Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 115

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Chapter 115 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (43)

“I don’t know whether Your Highness know or not, but here in Alessia, it’s better not to talk too much when it’s time for breakfast.” Snow White softly inserted her comment just like a polite reminder.

The unchanging smile on Arlenweiss’ lips now became stiff again as he carefully filtered in his mind whether there really was such a rule in Alessia or not.

And right at this moment, the Queen who was just now silently enjoying her breakfast decided to cut in, “Alright, just properly enjoy today’s breakfast.”

She was afraid that if Arlenweiss keep talking, she wouldn’t be able to contain her drool that was threatening to come out.

With his thoughts interrupted, Arlenweiss, as a gentleman, decided to not continue his utterance. He winked at the Queen in front of him and said, “Yes, my beautiful and noble Allesia Queen.”

Snow White’s hands that were holding knife and fork unconsciously tightened as it left a deep cut on her meal, her eyes flashed a silent cold smile inside.

Arlenweiss reached out to the green glutinous dumpling with novelty, “I have not seen this thing in Roentzent before.” He cut a piece and sent it to his mouth, immediately, his originally warm and radiant smile solidified, making a strange expression, his handsome face turned funny and full of panic.

Shen Mubai who was paying attention to his expression asked, “What’s wrong? Prince Arlenweiss?”

Arlenweiss cursed the person who made the food a thousand times in his heart. He took a deep breath, and with a twisted smile, he forcefully gulped down the horrendous thing to his stomach, “No problem.”

However, not long after, he slapped his own face. After eating that damn evil thing, not only he can’t feel any relieve, the strange taste assailed his nostrils and rushed inside his esophagus, almost collapsing the always warm expression on his face.

Doing his best to maintain his gentleman’s upbringing, Arlenweiss lightly laughed, “Dearest Queen, Your Highness Princess, I suddenly remembered that I still have another matter that needs my attention, excuse me for my lack of manners, but next time when we have a chance, we should enjoy another pleasant breakfast together.”

“Take care, Your Highness the Prince.” Snow White’s dense and long eyelashes trembled slightly as she said her words, her pair of black eyes showing slight concern.

Arlenweiss glanced at her suspiciously, and when he found nothing of concern, he turned and left the palace in haste.

After Arlenweiss left, Snow White put a piece of crab meat to the Queen’s plate and smiled softly, “Mother, if you ever want whatever thing the Roentzent’s King have, Snow White will get it for you.”

really? Shen Mubai was touched until tears pooling in her eyes, but she still maintained her noble and lofty expression, “En.”

In the next few days, Prince Arlenweiss would come to Shen Mubai’s palace from time to time, but Snow White would always appear by ‘chance’.

The two were supposed to be Prince and Princess that would be married to each other, but they had long surged a wave without the Queen knowing.

However, the King also stood silent, he probably knew that during this time, the prince and Snow White were staying in the Queen’s palace, so he didn’t want to go over.

Arlenweiss appeared frequently and continuously in the Queen’s palace, but Snow White seemed to disappear somewhere else, Shen Mubai at the same time felt restless at the thought of her forgetting something very important.

She can’t help but opened her mouth and said, “System, I think that I forget something really important.”

System was also somewhat frustrated, “I think I forget something too.”


We all know that Snow White put wasabi in the green mochi. ಠﭛಠ

What is the important thing that they both forgot ah? (゜-゜)

I rushed to translate this after I’m back home midnight, so there might be mistakes in translation. Gomen ne~

Translator: MadPanda

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Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 115
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