Reborn as a Mom Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 : It is just spit!

Vivan was startled, his eyes unexpectedly widened after hearing her intimate way of greeting.

‘She called me ‘Viv.’

His mom was the only one who called him so.

Looking at the cute kitten attached to his body, Viv stood like a statue.

Standing uneasily. He could not guess which action may cause her irritability and she would leave his arms,
Brushing him aside the next moment.

Yet he was ashamed of himself, his heart was feeling elated enjoying her cry; showing her weak and fragile self to him first time ever.

Only after a while did her words registered in his brain, Ira was pregnant and he will soon be a dad!!

He wrapped his arms around her more fiercely as he could no longer control his happiness.

She struggled desperately to get out of his embrace.

Viv was disappointed for a moment only to find her puking.

He moved her hand covering her mouth and gently wiped the corners of her mouth with his fingertips.

He poured a glass of water then he passed it to her. She felt a bit better after taking a few sips.

“Why did you do that?! It’s yucky!” Ira protested. It was her vomit that he wiped; Ira was embarrassed.

“It’s just some leftover spit,” Viv said with a blank face like he didn’t mind it a bit.

“And some pizza I ate in the evening.” She smiled smugly.

Looking at her prideful smile with tear-filled eyes like a pitiful but fierce kitten, the man curved his lips slightly.

“What are you laughing at? Why do only females get pregnant? Why don’t you get pregnant?” and the tyrant was back.

He pursed his lips tightly to prevent himself from laughing out loud.

Viv sweetly added, “You are right, Doll. I agree, you see, I’m a feminist.”

“I’m not a doll, a puppet, or a plaything. Also, you call yourself a feminist? Pei!”

“Um, yes, Your Majesty.” He nodded.

Even though she smiled, she thought sarcastically, ‘In my past life, I was a strong-headed feminist. I wanted to redefine ‘being a woman.’ I wished for a successful career, even at the cost of my child and my family. But realized much later that ‘being a wife and a mother’ are hallmarks of womanhood. Being selfless and caring is in a woman’s blood and bones. If she neglects any of her roles in life: a mother, a wife, a daughter, and a sister – what remains is guilt and self-blame.’

Moments later, It was midnight. Ira was lying peacefully in Viv’s embrace; she could not sleep, ‘Will he vanish if I close my eyes?’

She kept staring at the man beside her: ‘The cold, vicious and aloof businesswoman Ira and the warm and gentle Viv. Where do we match?’

Yet God has given her another opportunity to love this man.

Love!! The previous her did not even respect this man. Instead, she despised him.

Ira, being a year older and more successful than him, held contempt towards the man.

She always thought of her and Vivan’s relationship like ‘A Toad wishing to eat Swan meat’, yet even though they were divorced in her worst times, he helped her in the shadows.

Her hands felt the warmth of the man beside her; she traced all of his key features: his perfect jawline, pointed nose, sharp eyebrows, and his lips. Handsome and attractive! His strong arms made her feel secure.

‘Four years of marriage. Was I was blind last lifetime? You’re mine in this life’ she thought, she pinched his nose a few times then hid her head in his chest in embarrassment.

However, what she never imagined that Viv was never asleep. As her breathing stabilized, he opened his eyes.

Viv had mist in his eyes. He never believed that he will ever witness a day of cuddling Ira and feeling her gentle fingertips touching his face. This gesture made him feel as if he is in a dream, surreal. He tried to calm his erratic heart.

There was a time when they both had different bedrooms. Even though it has been a year sleeping together. But they never cuddled, hugged, or kissed. It was all mechanical with no passion and no feelings. He knew that it was only because her father, Lu Han, pressured Ira for a grandchild; the reason why she was in his bed.

Now, things apparently changed, he touched her tummy and said ‘Ira, it seems you have accepted us, the baby and me!’

Daybreak, with her eyes still closed, Ira stretched her arms across the bed to find for the sleeping Vivan when she felt that her hands were empty. She opened her eyes in expectations of Viv’s habitual warm eyes but what greeted her was cold piercing eyes:

“You wanted to abort my child.”


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