Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 145

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Chapter 145 — What To Do? Brother Has Blackened (15)

Shen Mubai retracted her sight and said to the director, “Director, since my father’s assistant will come, then I will take my brother first. Sorry to trouble you.”

The director wiped his sweat, “Ok, ok.”

Shen Mubai turned and took Su Huaiyan’s hand, she looked down, “How’s your feet?”

She didn’t know when Su Huaiyan withdrew his smile, at this time, Shen Mubai couldn’t understand the expression on his face.

Just when her heart felt a bit perturbed, the other person suddenly revealed his smile again while tilting his head, “Sister, let’s go.”

Shen Mubai was relieved, she’s really afraid this fellow would do irreversible things right then and there.

When passing by the woman, Su Huaiyan stopped his steps, leaning his head slightly, he showed a lovely smile, “Auntie, it’s better to transfer your son to another school, I’m a very revengeful person, you see.”

The soft voice of the boy was pure and beautiful, but it was as horrible as a demon’s in the woman’s ears. She hid behind her husband’s back with a horrified expression, “Director, look at him, he’s threatening me!”

What came later was a burst of noisy voices like the sound of chickens and dogs.

After coming out, Shen Mubai received a call from Auntie Chen.

Something urgent happened in her home, so she need to take some time off. Shen Mubai looked at Su Huaiyan and said, “En. Huaiyan is beside me, you don’t need to call him, and I’ll tell my father about this. We can take care of ourselves during this time, please pay attention to your health and tell me if you need anything.”

After hanging up the phone, she received the smile that wasn’t like a smile again from him, “Su Yiyi, why do you say that we can take care of ourselves?”

Shen Mubai was suffering a mental damage because of him but she couldn’t be angry, she said to him with a numb face, “It’s me, I’ll take care of myself and my dear brother.”

On the edges of Su Huaiyan’s mouth appeared light dimples, and a thread of laughter inside his glass-like eyes, “I hope you won’t regret it later, my dear elder sister.”

After being blocked by some people on the school gate, Shen Mubai finally realized what his words meant.

The expression on the three hooligans’ faces were full of malice, one of them said, “How is it? You didn’t expect this, right? Su Huaiyan?”

Another followed immediately, “Hehe, it’s unexpected that you can have such a day, but these brothers has been waiting for this day for a long time.”

There’s no need to guess, these three people must have been Su Huaiyan’s enemies.

Su Huaiyan not only didn’t have a nervous look, his face was also sporting a sweet smile. She looked at the young girl beside him and said, “Elder sister, what are you going to do?”

Shen Mubai looked at him suspiciously.

The cheeks near Su Huaiyan’s mouth caved in into light dimples, his face was screaming with innocence.

Shen Mubai said, “…let me tell you, don’t fight, okay?”

Su Huaiyan smiled and said in a gentle voice, “Elder sister, you have to see clearly, it’s them that want to fight with me ah.”

Shen Mubai thought to herself, god knows if you’re gonna suddenly jump and hack them.

Su Huaiyan took out a bubble gum leisurely from his pocket and chewed it in his mouth. As if he’s aware of the young girl’s gaze on him, he revealed a harmless smile and said, “Elder sister, you have to protect me properly oh~.”

Shen Mubai took a deep breath and said to system, “What to do ah, system?”

System said, “Get it on, it’s okay as long as the male lead doesn’t see.”

Shen Mubai, “…so there’s still this kind of function?”



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Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 145
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