Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 116

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Chapter 116 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (44)

One person and one system became silent.

So, what’s actually going on?

Shen Mubai gave up and didn’t want to think anymore, and so did the system.

Furthermore, Bellice who was busy a while back, suddenly and frequently appeared beside her. Shen Mubai suspected that she wasn’t the King’s person, so she’s utterly glad for her swift move.

But Shen Mubai who hadn’t seen Snow White for a few days couldn’t help but missed her gentle and lovely appearance, hence she sent Bellice away, leaving her alone.

It’s still better to be careful at this very crucial moment. Shen Mubai hesitated as she pondered between abducting Snow White and run away with her, or pretend to be with the Prince herself.

It took a short distance from Snow White’s to the Queen’s quarters, but today Shen Mubai decided to walk on a shortcut because she wanted to see Snow White earlier. There were fewer guards and maids, perhaps it was too remote so no one was seen along the way.

So when she saw a maid looking around with some vigilance, she hid subconsciously. And when she took a closer look, she found out that the maid was one of those who often stayed with the King.

In the memory of the original host, beside Arian, a maid named Elena was also someone who the King trusted most.

Elena seemed to be in her thirties, her appearance couldn’t be considered beautiful, even emitting a gloomy and strange aura. She was also very taciturn, so the original host didn’t like her and even felt a bit repulsed by her. Their meetings were very few because of that reasons, but the original host was still afraid to avoid the maid.

Shen Mubai saw the other person’s apparent strange behaviour. She hesitated for a bit, but decided to follow her at last.

After all, she still got system to back her ah.

Elena walked around the long corridor that was decorated with colorful paintings several times, during which she was very vigilant as she watched all the moving wind and grass.

At this time, Shen Mubai carefully kept a close distance with her, and when the other person turned her head back, she would disappear in a puff.

Elena was so on guard that she didn’t immediately rush in even when she reached her destination. Instead, she stayed there for a while and finally walked in after making sure no one’s around.

Shen Mubai noticed that the location was very remote, and she estimated that very few people would come here. The surrounding buildings and scenery creating a creepy, dark and cold feeling.

After Elena went inside, she covertly followed only to find that it was just a spacious and empty palace. The surrounding walls were all full with warped and distorted colorful paintings, the people above all in full nakedness, intertwined together with strange and confusing posture.

Shen Mubai looked for a while but still couldn’t find any implied meaning. She only felt that the paintings on the wall gave people uncomfortable feeling.

After entering the empty palace, Elena stood still and gave a glance towards her back.

Shen Mubai hastily stretched her head back, not forgetting to conceal her skirt properly.

Perhaps she finally relaxed her guard, Elena continued and walked a few steps in front, then fumbled about on a specific wall.

Then, Shen Mubai saw a huge colorful painting separated from the wall, revealing a narrow and deep secret passage. She slightly opened her eyes wider because the details of this painting wasn’t any different with the other paintings, no one could have known that this painting was a picture that was pasted on the wall.


Whew, a secret passage! ୧☉□☉୨ Where will this passage lead Bai Bai to?

Translator: MadPanda

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Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 116
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