huaiyan’s sister was taken down by you! How about you think again and agree to date with her? It’s not bad if you think about it, she’s Su Huaiyan’s sister ah.”

The boy named Xiaoyan glanced to the other boy proudly, but he said disgustedly, “Who can stand looking at that four-eyed girl? No figure and no beauty, if it isn’t because she’s Su Huaiyan’s sister, then I wouldn’t even notice her.”

The boy was a bit sour, but he still persuaded, “This is a rare opportunity ah. The girl is also rich and has a good background, it can’t be that bad. Besides, as long as you firmly grasp this girl, not only will one dare provoke you in the future, but your prospect will be unlimited too ah.”

Hesitation appeared on Xiaoyan’s face.

Seeing this, the boy wanted to persuade him again, but when his line of sight fell on the mirror again, he almost screamed out his soul.

Su Huaiyan was leaning while smiling, he said with his boyish voice, “Say it ah, why don’t you continue?”

Seeing the smile on his face, the boy shuddered involuntarily, his look was as if he saw a demon coming down on him, “Su…Su… Huaiyan.”

Xiaoyan followed his line of sight, and when he saw the young man smiling at him from the mirror, his whole face went pale white.

Su Huaiyan tilted his head slightly and said with a happy smile, “What’s wrong? Am I so scary?”

The more normal and well-behaved the boy was, the more disturbed the two became as fine beads of cold sweat began to flowed down their foreheads.

The boy swallowed his saliva down his throat out of fear and tension before he said with difficulty, “We’re only joking ah, Brother Yan, don’t take it to heart, we…”

Before his tongue finished speaking, his collar was clutched by the boy who looked so carefree, and although his lips were curving sweetly, there was not even an iota of smile inside his glass-like beautiful eyes as he said gently, “What do you think I’d do to you next?”

The collar on his neck shrunk with Su Huaiyan’s firm grip as the horror can no longer be hidden anymore from the strangled boys’ eyes. Blue veins appeared on his face and he has trouble breathing in the depleting oxygen, “Cough… I’m… sorry… I shouldn’t say that… I’m sorry… Let me go…”

Like a fish struggling uselessly on the verge of dying, at that instant when he’s in a tight corner, his nature was laid bare undoubtedly.

Su Huaiyan smiled, the corner of his lips revealing light and gentle dimples.

When another boy wanted to enter the toilet and saw this scene, his eyes widened and he ran back out in a flash, afraid that  Su Huaiyan would notice him.

The 1.7 meter teenager clutched the boy’s collar, then opened one of the door panels with his feet and pressed the boy’s head down the toilet bowl.

Enjoying the boy’s struggle and retch, Su Huaiyan tilted his head and said to Xiaoyan who was about to run away, “I’ll kill you if you dare run away.”

The angelic face of Su Huaiyan was even more dreadful than a demon in Xiaoyan’s eyes, his legs were trembling out of control and his face was as white as a paper.


RIP the ‘face-slammed-in-the-toilet-bowl‘ boy, you shall be remembered as… the boy… whose name wasn’t even mentioned. (´・ω・`)

Su Huaiyan in mah mind: (^∀^)

Translator: MadPanda

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Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 151
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