Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 89

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Chapter 89 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (17)

Good girl, you’re really filial!

Shen Mubai was so excited until she nearly beat the table and shout ‘bravo!’ out loud, but the restriction of her character’s design still existed, thus she had no choice but forcing herself to assume an arrogant appearance of accepting reluctantly, “Since you have begged me so, if I don’t answer as your mother, then won’t that make me seem heartless?”

System was looking on with a cold eye, it thought, this mentally underdeveloped person believed that her acting is very good, sooner or later she would fall from her high horse.

The young Queen slightly lifted up her chin with a haughty appearance, but if one look closely, they would see that her beautiful eyes were revealing how much she wanted to jump in joy and hug herself with delight.

Under Snow White’s raven-black hair, her deep black eyes hid a bit of light that flashed by.

The actress who believed that her performance was flawless, stealthily shoot a glance to Snow White who seemed like she was in a daze. She lightly coughed once, “Snow White…”

A bashful pink was painted on top of her fair cheeks, Snow White was bewildered and stood up in a flurry, “Mother, Snow White was only too happy that mother would truly…” She lightly nibbled down on her rosy lips, the overwhelmed and happy expression were mixed in her small face.

The beautiful Queen looked up and gave her a glance, “En? You look like you’re afraid of me, am I that scary in your eyes?”

Snow White held back her line of vision as she lightly shook her head and said in a gentle manner, “It isn’t like that… Mother, Snow White only feel that she had never been this intimate with mother before.”

Shen Mubai thought to herself, generally speaking, the majority of children and stepmother’s relationship wouldn’t be that great. This Queen’s attitude towards Snow White was too abominable, but not only Snow White not dislike her, she even wanted to be closer, she might just be lacking a mother’s love.

After thinking like that, Shen Mubai tender affection towards this pitiful child became even stronger.

In her memory, whenever Snow White met with the original body, she never gave this kind of response, they never really get in touch with one another before, even thinking that speaking one sentence would be a waste of time.

The sumptuous seafood’s flavour instantly captured Shen Mubai; someone who could be bought with only a chicken leg. She practically wailed in tears while Snow White used her knife and fork to pass the crayfish to her, to the extent that she became unaware of the food inside her plate anymore.

The scene continued until her belly was full, and then she finally realized… it seemed like the other person’s meal was eaten clean by her. Nevertheless, because she’s the haughty Queen, she must not explain herself or try to find any pretext. As a result, she lifted her head and gave a glance at the wreckage she made, lightly lifting her chin and said, “Um, the taste isn’t bad.”

Saying this phrase, even herself felt so awkward. Shen Mubai restlessly asked system, “System, I haven’t break the character’s design, right?”

System said coldly, “Can you act a bit more restrained next time?”

Shen Mubai was embarrassed as she said, “I’m just this kind of person who can’t walk away when seeing delicacies ah.”

System thought to itself, more than just not walking away, even your eyes would stick there like a glue.

System didn’t point out if she has break her character’s design yet, so Shen Mubai could finally set her mind at ease. She made up her mind that she would refrain from coming here to eat with Snow White too much.

Snow White’s dark red lips faintly curled up, inside her clean and pure fawn-like eyes reflected a bashful demeanour, her gentle voice was like spring river, “If mother feel happy, then everything’s alright.”

The haughty Queen stood up and looked down, “I should go now.”

Snow White’s dense eyelashes trembled in anticipation and nervousness, “Would mother come again tomorrow?”

Translator: MadPanda

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  1. Snow White really is probing and will most likely notice the Queen is not the same… now, we just need to see what he will do xD can’t wait!

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