Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 77.1

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Chapter 77.1 — Posing for another Photo

Edited by: Larkspur

Qin Jiran was quite happy seeing this. However, his mood was ruined quickly.

Qin Zhenyi had called again. Like before, Jiang Xiaobin answered while Qin Jiran listened in from the side.

“Mr.Qin, are you looking for brother Qin? Brother Qin is shooting a scene now. Later, I will make sure to tell him that you were looking for him!” Instead of putting a cold face on, Jiang Xiaobin smiled and exclaimed… Whilst it set an amiable atmosphere, in reality, he was just doing this half-heartedly.

“Let him answer immediately!” With this recurring response, Qin Zhenyi couldn’t hold in his anger. He couldn’t believe that a small assistant dared to treat him like this. This must be under Qin Jiran’s directions. He couldn’t tolerate this anymore. No matter what, Qin Jiran was his son. How could he treat him so disrespectfully!

Qin Zhenyi’s voice bellowed through the phone that Jiang Xiaobin had purposefully turned in Qin Jiran’s direction, so he heard it clearly.

Jiang Xiaobin looked at Qin Jiran questioningly, anticipating his response. Should he continue with the pretense or await his instructions? Qin Zhenyi had obviously lost his patience. He had no idea as to what to expect if he were to still choose to disregard.

At this point, Jiang Xiaobin couldn’t help but sigh. Indeed, the Qin Family was annoying.. Just when Old man Qin had finally stopped calling, the Second Master had taken up the baton. As for him, this coincidence wasn’t without suspicion.

Qin Jiran directly grabbed the phone over and spoke in an extremely impassive voice, “I am Qin Jiran. What is the matter!”

This should be a question, but from Qin Jiran’s mouth, it was more like a statement. It was quite aloof and cold.

Jiang Xiaobin shrunk his neck. Typically, Qin Jiran was a frosty personality. Besides acting, he barely spoke. It was only recently that this had taken a turn for the better. The ambient apathetic aura had become gentler. This was obviously all thanks to President Su.

Despite his usual insouciance, today witnessed a new level of bad.. The currently emotionless Qin Jiran wasn’t hard to discern.

Aii, undoubtedly, they are father and son. Yet, things have turned this way now. He couldn’t help but sigh at the way fate had played the two. However, this was Qin Zhenyi’s fault. Being a father he hadn’t shouldered any of his responsibilities. He’d actually cast away his biological son and gave a hoot about him the past twenty-eight years. Such a heartless man didn’t deserve to be a father. How could he blame Qin Jiran for his indifference and ruthlessness?

“I believe you should address me as ‘father.’” The same callous voice sounded, with an underlying unrestrained anger and magnanimity.

Qin Jiran wanted to laugh.


Ever since his formative years, he’d never uttered that word. Father… this title… he would only use it for Father Su. That’s someone who’s worthy of the title ‘father’. Not this man on the phone who’d abandoned him!

“I believe that we don’t know each other.” In reality, they had only seen each other once. They’d never spoken to each other. It was appropriate to say they didn’t know each other.

“You think, just by denying I am not your father anymore‽ Or do you think, now that you have the Su Family’s backing, you don’t need to care about the Qin Family‽” Qin Zhenyi was furious and his words turned severe. Only he knew how embarrassing it was to not be acknowledged by his own son!

However, whatever the cause, the corresponding outcome is inevitable. He brought the trouble on himself! However, Qin Zhenyi was obviously someone who didn’t believe this! When it came to people with status, they had their eyes glued to their heads. Each one believed one was right. Who cared about others’ opinions‽ This so-called belief was infallible.

“Didn’t you call me because of the Su Family?” There’s a saying – “feeling guilty like a thief.”

Qin Zhenyi, as well as the Qin Family, even old man Qin, held apprehensions about Su Family’s existence. That was why they’re valuing him and had contacted several times now. However, each time they’d speak with contempt about the Su Family. People were pretty much laughing at them.

Qin Jiran believed that since the other side wasn’t embarrassed to say these words, why should he hold reservations to retort? He had learned quite a bit from since being with Yanyi and had watched her handle these people.

“Presumptuous! Is this how you speak to your elders? You don’t have manners!” The way Qin Zhenyi scolded him was the way he would normally reprimand the younger generations. However, the moment the words left him, he regretted t. His face immediately turned ugly.

“Manners? I don’t even have a home. Where would my manners come from?” Admittedly, the word ‘manners’ only invited Qin Jiran’s ridicule and disdain. It provoked the resentment and discontentedness lying at the very bottom of his heart. Of course, it was more of a grim feeling!

From the start, had the Qin Family chosen to ignore his existence, and pretended they didn’t know him; then he might’ve been able to really tell himself that the Qin Family had nothing to do with him. He cared a whit about the bloodline and even the so-called grudges and gratitude!

But why had the Qin Family decided to find him at this time? Besides, their words only incited his ire…Did they really think he was benevolent or that he’s insanely loyal and would uphold filial piety?

Qin Jiran was indifferent. To him, the blood-related father and grandfather didn’t really mean much. They’d already broken his heart. Where was he going to get another heart to give them‽

“Presumptuous! Even if you blame me for not bringing you up, you should know how to be thankful. Without me, where would you be? I am your father. No matter how you deny this, it is the truth!” Qin Zhenyi was furious but he understood that Qin Jiran didn’t have a great impression of him, his father. He didn’t want to admit that he was his father but he had raised him for a bit. Even though he hadn’t brought Qin Jiran up, he had still let him live. How could he accept Qin Jiran defying him!

“Grateful‽ You’re telling me to be grateful?”

For a moment, Qin Jiran actually felt it was incomparably ridiculous. A father who had abandoned him since he was a child was now talking about being ‘grateful’. Grateful for what‽ Grateful that he had abandoned him‽

He needed to realize that since the parents had given birth to the child, they also had a responsibility to raise the child. If they were to abandon the child, perhaps, they were even be committing a crime. On the other hand, this father who had abandoned him had dared to talk about being ‘grateful’ still. If this wasn’t being ridiculous, then what was this!‽

“When word gets sour, adding words is useless. Mr.Qin, please don’t disturb me anymore. No matter your motive or the things you seek, I will not confer!” Once Qin Jiran was done, he hung up bluntly. He seemed to be containing his temper, emitting a dangerous vibe. He was akin to a volcano that was due to erupt anytime. Right now, he was at the most precarious point.

Jiang Xiaobin wanted to comfort Qin Jiran but he was scared of him. All he could do was keep silent and look on worriedly.

Actually, he knew that this man didn’t need comforting. As they’d grown up together, he understood how strong and hard-working he was. He had seen him endure everything silently. They were colleagues but were also friends. No one knew better than him that Qin Jiran never needed comforting!

“Don’t worry, I am fine.” As he took in Jiang Xiaobin’s deeply concerned look, his ambient arctic aura slightly dissipated. Instead, he ended up comforting Jiang Xiaobin.

Although this brother that he grew up with was a little careless and liked to gossip, he was kind and treated him genuinely. Even though he hadn’t said a word, right now, that concern laced face made him feel much better.

Yes, he didn’t have a family, but he had friends. He even had love. No, he did have a family. Yanyi and the Su Family were a part of his family. Therefore, the Qin Family who believes that they are infallible can just chill where it’s cool. He will definitely have no relations with that him!

Jiang Xiaobin didn’t say anymore. However, he secretly reported the situation to Kang Zhong. Ever since brother Kang became brother Qin’s manager, he had been promoted to being a spy. He was responsible for letting brother Kang know of brother Qin’s every movement. Of course, most importantly, he was to notify President Su. That way, brother Qin wouldn’t be bullied!

Humph, the Qin Family, and whatnot are the most annoying people. President Su had best deal with them. Of course, brother Qin was quite powerful too. He could handle them himself. Albeit he was anxious that brother Qin would harbor misgivings. After all, they’re blood-related.

Once Kang Zhong received the news, he naturally relayed it to Su Yanyi. Thus when Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran were having dinner, she suddenly spoke, “You don’t need to take the Qin Family’s matters to heart. I will take care of it.”

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