Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 74.2

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Chapter 74.2 — Close Comfort

“I thought that the old man wanted to see me because he might’ve really just wanted to see me before he died. Who knew that not only did he guard against me, he even thought of using me. It’s ridiculous.” Qin Jiran was a little upset but not to the point he was sorrowful. But after all, he was unhappy. Regardless, he should’ve called that man, his grandfather.


Su Yanyi felt Qin Jiran’s upsetness. She wanted to comfort him, say things to help him feel better. But she noticed that she had no idea what to say, how to comfort someone.


[001, tell me how can I comfort him?]


Since she had no clue, she asked the system for help. Although this system, from some aspects, wasn’t that reliable either.


[This is very simple. Master, you can tightly hug the male master from behind then kiss him harshly. Kiss him for a long, long, long, time. When the time comes, the male master won’t remember the hurtful events.]


001 answered excitedly without even thinking and made up an image in front of Su Yanyi. The chubby small steam bun waved its arms, cheering for Su Yanyi. This led her eyes to twitch.


However, pondering over this serious, Su Yanyi felt that this idea was pretty fine!


Therefore in the next second, she paid no attention to the surrounding people or the fact it was a hospital and pulled Qin Jiran over to harshly kiss him. Honey trap and what not were the most effective. In order for Qin Jiran to stop grieving, she was willing to try.


Qin Jiran was very surprised by Su Yanyi’s action. He stood there, stunned. But quickly, he took control over the kiss and embraced Su Yanyi, responding.


The touching atmosphere appeared incompatible with the hospital. There were more and more people within their surroundings but the two still made out as though there was no one.


The so-called, enemies on a narrow road, held some meaning. Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran were being intimate when Wang Zhilin was pushed over, on a wheelchair. Seeing the two making out made her angry!


“Su Yanyi, are you trying to show off? You dare to come again. You, you, you really should die!” From the start, Wang Zhilin’s recent mood was out of control. She became more and more irritated. Now that she saw the man she liked with her enemy so close, she instantly exploded. If it weren’t that her legs weren’t in the best conditions, she probably would’ve chased over by now.


Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran were surprised. They ended the kiss and looked towards the hysterical Wang Zhilin. They both agreed by chance that it was enemies on a narrow road.


Su Yanyi stared at Wang Zhilin in complete interest, as though looking at a clown. That look made Wang Zhilin even more furious. She reached over, randomly pulling on things. Unsure whether it was a coincidence or not, there was a small flower pot by her side. Wang Zhilin picked that up and threw it at Su Yanyi!


Su Yanyi wanted to duck but Qin Jiran was quicker than her. He pulled her into his arms and played the scene where the hero saved the beauty. That spectacle was both romantic and exciting. There was a young girl in high school who even clapped and cheered, letting them unsure to laugh or to cry.


“This is considered maliciously injuring someone. If the police are here, not sure if they will arrest you or not.” When speaking of “arresting,” Su Yanyi suddenly had an idea. She looked at Wang Zhiling with a dangerous glint which caused Wang Zhilin’s body to run cold!


“Humph, so what if the police come? Do they really dare to arrest me? I definitely won’t let you go. In the future, you better be careful when you are walking. I will let you regret ever doing this to me!” Although Wang Zhilin spoke with a malicious tone, in reality, she really had no plans to hurt Su Yanyi as of right now. Her thoughts had been to humiliate Su Yanyi but she had done nothing so far due to her IQ.



Right now, she must mention the past life where Wang Zhilin had schemed Su Yanyi but it was due to Qin Jiran’s indifference that had aroused deep resentment in her heart. At that time, Qin Jiran had already divorced Su Yanyi and could be considered as,  abandoned by Su Yanyi. However, he was still infatuated by Su Yanyi. He made Wang Zhilin bitterly chase after him for a year but nothing changed. Under anger, she plotted that car accident and thought that if Su Yanyi died, then Qin Jiran wouldn’t think of her anymore. Who knew that Su Yanyi became a human vegetable, giving Qin Jiran a reason to return to her side. This led to Wang Zhilin’s resentment and carefreeness.


After Su Yanyi became a human vegetable, the only reason why Wang Zhilin hadn’t done anything yet was her belief that Qin Jiran couldn’t hold on for too long. She wanted to ask, how can a normal person give all their feelings to a human vegetable? But she endured two years and finally, couldn’t hold on anymore. Qin Jiran’s infatuation was the biggest mockery to her. Due to this, she disregarded the consequences to handle her!


But what were the consequences? Who would be sure that Zhilin was able to luckily get through? Maybe family Wang might be revealed due to her stupid actions which will ruin everything. They might become Qin Jiran and Su family’s revenge target as a result.


However, that was a story in the past life. There was no need to explain something even Su Yanyi had no idea about.


“At least, I can be careful while walking. You can’t even walk. When you can stand up, then try to be fierce. Young miss Wang, this wheelchair matches you.” It seemed like whenever Su Yanyi talked a lot, it was when she was mocking someone. The nature of the poisonous tongue was revealed.


The surrounding people couldn’t help to laugh after hearing Su Yanyi’s words. They looked at Wang Zhilin strangely.


“This man looks quite familiar. Who is that? Is the staging the battle between the mistress and the original?” Those watching the scene let out murmurs of discussion.


“Heaven, you actually don’t know who this is? This is the Film Emperor, Qin Jiran. How can you not recognize him? You are too ignorant!” This was a young lady whose eyes were sparkling from looking at him. There is no doubt that she was Qin Jiran’s fan.


“Film Emperor? Oh, I know. That’s why he’s familiar.  Isn’t that woman by his side, a company’s president? They are indeed the ideal couple. They’re so cute together.” The woman suddenly realized, obviously knowing some news.


At this time, another person responded with a mocking tone: “Then do you know who that is on the wheelchair?”


“I don’t know. Is she the mistress? But she is already like this and desires to be the mistress still? She’s too ridiculous. She is under a delusion.” Right now, Wang Zhilin was really in a difficult situation. Besides not mentioning her sitting on the wheelchair, the face turned extremely ugly due to her injuries and bitter resentment. The disheveled hair appeared to be a devil. No wonder she was looked down upon by people.


“Aye, don’t mention it. This is a mistress, not even the normal meaning of a mistress. This woman is the wealthy daughter of the owner of Company Wang. She had quite a bit of reputation but who knew why she was interested in Film Emperor Qin, this taken man. Not only did she chased after him but she publicly threatened his wife. Film Emperor Qin disdained even looking at her. She had gotten into a car accident from being drunk. Is this karma?” This person who exposed the news clearly knew a lot. It was pretty close to the truth and led everyone to look at Wang Zhilin in disdain. Especially a couple of women who were about to go up and yell at her. In this age, people held a lot of hatred to mistresses. Those who hadn’t fought or try to steal the position at least had some bottom lines. But she was basically shameless for publicly stating she will steal a married man.


“Shut up. Who let you guys speak nonsense? What do you guys know? Keep talking nonsense and I won’t let you guys go!” Wang Zhilin had an extremely arrogant and despotic personality. Even under this situation where everyone pointed at her, she hadn’t run away. Instead, she harshly retorted back. They couldn’t help to admit to her valiantness. Plus, normally those who wanted to kick the original off their position dared not to act so confidently.


Su Yanyi found it funny, thinking Wang Zhilin had no brain. She wanted to be a mistress but didn’t even hide this face. Whenever she was angered, she talked irresponsibly. This type of personality is not worth to become her opponent. At most, she could only be her toy.


“Humph, what a clown.” Qin Jiran heard Su Yanyi’s cold humph and her opinions on her. He agreed as well but felt a tint of sympathy to Wang Zhilin. She didn’t have enough IQ, trying to find problems for Yanyi.


Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi left, linking hands. Wang Zhilin wanted to turn the wheelchair around in order to chase after them. However, how convenient were wheelchairs compared to human legs? Plus, people intentionally or otherwise blocked her path. Where could she seem them anymore?


According to people, Wang Zhilin had people changed a new furniture set when she returned to the ward. Once the high ranks of the hospital received the news, they happily moved Wang Zhilin into a new advanced ward. They then ordered to the rest that if this wealthy young miss wanted to smash the wards, don’t block her. Once she destroyed the old ones, they could go change for new ones. They had changed a couple of wards now and the rest of the wards are waiting!


Not even an hr, the entire Qin family had heard that Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran went to visit old man Qin. Then, within two hours, the entire A-City’s noble families all knew. Within a whole day, the entire higher class found out. The news had spread quickly.


Ever since old man Qin was seriously ill and lived in the hospital, many people paid attention to how old man Qin was about to divide the inheritance up. The three brothers of Qin family were all fighting for the inheritance while the grandsons all tried their best. Now, an illegitimate grandson had appeared and he was even Su family’s daughter’s husband. This led many to take notice of him. Now that Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi had paid a visit to the old man and people had no idea what they talked about, many suspicions rose.


Not only did the outsiders had suspicions, but even Qin family too. This is because they didn’t know what the old man and Qin Jiran, the couple, talked about. Did it had to do with the will and how they were going to divide it?


Qin family didn’t know so they thought of numerous methods to find out. Then they started to find their own means of doing so.


Old man Qin’s private lawyer received the invitation from Qin family’s oldest. The two met within an extremely secret and personal provincial hall. They conferred for about twenty or so minutes. In regards to what the subject was, outsiders had no clue.


On the other hand, the third oldest within Qin family sent a text to Zhang Yuanzhuo. When the old man was resting, Zhang Yuanzhuo called him. The content was naturally secretive. After this call, his face turned extremely bad-looking. He sat in his office for a long time, not knowing what he was thinking about.


In regards to the second oldest of Qin family, he and old man Qin’s lawyer didn’t have friendly relations and he never thought of bribing an assistant. But he really wanted to know what the old man and Qin Jiran, as well as Su Yanyi, had discussed. Therefore, after careful deliberations, he went to find Qin Jiran!


When Qin Zhenyi called, Qin Jiran was shooting. The person in charge of picking up the call was Jiang Xiaobin, this assistant. In addition, this phone was a work phone and not his personal phone. Therefore, Jiang Xiaobin answered with delight. But after the other side announced his status, Jiang Xiaobin resented himself for being so quick to answer.

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