Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 94

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Chapter 94 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (22)

Facing the Queen’s absolutely arrogant manner, Belice still maintained her temperate and affable expression, “Yes, Queen, Belice will be on stand by outside the Palace Gate. Please let this servant know if you ever need anything.”

“En.” the Queen’s attitude was indifferent, not cold nor warm.

After Belice left, Shen Mubai immediately ran to the plump and big grapes that were calling her from the moment they appeared.

The fresh, tender and succulent sweet grape was a bit tart, a flavor that makes one unable to stop even though one wants to.

The neighboring country’s grape product was honestly too tasty, if there’s any opportunity, I should definitely visit once, Shen Mubai thought with tears falling down while munching like a squirrel.

Chirp chirp.” From the open window, a snowy-white parrot flew over, looking with a crooked head at the Queen who was chewing grapes.

Shen Mubai said, “Do you think I will give you this if you act cute?”

Every time she ate something, the parrot would always appear out of nowhere, Shen Mubai finally understood, this stinky bird only came especially to cadge a meal from her.

Its cute acting was used to no avail, the parrot was angry as it pounced over like a flying ball, it yelled loudly, “You bad woman! Bad woman!”

Shen Mubai plucked a round and fat grape leisurely, swaying it in front of its face from side to side, “Whose parrot are you?”

The white parrot only stood there with a wooden look, staring at her with its black beady eyes.

This trick was used too many times already, and every time this trick was used, she can’t get any significant answer. Shen Mubai might as well lose that one grape to give this stinky bird a bite, “It’s enough as long as it’s not that old pervert’s, and I feel like you’re definitely not his.” After all, this parrot is too stupid.

Luckily, the parrot can’t hear what she thought in her mind, otherwise, it would start attacking her again with its wings.

After it finished eating that round and big purple grape, the parrot fixed its eyes on the string of grapes on Shen Mubai’s hand.

Shen Mubai guarded the juicy grapes, “Not giving.”

In order to not rouse unnecessary doubt, except for the meal time, Shen Mubai refrained from frequently eating other things as much as she would like to. And also ,this parrot’s appetite was too big, and it was also especially greedy, so don’t accuse her of being heartless ah.

And as expected, when it heard her sentence, the parrot wouldn’t stop circling around while yelling, “Miser! Miser! Miser!”

Shen Mubai didn’t know if she wanted to cry or laugh, “What are you doing running to my place everyday? Is your master maltreating you and not give you anything to eat?”

The parrot became silent, its black round eyes turning round and round, and then with a wave of its wings, it flew off from the windowsill.

Shen Mubai, “…system, answer me, who’s the master of this parrot actually?”

System said with strict impartiality, “Five points.”

Shen Mubai’s face fell down a notch, “It’s actually more expensive than a chicken! Then I might as well just eat chicken!”

System said, “Then eat ‘chicken’ ah.” [T/N: a slang, ‘chicken’ here has the same pronunciation with ‘man’s private part’]

Shen Mubai, “…” she could only feel that there’s something wrong with its words.

Belice who was standing outside of the palace door, heard some movements from inside and can’t help but asked worriedly, “Queen, is there anything happening?”

“Nothing, you don’t have to come inside.” the beautiful Queen used an arrogant tone to answer back.

“Yes, Queen.” Belice’s warm and gentle voice could be heard from outside.

Shen Mubai thought for a while and finally said, “I will eat my lunch at Snow White’s palace.” although Snow White would come everyday to give respect to her, but when she broke it down again, she hasn’t went to Snow White for a few days already.

Moreover, Shen Mubai discovered that the progress rate would rise up a little bit only when she went to Snow White place herself. As of now, she already reached a whopping 20%.

She probably only lacked a mother’s love ah, Shen Mubai thought with affection.



I don’t know if some of you already realize it or not… Snow White is… (・∀・)

Translator: MadPanda

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