Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 133

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Chapter 133 — What To Do? Brother Has Blackened (3)

Actually, she was wailing inside her heart, “Sh*t, system, there’s a lot of people, I’m so afraid I’d get hit ah.”

System said, “What are you afraid of? The male lead is here.”

Shen Mubai, “…because he’s here that’s why I can die quicker, alright?”

The fighting scene that was silent a while ago was about to break out again as everybody had a tacit understanding to withdraw their line of sights back.

“Are you guys seriously still want to fight? I just saw some policemen there.” When the young girl said this sentence, her expression was too flat and that made those boys unclear whether she was speaking truth or lies.

One of Hua Binan’s henchmen was clearly hesitating, “Brother Panther (Hua Binan), what to do? If there’s truly policemen…”

Another one also panicked, “Brother Panther, this… how about we change the day?”

Although some of them can be exempted from harsh punishment, but the few times they had to remain in the police station already cast a shadow in their hearts.

Hua Binan was mad when he heard this. These helpers was introduced by other people, how can he expect them to be of use in this critical time? But when he saw the calm girl, if what she said was true, then… “Alright, go back!”

After he said this, he immediately shouted towards the teenager in front of him, “Wait for me, this matter isn’t finished yet!”

Su Huaiyan retracted his gaze from the young girl, then slanted his head slightly and revealed the dimples on his cheeks, “I’m waiting for you oh.”

Hua Binan’s expression was really unsightly as he departed the scene, bringing along several of his helpers out.

Shen Mubai looked gratifyingly at the one percent progress bar above Su Huaiyan’s head, her heart flowed down with tears.

This world’s crash and destabilizing factor influenced the male lead’s destiny’s thread. His parents were divorced since he was small, his mother walked away and left him without showing any concern whatsoever. Father was a successful entrepreneur, the days he’s outside were much more than the days he’s home, only fulfilling the male lead’s material needs. And so, they brought up this absolutely evil cute young boy’s temperament: unpredictable, disagreeable, twisted and perverse.

Su Huaiyan’s father just had his second marriage a month ago, the new wife brought a daughter that was one year older than him. Shen Mubai’s status in this world was exactly this stepmother’s daughter, Su Huaiyan’s older sister.

But the assignment given from System was for Shen Mubai to help the male lead return to the right path.

From the original host’s memory, the first day when she entered their house, the male lead smiled while giving her threatening words.

The original host’s temperament was quiet and agreeable, although she was afraid in her heart, but to not give trouble to her mother’s marriage, she just avoided Shu Huaiyan far away, to the extend that she’d rather eat by herself inside her own room.

It can be said that the two people practically had no contact.

System also can’t give her concrete suggestion of what to do. This younger brother looked really difficult ah, Shen Mubai gave up all hope in her heart.

After Hua Binan and his henchmen left the scene, Lu Jiachen who was with Su Huaiyan asked him, “Brother Yan? This is…?”

Su Huaiyan wasn’t interested in answering his question, so he only gave him a light smile.

The blonde punk and the cool brother with 190 cm height tactfully shouted, “Next time they come, don’t forget to call on us.” then made themselves scarce away.

No matter how slow Lu Jiachen was, he finally felt the strange atmosphere around and falteringly said with a small sound, “Then I’m gonna leave, Brother Yan.” When he passed by Shen Mubai’s side, he didn’t forget to sized her up several times over.


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Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 133
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