Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 — Enabling the Special Functions

Should he laugh? Since she was telling him jokes… that meant she wanted him to laugh, right?

But should he really laugh? That joke… under normal circumstances, it wouldn’t make him laugh.

However, he did ultimately end up laughing.

He laughed not because the joke was funny because her poker-face as she told him such a stupid joke was cute. It seemed like she was hoping to make him laugh. He simply couldn’t resist the blow to his heart, which melted as he gazed at her.

[Congratulations on accomplishing the task once!

+1 Point.


Please continue working hard!]

For the first time, Su Yanyi was happy to hear the System beep. She was very happy, as the matter of fact. Although telling jokes to make him laugh was kind of cheap, at least she didn’t have to make a fool out of herself. That made her feel a great sense of achievement.

The delightful mood she was in caused a faint smile to appear on her face.

Faint, but nonetheless breathtaking.

Now, both individuals were smiling, one gentle and doting, the other light and soft. The entire study was lit up.

“Yanyi…” Qin Jiran couldn’t help but murmur. Su Yanyi’s beauty was irresistible.

Beautiful, intelligent, proud, strong, and occasionally cute and muddled. His understanding of her character was slowly increasing, and at the same time, her figure was embedding itself deeper into his heart, never to sink into oblivion.

“You can continue working, I’m leaving.”

Su Yanyi left in a happy mood, thinking to herself that the man looked really handsome when he smiled. She wanted to make him smile more often, even if there were no points to get out of it.

Work? Work on what? Qin Jiran’s head was still spinning from her smile, how could he have the mind to think about work? The memory of her smile had completely taken over his mind.

Coincidentally, he was also thinking about how nice it would be if he could make Yanyi smile more often.


Qin Jiran spent the next few days bustling around setting up the cast for his film. Most of the cast actually paled in comparison to him and Guo Zekai, as they were both well-known box office guarantees.

Since procuring a role in Qin Jiran’s film was equivalent to reaching a greater height in one’s acting career, there was no lack of actors and actresses trying their best to get in. Over the past two days, he had received an overwhelming number of calls on his business cell.

Jiang Xiaobin was responsible for answering most of them, and his hands had already gone numb from the job.

Qin Jiran’s private line wasn’t spared from the torrent either. Those who were on friendly terms with him contacted him, and the most difficult ones proved to be the ones vying for the role of the female lead.

Qin Jiran knew plenty of people from the entertainment circle. He was friends with a few of them, but the number of good friends he had in the entertainment circle could be counted on one hand.

Not a single one of them was female.

Maybe he was too adamant about maintaining his purity, or maybe his standards were just too high because no female actress had ever succeeded in getting close to him. A cooperative relationship was the most he allowed, and he paid absolutely no heed to the ones who were involved in their respective scandals with him.

However, just because he was indifferent to them didn’t mean that they reciprocated the same indifference.

Everywhere, strings were being pulled as countless regular actresses and movie stars tried to figure out ways to get in contact with him. Some even ignored Su Yanyi’s existence and offered him certain “benefits” in exchange for the leading role.

On many occasions, Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi would get interrupted during dinner by a phone call. Qin Jiran rarely answered them.

“The leading actress still hasn’t been chosen yet?” With Kang Zhong as the go-between, Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi were both quite informed about each other’s businesses.

“The heroine is an undercover agent, which means there are a lot of internal drama scenes to shoot. Ordinary actresses won’t be able to match up, so it’s hard to find a suitable one.”

It was rather worrisome. He was unfamiliar with the actresses in the circle, and Guo Zekai wasn’t able to find anyone suitable either. The ones who were suitable were busy, and both Qin Jiran and Guo Zekai had very high standards, to begin with. Several days of searching had turned up fruitless.

As Su Yanyi listened to him divulge his problems, she suddenly thought of something.

She had been exerting herself over the System Mission and managed to accumulate eight points so far. Aside from the two scripts she had gotten, she had not yet made use of the other special functions of the System. Maybe she could use the last function —Auxiliary Assistance— to help Qin Jiran out?

【 001, can the Auxiliary Assistance function be used to help find people? Qin Jiran’s film is lacking a suitable female lead. 】It was actually well within her power to find a fitting actress for the film, but she wanted to play around a bit with the System functions, so that was what she did instead of utilizing her own influence.

【 Of course. Dear Master, you just need to confirm that you wish to use today’s Auxiliary Assistance chance, and the System will start searching for you. 】

“I confirm.”

Now searching, please wait…

This time, it was the mechanical voice of the System that spoke. Soon, three names appeared before Su Yanyi.

Suitable candidates include Zhao Mengying, Mo Qianqian, and Fan Ling’er. 

Su Yanyi knew all three of the candidates. With the System’s mention, she started to recall what she knew about them, and indeed, they were all very suitable.

She turned to Qin Jiran and said, “Zhao Mengying, Mo Qianqian, and Fan Ling’er. You should contact one of them.”

Each one was a movie star in her own right, possessing a good image, temperament, acting skills, and character. Su Yanyi didn’t have a preference, so she let Qin Jiran choose for himself.

“Fan Ling’er is very good, and she’s one of Resplendent Entertainment’s actresses too, but Guo Zekai contacted her two days ago and was told that her schedule is full.” The list was down to two people now. Although they weren’t lacking compared to Fan Ling’er, they were from different companies. Benefits should always be kept for one’s own people.

Qin Jiran was still inclined to use an actress from Resplendent Entertainment, and not to mention, Fan Ling’er was the most suitable candidate too. Unfortunately, she wasn’t free.

【Fan Ling’er already has a full schedule? I asked for suitable candidates, which doesn’t include the unavailable ones, does it? Is this a glitch in the System?】Su Yanyi called on the System.

【 Master, it’s not a glitch in the System. Two days ago, Fan Ling’er wasn’t free. Try asking her again today. 】001 blinked and responded in a meaningful tone.

Su Yanyi immediately caught on to 001’s meaning. She told Qin Jiran, “Go and ask her again. Maybe she’s free now.”

“Alright, I’ll do that.” Fan Ling’er was a good actress that Qin Jiran didn’t really want to give up on either, so he immediately heeded Su Yanyi’s advice and contacted Fan Ling’er right there and then.

The call lasted for only five minutes. He was happy and excited after he hung up and told Su Yanyi, “Fan Ling’er’s new film was temporarily suspended due to investment issues. She has agreed to star in ⟪The War for Power⟫ first.”

“That’s good. Do your best then. Come to me if you run into any problems.”

VIN: QJR and SYY will visit the Su family in the next chapter, ft. Brother Su.

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