Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 131

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Chapter 131 — What To Do? Brother Has Blackened (1)

“Why haven’t this son of a b*tch come out yet? Didn’t you say it’s 5.30?” The boy wearing a black punk trousers with dyed pale blonde hair kicked the wall on his side in a bad mood, the leather boots he wore sent out a dull sound.

“Calm down.” The cool guy with half of his hair covering most of his face and a height of 1.90 meters, was leaning against the wall expressionlessly.

“Brother Yan, you should also speak a word ah.” The boy wearing Nanping school uniform was slanting his head as he looked at the man squatting on top of the wall.

‘Brother Yan’ was a young boy with a very delicate and beautiful appearance, with long crow-like eyelashes and a pair of black glazed eyes. At this time, he was chewing a strawberry-flavored gum, the sides of his mouth were adorned with cute dimples, making the heart of anyone who looked at him went limp and soft.

The reason wasn’t because of his personality, but because this young boy was too beautiful and looked well-behaved.

Su Huaiyan popped out a pink bubble casually, chewing the bubble gum inside his mouth then slowly said, “What are you nervous about? They agreed on 5.30, one minute late, we’ll give them double back at another place.”

The boy’s voice’s timbre was like a soft, sticky rice, his sweet and clear voice would make any female unable to resist him, it’s just, the slight smile within his words made people tremble with fear.

The boy wearing the school uniform can’t help but shuddered, he laughed, “Brother Yan, you’re kidding, right?”

Su Huaiyan tilted his head slightly, showing a smile that looked unusually cute and pure, the dimples around his mouth made him looked like a naive youth, “Do you think I’m kidding?”

The school boy immediately shut his mouth up.

The youth with a pale blonde hair laughed loudly, “Su Huaiyan, your little brother is lacking too far from Shen Zheyuan.”

Before Su Huaiyan spoke, the boy in the school uniform said quickly, “Brother Yan, although I’m not as powerful as Brother Yuan, but I’m still counted as one of the best in our school. Brother Yuan isn’t here now, I’m willing to scale a mountain of swords and plunge into a sea of flames for you, I just want you not to give me the cold-shoulder.”

Su Huaiyan popped out another pink bubble and glanced at him lightly, saying in an unclear tone, “En, usefulness is passable.”

The boy immediately showed a big smile, not caring that when the teenager said this sentence, he treated him like some goods.

Speaking about Su Huaiyan, not only in Nanping First Middle School, but many people from other schools also know his name.

As the influential figure in Nanping First Middle School, with his eccentric and unpredictable evil temper, he made many people who bragged about being a local tyrant all felt utter dread, as a lot of people underestimated his outward skin and not looking at the black bones inside. The insanity beneath his naive and cute appearance made him developed an abnormal mentality where he would ‘first play then destroy’ things that got inside his eyes. At least, those who were familiar with him, they will never step forward to provoke him with their own initiative, wanting to hide far away instead.

But another school foolishly listened about his reputation and challenged him. The time was set at 5.30 in the afternoon, but not a single soul has appeared yet.

“I don’t think they will come? After all, as long as you asked around seriously, they will know that some challenges can’t be easily issued.” The blonde punk boy’s mouth sent out a light jeer.

Su Huaiyan smiled, revealing his sweet dimples. He jumped from a top of a three meters wall and landed steadily on the ground. Raising his eyes, he looked out from the dark alley while laughing softly, “En, they’re coming.”


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Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 131

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