Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 119

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Chapter 119 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (47)

Shen Mubai had a suspicion in her heart, but she quickly forced it down.

And right at this moment, the King ordered someone to let her go to his palace.

Shen Mubai recalled the corpses of those young girls that day, and she can’t help but felt a chill down her back. She called System while shivering, “System, the King still don’t know right? Will I be silenced ah?”

System said, “Well, there’s a possibility.”

Shen Mubai burst into tears while following the knight to the King’s palace in despair.

After she went inside, the gate behind her was closed tightly.

Shen Mubai, “…”

The King that was seated in the center looked at her with tenderness, as if looking at a beloved collectible, the satisfaction and obsession hidden inside his eyes made people tremble in fear.

Thinking of her unfinished task, Shen Mubai braced herself and went forward and stopped a few steps away from the King.

The King revealed a warm and gentle smile, there was an unusual soft tone inside his voice, “Fujiana, why don’t you come closer?”

The young and beautiful Queen whispered softly, “Your Majesty, Fujiana has recently received a cold, so I don’t dare to come too close, for fear that it would affect you.”

After the King heard her answer, he smiled a little, his voice full of worries, “How can you infect me with cold?” After saying this, those pairs of eyes looked straight at her, his mouth said something that didn’t match his expression, “Fujiana has grown up, if you have some curiosity, you should know which one you can or can not ask, but you still did something stealthily, you’re really being disobedient ah.”

The tenderness on his face looked like it could spill out any minute, but the tone of his voice was as cold as deep winter.

Shen Mubai’s heart tightened slightly, but her face revealed a look of doubt, “Your Majesty, what are you talking about? Fujiana doesn’t understand.”

The smile on the King’s lips faded, “Your act almost deceived me, where is Fujiana?”

There would be no meaning to keep her act, so Shen Mubai simply slackened her expression, “When did you know that I’m not Fujiana?”

The King’s eyes revealed an obsession like looking at an extremely rare object, “My doubt began from when you stopped visiting my palace. Fujiana was a good child, the admiration in her eyes wasn’t fake, and I’m very clear of what my existence meant to her.” He showed a slight smile, “Originally, she would be my most bearable collection, but I didn’t expect something to happen in the middle. However, it doesn’t matter anymore, after all, you’re much more beautiful than her.”

The King’s gaze was just like a stinky rancid slime that entangled her in a death grip, making Shen Mubai felt unbearable nausea, but she still kept her emotion and said calmly, “The corpses of those girls were your doing, what is their relationship with Snow White?”

A deep laugh reverberated inside the King’s throat as the gaze that he gave her filled with more ardour. He didn’t cover his madness and obsession anymore, and his voice became unbearably gentle, “So the person that day was you, aren’t they beautiful?”

Before waiting for Shen Mubai to reply, he said to himself, “Those are my hard-to-find collection. They were much more well-behaved than you, one by one kneeling on the ground, crying and asking me to let them go. However, they already promised before, they wanted to change their appearance to one that I love the most, how can I have the heart to let them down ah?”

Shen Mubai’s heart felt a bitter cold as she said indifferently, “What about Snow White? How did you treat her?”


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Translator: MadPanda

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Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 119

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