Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 134

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Chapter 134 — What To Do? Brother Has Blackened (4)

If Shen Mubai still not walk out at this moment, then she’s really an idiot.

Hence she said while waving her hand, “Remember to return home earlier to eat dinner.” Then sprinted to her bicycle, desperately pedaled the wheel, running away like a streak of smoke, leaving behind a layer of dust fluttering away in the air.

Thinking back to Su Huaiyan’s eyes before she left, she said to system in despair, “I think I can still save myself a little.”

System said, “No worries, you can still live.”

When Shen Mubai just wanted to feel moved, she heard System said again, “Just until Su Huaiyan return home.”

She wailed like a baby. Hic.

Another person, after meddling in his business then running away like a good-for-nothing.

Su Huaiyan laughed in anger, “Good, very good.”

The smile on the teenager’s face was just like a cotton candy, bringing a gentle and pleasant feeling, it’s just, the words he said looked like they were gnashed in his teeth.

The original host’s mother was Father Su’s new secretary. After the two fell in love, they swiftly proceeded with marriage, but not a few days passed after their marriage, the couple abandoned their children to go overseas for a business trip at the same time, they’d probably be back after a month passed. It can be said that these two people resembled each other in some aspects to the extreme.

The Su Enterprise possessed a proper fame in this city, but inside the school, except for teachers, not many people knew clearly about the connection between Su Huaiyan and Su Yiyi.

Su family’s mansion only had one Auntie Chen that already worked in there for several years as Su Huaiyan most loathed to see his father’s people interfering with his freedom, so he was unlikely to ride in a private car. The original host rejected to have any contact with this supposedly younger brother of hers, even though it was very unlikely that they would meet, so she always rode her own bicycle going and leaving school. None of the children wanted to ride the car, so Father Su had the chauffeur stationed in his company from long ago.

When Shen Mubai returned to the Su mansion, Auntie Chen was busy inside the kitchen. Seeing that she had returned home, she hurriedly rubbed her hands clean, “Miss Yiyi, you have returned.”

Auntie Chen was one who knew her place, she already carved in her heart what she ought and ought not to say. As she knew that the original host and Su Huaiyan mutually can’t cope with each other, she wouldn’t mention their name in front of each other’ face.

Shen Mubai said, “Don’t send the meal to my room tonight.”

Auntie Chen was quite startled, but she was only a servant, she can only obey her master’s instruction without questioning it, and so she nodded, “Yes.”

Around the time to eat dinner, Su Huaiyan returned back home.

Auntie Chen was even more reserved when she faced him than when she faced Master Su, “Young Master, you have returned.”

Su Huaiyan showed his sweet smile just like before, “Auntie Chen.” After saying this, he casually reclined on the sofa and played a game, “Has Su Yiyi returned yet?”

“Miss Yiyi has already returned.” Untie Chen was taken aback, hesitating, but she finally can’t open her mouth to say the final words in.

Shen Mubai who was upstairs, right now was trying to strengthen her mind, over and over telling herself how delicious Auntie Chen’s foods were from the original host’s memory, then at last she successfully brainwashed herself and made Su Huaiyan faded from her brain.

Coming down the stairs, Auntie Chen had just finished laying out their meal when she saw Shen Mubai, “Miss Yiyi, the meal is prepared, I was about to call on you.”

Shen Mubai smelled the fragrant meal, refraining herself to slurped her own saliva, and nodded her head gently, “En.”

Auntie Chen moved her gaze away and saw the teenager on the sofa, “Young Master, please eat.”

Su Huaiyan looked like he hadn’t heard Auntie Chen, as he was just fixing his gaze at the screen and continued playing game, “Look at you in a bad mood, want to kill oh.”

When he spoke these words, the sweet and cute teenager’s voice was filled with smiles, but it nevertheless caused people’s back to feel a slight chill without reason.


Finished with the 4 chapters release, just to let readers familiarize themselves with the new world. (ノ^o^)ノ

This world and the last world’s ML both have this ‘cute and pretty’ appearance, but Snow White hid his black heart while this one just laid it out in the open. I’m quite worried with Baibai in this world, since the ML seems like he didn’t like her and had this unpredictable personality, but I know this will be a good ‘sibling love story‘ oh~ (*´∀`*) such a heartfelt familial bonding~

Translator: MadPanda

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Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 134
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