Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 128

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Chapter 128 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (56)

Shen Mubai felt so uncomfortable under his gaze, so she quickly shifted the topic, “How did you get inside Roentzent Palace? How about Arlenweiss?”

The curve on Snow White’s lips gradually faded as his eyes darkened, “Mother, you can really hook people ah…”

Shen Mubai, “…” Did she say something wrong?

Gazing attentively at the seductive eyes of the naive girl, Snow White leaned over and pressed her whole body under his as his gaze fell to the delicate and soft lips, his eyes dimmed, “Have you been happy when you’re with him?”

No matter how slow Shen Mubai was, she realized at this time that something was wrong, so she said in panic, “N-no way.”

Snow White smiled softly, but her eyes were gleaming with a dark terror, “He took mother from Alessia away, he also wanted to make you his consort. Mother, you say, should I or should I not get angry?”

Shen Mubai was scared speechless.

“So I made him suffer a bit.” Snow White smiled lightly, a slight regret shown in his eyes, “Although I could not kill him, but in this short time, he wouldn’t dare to come back to Alessia.”

Shen Mubai, “…” So, what did you do to him?

Snow White gently stroked her face and said with his low and soft voice, “Mother, I was so jealous, you don’t know how jealous I was when I watched you sitting with my father. At that time I was thinking, when will this man just die?”

Shen Mubai bawled ‘sob sob sob’ in her heart.

Snow White’s smile was so gentle, “And then I killed him, do you know why?”

Shen Mubai had a vague bad premonition.

Sure enough, Snow White went on to say, “Because he’s a pervert, my biological mother loved him so much, but he selfishly deprived her of her own life for his selfish desire. At that time, I hid in a cabinet… then later, he gave me a new identity, I only could watch indifferently as everyone in the palace bullied me with ease…” He recounted all these without changing his expression, as if he was talking about an outsider.

“But…” He suddenly laughed, the dark emotions deep inside his eyes were swirling with hatred, he watched Shen Mubai and whispered in an almost creepy voice, “He wanted to kill you, I was so angry ah, mother… so I cut off the flesh on his body piece by piece, ever oh so slowly…”

Shen Mubai turned pale as she thought in despair, my Snow White isn’t like this…

Snow White lowered his head slightly, greedily devouring the girl’s delicate skin with his paranoid and possessive eyes, licking all the way from her forehead until they finally stopped to the luscious lips, invading them without allowing any rejection, catching her soft and sweet tongue, sweeping every inch of her honeyed mouth like a madman.

“Enn…nnhh…” Shen Mubai was almost out of breath. The one in front of her was no longer the princess who looked soft and fragile, but a man who could overpower her in both strength and built.

A glimmering fluid flowed down from the place where the lips and teeth of the two people entangled in, Snow White slightly withdrew from the girl’s pliable mouth, extending his tongue and carefully licked and sucked the falling sweet saliva, making her weak and numb.

Shen Mubai weakly curled her ten fingers that were overlapping with Snow White’s, desperately breathing in oxygen for her burning lungs.

In her chaotic mind, she called out, “Snow White… don’t…”

A low laugh reverberated from his throat, tickling her lips that were soon covered again with Snow White’s hot mouth, sucking her tongue tenderly yet strongly, occupying every part of her mouth with greed and possessiveness, anxiously trying to swallow her every person down to his stomach.


Aaaahhh, my spicy eyes!! (/ε\*)

Snow White, you naughty, naughty child~ (*´∀`*)

Translator: MadPanda

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Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 128
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