Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 93

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Chapter 93 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (21)

“Is this why you want to meet with me?” the young girl acted coquettishly like a spoiled child, her two eyes were brimming with adoration towards the King, “Hmmm, Fujiana is just thinking that Snow White is your daughter after all, and your child is also Fujiana’s child, so Fujiana wants to use this time to get along with her. Actually, Fujiana thinks that Snow White is a lovely child.”

Although her mouth spoke sweet words, but it revealed a young girl’s genuine heart.

The lustre inside the King’s eyes quickly flashed while he lightly patted the fair and smooth skin of the back of her hand. He gently said, “We had brought this up before, how come you’re suddenly enlightened now?”

Her originally pinkish face was diluted because of this question, the fair Queen bit down her charming and tender red lips, as if she was hesitant to speak about something.

“What is it? Fujiana.” the King asked softly, his pair of eyes were filled with anxiety.

“You will forever dote on Fujiana, right?” the young girl lifted up her smooth fair face, her eyes landed on the King with restlessness and hope. At ordinary times, she always maintained a haughty and overbearing manner befitted of a Queen in front of outsiders, but it’s only in front of her King that she would betray her weak side.

The young Queen tried to ingratiate herself with the King with unease and apprehension, but his face was still unchanged like before, only looking at her with a gentle expression, “Of course, because Fujiana… is a lovely child, I’ll always love you dearly, no matter what you become…”

He used an absolutely terrifying gentle tone at the end of his words, making Shen Mubai’s heart shivered violently.

Shen Mubai almost became a strip of salted fish after she went out from the King’s palace. She already confirmed that the King was an old pervert. As long as she showed a little bit of abnormality, he would probe open her skin without batting an eyelid, as if it was a natural thing, hiding his genuine face in a tight seal behind his back.

In comparison, Snow White has a timid and bashful appearance that was simply too cute. Thinking to this point, a thread of pity emerged inside Shen Mubai’s heart.

Several days had passed, Snow White came over to pay her regards every morning, then the two people would proceed to eat breakfast together. The Queen was still feigning an arrogant attitude just like before, but there were some slight changes on Snow White instead. Although she would often revealed a shy look, but her former timidity had disappeared by a lot, she also ceased her habit of hanging her eyes down anymore, so much so that she could even look straight forward.

However, something unexpected happened during this period.

It was unknown how the maidservant Arian provoked the anger of the King that she wasn’t only dismissed from her position, but was also sent out from the palace. From that day forward, the chief maidservant beside Shen Mubai had changed into a new one named Belice [T/N: 碧丽丝].

The new maidservant, Belice, was a total opposite of Arian, absolutely amiable and gentle. She wouldn’t enforce her demand or look in scrutinize at Shen Mubai, to the extent that people wouldn’t even feel if they were being monitored by her or not. If it weren’t because Shen Mubai knew that she was also someone who was sent by the King, she would had long ago became muddle-headed and thought kindly towards this new maid of hers.

“My Queen, would you like anything else?” Belice put down the silver tray filled with fresh grapes down on the table gently as she asked with a smile, her manner of speaking was humble and modest, completely conforming with her status as her head maidservant.

Belice appeared utterly sweet-tempered and amiable. Although she was concerned about Shen Mubai’s whereabouts and her daily life, but she wouldn’t act beyond her status even for a bit. The only flaw of this new maid was that she always did her duty very responsibly as she would always wait upon Shen Mubai’s every need.

“Nothing, you can go, I want to be by myself in peace for a moment.” the irritated young Queen slightly lifted up her chin while ordering her out.


Arian the stuck up chief maid has been changed, and now Belice, the two-faced maid, has come into the game ┫ ̄旦 ̄┣

Translator: MadPanda

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  1. Just had a really disgusting thought. What if the King likes Snow White his own son so he is using his new wife to torment snow white?

  2. I don’t know what game the king is playing. He makes me really uncomfortable, as if he knows exactly what is going on and is just waiting to catch her.

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