Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 132

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Chapter 132 — What To Do? Brother Has Blackened (2)

Several people looked along his line of sight, and saw a person approaching slowly from a distance, it was Hua Binan (flower arm man) who challenged Su Huaiyan.

Hua Binan was someone who looked like his name, no matter if it was his lower arm, upper arm or neck, all were engraved with tattoos. Once he took a closer look, he can’t help but stiffen his face, “Su Huaiyan, I only challenge you one person, how dare you not keep your word and bring other people?”

The beautiful and delicate boy tilted his head after hearing this sentence and suddenly laughed out loud, “Big brother, you’re so funny ah, so you can bring people while I can’t?”

Hua Binan’s face became unsightly at once, “What are you talking about? Are you blind?”

Su Huaiyan leisurely popped out a bubble then said, “A Shu, I think those people outside have it hard ah, you say, why don’t we welcome them in?”

The man named A Shu was the tall and cool guy. After he heard him say this sentence, he said indifferently, “Alright。”

Just when he was about to leave, Hua Binan coldly sneered, “Su Huaiyan, you have some brain.”

After he had said this, some people that were hidden now appeared behind him, all of them looked like they have waist of a bear and back of a tiger.

Su Huaiyan said, “I usually don’t take on trivial challenges, but I happen to feel upset these days. Anyway, it seems that it’s too late for you guys to book a bed in the hospital, I heard that the central hospital is overcrowded.”

After saying this sentence, he sweetly gave them a smile, he really looked just like a cute and naive little boy, but when this smile fell before those several people opposite him, they could only feel an inexplicable chill.

“Less nonsense, if you want to attack then just begin. I don’t believe that us 5-6 people can’t win against you 4 people.” Hua Binan gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

“Heh, aren’t you guys afraid this shame will spread out by doing this?” The blonde punk sneered.

Everyone knows the rule of the street: If you challenge someone, even if you use a small underhanded trick, but you still shouldn’t bully or scam people too much, or else if this thing spread out, you won’t find anything good in the future.

“Such a joke, since I bring more people, what should I be afraid of?” Hua Binan scornfully said.

“They have knives on them.” The tall, cool brother suddenly warned.

The boy wearing school uniform, Lu Jiachen, was shocked, “Shoot! They really want to do this seriously?”

The smile on Su Huaiyan’s face was unchanged, no one can understand what he was thinking about, “Playing with life?” The curves on his mouth deepened, “Alright.”

Hua Binan tenaciously glared at him, a red tinge of blood gleamed within his eyes, gnashing his teeth, he said, “Su Huaiyan, because my girlfriend saw you once, she wants to break up with me! Today, if there’s you then there’s no me! Brothers, let’s go!”

Su Huaiyan narrowed his eyes slightly as the fight was about to happen.

“Su Huaiyan!” a high-pitched and loud voice made all of them trembled slightly and the scene became silent in a flash.

They looked at the long-haired girl, wearing Nanping Middle High School and eyeglasses, standing at the not so distant place while advancing over.

Su Huaiyan was surprised, and soon opened his mouth to say, “Su Yiyi, can you not meddle in other people’s business?”

His indifferent voice somewhat revealed his not-so-good mood at this time.

Shen Mubai looked at those pairs of eyes glaring at her like a tiger eyeing its prey with absolute calmness while fixing her eyeglasses, “No, I only want to tell you, come home earlier for dinner.”


Hua Binan > wearing green hat while asking for a beating

Lu Jiachen > ML’s junior henchmen, aka the school-uniformed boy.

Su Huaiyan > our cute, innocent, pure, sweet ML

Su Yiyi > our brave(?), stupid and gluttonous Baibai

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Translator: MadPanda

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Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 132
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