Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 105.1

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Chapter 105.1 — The Sweet Valentine’s Day 

The Sweet Valentine’s Day

On February 14th, the movie 《Strife for Power》was released. This was a very romantic date as well since it was Valentine’s day. Although it wasn’t very suitable for a movie to be released during this date, Qin Jiran was the male lead and women all adored watching movies acted by him. Plus, men liked to watch action movies, so all in all this was a great date.

That morning, a lot of fans left comments online, saying that they were going in groups to watch the movie and that they will always support Film Emperor Qin’s movie. There were many people who loved watching movies that said they were looking forward to it.

This day, Qin Jiran had invited Su Yanyi to watch the movie early in the morning. She naturally didn’t reject his offer since she hadn’t seen《Strife for Power》 yet. Since it was the premiere, she thought of seeing this.

“Yanyi, I’ll come pick you up in the evening.”


After Qin Jiran brought Su Yanyi to the company, he left. He needed to prepare for the premiere ceremony as well as a Valentine’s gift.

When Su Yanyi arrived at the company, she had to prepare for a gift first. It was Valentine’s Day and she didn’t have a low EQ anymore. She took the initiative to prepare for a gift and it was a great chance to complete the mission also.

But what should she gift him? Su Yanyi mulled over this, feeling as if this was a waste of her brain cells. It was even more troubling than handling documents.

Someone knocked on the door and Kang Zhong walked in, reporting the situation. Su Yanyi listened to his report carefully and suddenly asked after he was done. “What are you gifting Pan Yan for Valentine’s Day?”

Kang Zhong was stunned by this question. Wasn’t he just reporting the situation just then? How come she suddenly asked a totally different question? Give Pan Yan a gift? How did President Su know? He didn’t remember expressing anything to Pan Yan.

“President Su, how do you know that?” Kang Zhong asked doubtfully.

“Know what?” Su Yanyi replied calmly.

“Naturally, it’s the matter about Pan Yan and me. Even though I’m still in the middle of pursuing her, yet President Su has already discerned it.” Kang Zhong thought that what he did was done in secrecy without anyone knowing about it, but unexpectedly President Su knew.

“Don’t talk nonsense. Speak.” Su Yanyi had already known about this couple in her last life.

“I didn’t prepare anything either. For candle-light dinner, fresh flowers, gifts…as for gifts, I ordered a car for her.” Kang Zhong said, pushing his glasses as he did so, feeling a little bit uncomfortable.

“Ordering a car?” How to describe this gift? It seems to be a bit tyrant-like!

Su Yanyi looked at Kang Zhong from top to bottom and found that the salary of her assistant was indeed very high.

“Hehe, President Su, please don’t look at me like that. The car is not expensive. Just over 200.000 yuan. When we are together in the future, won’t her car be my car? This is called effective investment.” Kang Zhong smiled through his explanation.

As a matter of fact, Kang Zhong’s salary, as a special assistant, was really very high. He had an annual salary of more than seven figures and he also had no family to burden him. And since he had been raised by the Su family from an early age, he was really rich in terms of money. Naturally, the work he was given was also difficult to handle. He had more to worry about than just Su Yanyi, the president. Who let the president leave all the work she didn’t like to do to him?

“You go out first.” Su Yanyi waved Kang Zhong away first. Kang Zhong’s gift was of no value to her. She couldn’t make a car for Qin Jiran herself, and even if she dared to make it, she didn’t dare let Qin Jiran drive it.

What should I get you? Su Yanyi wondered to herself. She actually wanted to give Qin Jiran a lot of gifts, but when she encountered Valentine’s Day, she felt that these gifts were not very suitable. However, after thinking about it for a while, she couldn’t think of anything that was appropriate. So, she decided to look it up on the internet.

【What should I give for Valentine’s Day? Waiting online!】

【There are so many gifts that could be given for Valentine’s Day. Are you giving it to your boyfriend or girlfriend? How far have your relationship develops and what sort of gifts have you given? In theory, the most classic and tacky gift is giving flowers and chocolate on a candle-light dinner, but now people are playing strangely. Two days ago, I heard from a friend that he was going to give his girlfriend an electric rice cooker for Valentine’s Day. Let his girlfriend cook for him in the future!】

【Upstairs, you’re not very knowledgeable. What’s wrong with the electric cooker? I have a friend who sent his girlfriend a copy of Sun Tzu’s 《Art of War》. He said that his girlfriend’s brain is too stupid and for her to read the book to enhance her mind. Many people are speechless when they hear this!】

【It’s not a bad idea to send Sun Tzu’s 《Art of War》. My boyfriend sent me a bottle of massage cream today and asked me to massage him every day. D*mn it! Is this even a gift for me? It’s not as good as the book of war!】 It seemed that this person’s grievance could be transmitted to everyone’s mind through the screen.

【Upstairs, you don’t understand. Men also like romance and sweetness. Think about it. You giving him a massage means intimacy and fun. I think he wants you to care more about him.】

【Heehee, I’m going to cook dinner for my husband today as Valentine’s Day gifts. You need to know I’ve never cooked in normal times.】

【That hand holding upstairs, I’m going to do something for my boyfriends myself. It’s nice to hear you are going to do the same. Not only dinner perhaps you can give him a personal massage later on. Hehehe, he certainly will be very thrilled.】

【I gave my girlfriend two movie tickets today. I plan to see 《War of Thrones》 together. It’s said to be a good movie. Don’t you want to go see it?】

【Yeah, my boyfriend and I are going to see it, too……】

When Su Yanyi saw all these, some ideas formed in her mind. Jiran seemed to like her cooking, but she was going to go out to see a movie tonight. It seems that dinner will just be settled outside.

Otherwise…why don’t you return home first and have dinner before you go to see a movie? It’s not too late to make something anyway.

That afternoon, Su Yanyi decided to leave work early. Kang Zhong, who sent Yanyi back home, left the place with a profound smile.

After that, for nearly two hours, Yanyi was busy with her preparation at home. She then called Qin Jiran once she saw that it was almost the time for one to get off work.

“Yanyi? I’ve just finished my work here, and I’m on my way to pick you up.” Qin Jiran said.

“I’m at home. Come back first.” Su Yanyi made this call in advance because she was afraid that Qin Jiran would make a trip in vain.

“……En. I’ll go back now.” Qin Jiran was somewhat puzzled. They had made an appointment at the company. Why did she go home? What happened?

Qin Jiran hurried home. He had always felt that something was a little strange. When he got home, there was no dress in the living room, but he heard a sound coming from the kitchen. Qin Jiran went to the kitchen, following the sound, and then saw Yanyi wearing an apron while carrying a plate of vegetables out.

Seeing such a scene, Qin Jiran froze for a moment. He was incapable of reacting at all. Who made the reality in front of him look too much like a fleeting illusion? However, he didn’t want to think about it.

Yanyi had cooked for him more than once, but the situation at those times was different from the current situation. The first time she cooked for him was because he was sick, and at that time, he didn’t even get to see how Yanyi was cooking. The second time was because of the Spring festival, when everyone cooked together. So, although Su Yanyi had only cooked two dishes before, it felt completely different from what it is now.

Qin Jiran could see that, in addition to the two dishes that Yanyi is carrying, there were several other dishes around. Freshly made. They were full of color, smell, and taste. There was no need to ask, he knew that these dishes were made by Yanyi herself. And Qin Jiran could just imagine in his mind of Yanyi wearing an apron, while cooking these dishes conscientiously. This imagination was simultaneously warm, lovely, moving, and touching all at once.

“I’ll serve the dishes. You can have a rest.” Qin Jiran quickly stepped forward and took over the dishes from Su Yanyi’s hand.

Su Yanyi didn’t refuse, but when the man took the two plates away from her hand, she turned around to take the other plates. The two people soon finished arranging the table and then they sat down to have dinner together.

“Yanyi……” Qin Jiran quietly uttered Yanyi’s name, but he was at loss of words. He always felt that there were thousands of words in his heart, but at this moment, he forgot all the words he needed to convey his feelings.

“Valentine’s Day gift. Do you like it?” Although the gift was not so creative and thoughtful, it was also filled with earnest feelings. Not to mention, this gift was not just a simple dish.

When Su Yanyi spoke, she pointed at the chicken cake in the middle of the table. The cake was modeled and moulded into a heart shape, which she had learned when she was studying to make a fried egg.

Qin Jiran, who saw the lovely shape of the chicken cake that was brought out by Su Yanyi, felt his whole heart melted at the sight.

“I like it. You’ve worked hard.” Alas, he clearly wanted to be good to Yanyi only to discover that what he did for her was not comparable with what Yanyi did for him, which made him feel aggrieved.

Su Yanyi glanced at the man and thought perhaps he had a problem speaking.

“It’s been hard on you to cook the meals everyday.” She only made such a meal once in a while, but it’s worth it seeing this man’s huge reaction to her act. It seemed this gift of hers was very thoughtful.

“Where have I worked hard? There’s not enough time for me to feel so blessed to cook for you. I’m very willing to do it for you.” Qin Jiran smiled.

After all, cooking for Yanyi is one of my joys.

“Then, I’m lucky?” Strength didn’t necessarily mean inequality. For Su Yanyi, she had never felt that in their marital relationship, Qin Jiran should do what she wasn’t willing to do. She had always kept in mind everything that Qin Jiran did for her. And, since Qin Jiran could do it, why couldn’t she? How could she feel hardship just because she cooked one meal? The one, who should feel more hardship, was Qin Jiran himself.

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