Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 73.2

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Chapter 73.2 — Old Man Qin

Qin Jiran wasn’t someone who sat and waited for death. The moment the car stopped, he rushed out of the car. However, he was only able to run a couple of steps when he saw a familiar person got off the car. Right then, he knew the status of the people!

Zhang Yuanzhuo! Qin Jiran icily peered at the person. He straightened his back, standing there. Although he was surrounded by tens of people, he held a powerful imposing manner.

“Mister Qin, come with me to see the old man. You don’t want this to happen to you often right?” Zhang Yuanzhuo was obviously threatening him. He knew that Qin Jiran was someone who disliked problems. He couldn’t really kidnap Qin Jiran but he could cause problems for Qin Jiran!

It was said that Zhang Yuanzhuo had tried his best this time. After all, old man Qin was about to die. Plus, he had no idea what the old man was thinking. He insisted on seeing this grandson who was ignored by family Qin for twenty-something years. He had temporarily drafted a will with the lawyer just in case but retained a bit of leeway. He was unsure whether he had done this for Qin Jiran.

Zhang Yuanzhuo wasn’t completely sure of the description of old man Qin’s will. He had no idea whether Qin Jiran was included in it. The only reason why he had told Qin Jiran about the will was so Qin Jiran might go see old man Qin due to the will. That way, he would’ve completely old man Qin’s task too. But he hadn’t thought that Qin Jiran was that stubborn. Not only did he not care about the problem of the will but he also mocked him back. He had no other options but this plan. He just hoped that this problematic method would let Qin Jiran agree to him.

Qin Jiran naturally wasn’t someone who liked to compromise. But he hated problems even more. He actually didn’t know why old man Qin persisted in seeing him. What was the point of seeing him when he was about to die when he didn’t want to see him in the past thirty years? He basically wanted to find something to do?!

It’s just that his thoughts remained as thoughts but it was also the truth that old man Qin wanted to see him.

Qin Jiran pondered over it and his eyes coldly swept the surrounding people: “I will go myself. You guys can leave.”

Getting something done once and for all was the best solution. Since he wanted to see him, he will let him. He just took it as being nice to someone who was about to die.

Zhang Yuanzhuo’s eyes brightened and relaxed in his heart. He finally completed his task: “Mister Qin, then I will go back and report back to the old man.”

After he saw Zhang Yuanzhuo off, Qin Jiran sped up and rushed home. It’s just that his face didn’t look too good still. In his heart, he wondered when would be a good time to see that old man Qin. When he returned home, he surprisingly found out that Su Yanyi had returned home before he did. She sat in the living room, reading the newspaper. When she saw that he was back, she raised her head up. Before he could greet her, he heard Su Yanyi: “What’s the matter? You don’t look too good?”

Qin Jiran pondered over it before telling her what happened with family Qin. Along with Qin Jiran’s recalling, Su Yanyi’s face turned gloomy. Someone actually dared to block Qin Jiran’s car openly and without fear. Although this wasn’t a kidnapping, it was enough for Su Yanyi to be furious.

“Tomorrow, I will let elder brother bring a couple of bodyguards over. They will follow you in the future.” Su Yanyi claimed, unquestionable.

Qin Jiran had no idea that Su Yanyi had thought of this problem first. He wanted to reject this, as an instinct. He felt that he probably won’t be in danger but he immediately gulped back the words of rejection. Yanyi was giving the best to him, he understood.

“If it’s necessary, I have no problems.” Actually, based on his status today, it was a normal thing to have bodyguards following him. But he didn’t really like people following him in his surroundings. Therefore, unless it was a large-scale event or it’s extremely necessary, he normally wouldn’t bring bodyguards with him. But since it was Yanyi’s kind thoughts, he just needed to accept this happily. After all, as long as these men were here to protect him on Yanyi’s commands, not only did he not think it was annoying but he was rather delighted.

“I know that you don’t like people following you so I will let them be from a distance. You don’t need to worry.” She knew that Qin Jiran didn’t like it when people followed him but that was from a long time ago. At that time, Qin Jiran gradually had a reputation and could bring in bodyguards in and out wherever he went. But that was rejected by Qin Jiran. The reason was that he didn’t like it and it wasn’t convenient. In the end, she found out.

Qin Jiran’s gloomy face disappeared after hearing Su Yanyi’s words. He revealed a warm smile. Where was that glacier look? He basically was the typical warm man.

“You can arrange this. I will cooperate.” Qin Jiran hadn’t thanked her directly but in his heart, he quietly murmured the two words. He didn’t want to pull apart their distances with the words but felt that other words couldn’t substitute for his feelings right now. He really was thankful that Yanyi was willing to treat him like this. The genuine feeling made him never suspicious of Yanyi’s actions towards him.

Actually, not long ago, Qin Jiran still wondered why Su Yanyi was that nice to him. Was it due to family reasons or so she could attack family Wang back or maybe it just had to do with his cooking skills? Actually, he thought a lot. But these thoughts today, led Qin Jiran to suddenly believe that there was no point. He really felt Yanyi’s kindness to him. That type of kindness led him to not care about the reason.

“Hm, I’m hungry. Quickly go make food.” After she settled down this matter, she thought of something more important. She hadn’t eaten dinner yet.

Qin Jiran laughed all of a sudden. He took off his jacket and directly went to the kitchen, not even changing his clothes. The Queen is hungry. He needed to increase his pace.

After dinner was done, Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran talked about problems within the script. When the system raised to the second level, it has given Su Yanyi 5 more scripts plus the one given to her when she was at level one. She gave them all to Qin Jiran but wasn’t sure if he looked through it or not.

“I read them all. The scripts were extremely good. If possible, I want to pick two and you can find suitable people for the rest.” Qin Jiran obviously admired the 5 scripts Yanyi had given him. But he couldn’t really act out all the plays. In the end, he kept two plus the first one. Besides the one he was shooting now, he prepared 3 scripts for himself. He could finish shooting it in about two years and wouldn’t delay the scripts.

“If you like them, keep them all.” Su Yanyi distinctly felt Qin Jiran’s interest in the scripts. She felt that these plays were extremely good as well. Originally, she wanted to give it to Qin Jiran to act. Since he liked them, she’ll leave them all for him.

“I do like it but if it might take three to five years to act them all out. Wouldn’t it be too long?” Qin Jiran felt that the time would be too long. The scripts were good and definitely earn money after shooting it but he didn’t want to delay the birth of a good script due to his own reasons. Of course, he didn’t want to delay Su Yanyi from earning money.

Su Yanyi thought about it. It would take too long. At that time, she probably would have even more scripts. If her predictions were right, it would be enough for Qin Jiran to act his whole life.

“Then take some more time picking. If you like it then leave it. Time is not a problem. In the future, there will definitely be good scripts for you to choose from. If you don’t think it’s suitable then give me it. Don’t have too much worry.” Although in the future there are good scripts, Su Yanyi will wish that Qin Jiran would leave the ones he liked down. There are good scripts but it might not be suitable for Qin Jiran to act them out. Therefore, when it is suitable, he needed to keep it first.

“Okay, I will consider it some more.” When he saw that Su Yanyi wasn’t anxious about it and instead, supporting him, Qin Jiran was moved in his heart. He also agreed to her.

Right after, the two people discussed the matters of charity funds. She told Qin Jiran the plan Ling Tianyue told her today. She even invited Qin Jiran to be the charity ambassador of the charity fund. This was both her and Ling Tianyue’s thoughts.

“There is no problem. If need to attend some event, have brother Kang notify me.” This wasn’t the first time someone had invited him to be the spokesperson like an ambassador of some sort. But in the past, he always refused. However, this time it was obviously different. This is because he could be considered as being a spokesperson for himself.

“I will let Kang Zhong arrange this. Then…” Su Yanyi paused for a moment then continued: “When do you plan on going to see old man Qin?”

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