Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 88

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Chapter 88 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (16)

Snow White’s dark eyes was covered in a layer of undisguised happiness. When she met the other one’s line of sight, she hurriedly held back her expression, but her cheeks were still dyed with a light scarlet hue. Putting down both of her hands, she timidly grasped her skirt, “Mother…”

The beautiful Queen slightly lifted her chin up and raised her eyelids, glancing at Snow White for a while as if it was a charity, “Have you had lunch yet?”

Snow White shook her head and answered with a faint sound, “Answering mother, I haven’t had lunch.”

“Since it’s like that, then you can accompany me for lunch.” the Queen’s steps weren’t heavy nor they were slow while advancing towards the dining table, her magnificent imperial gown unfolding her graceful bearing vividly and incisively, erasing her former haughtiness.

Hiding the dim light in her eyes, Snow White followed behind her and said with a soft voice, “Yes, mother…”

Compared with the lunch from yesterday, today’s amount of food was obviously a lot more, Shen Mubai looked at the vegetable and cream pasta in front of her, thinking that there’s nothing left to live for. But when she looked at the sumptuous seafood in front of Snow White, her thoughts that her food was delicious enough were crumbled in an instant.

She wailed inside her heart, biting at her small handkerchief, tears streaming down her cheeks, “I’m not happy, I want to cry.”

System said, “You can also have that.”

Shen Mubai, “Won’t buy, scram.”

System, “…”

The system rarely admitted defeat, so Shen Mubai’s mood finally got better, but it still can’t change the fact that she had to eat vegetables.

Although Snow White’s temperament was shy and timid but she had proper etiquette as one of the imperial family, so she ate with perfect manner without any mistake. Her slender and dense eyelashes drooped down, with an upright and elegant sitting position. The imperial gown on her body made her looked like those ancient, refined and elegant painting, arousing anyone to look at her foolishly, losing their souls in a moment of her appearance.

Shen Mubai also lost a bit of her soul looking at her, she thought about the beauty of Snow White that was depicted in children’s story; it actually existed in front of her eyes. So there’s actually someone this beautiful in this world.


A timid sound pulled Shen Mubai back to her consciousness, she hurriedly returned to her supercilious attitude, slightly lifting up her chin and gave a light sound from her nose, “En?”

Snow White faintly drooped down her eyes and nibbled her dark red lips, she anxiously said, “Did Snow White make a mistake?”

Shen Mubai gazed at her for a long time, causing the other party on her tenterhooks. Thereupon, Shen Mubai gave a light cough and moved her line of sight away, “Nothing. I’m only thinking of some matters.” Soon after that, she frowned slightly, “Why am I explaining this to you?”

The Queen said with a somewhat vexed tone that made Snow White nervous, “Snow White shouldn’t have asked.” She lightly bit her lips and looked with uneasiness, “Is mother angry?”

“No.” The young Queen answered impatiently.

Snow White faintly hung down her line of view, the imperial palace became rather silent for a while.

Shen Mubai thought to herself, is this pitiful child hurt because of my words? Just when she anxiously wanted to say something to remedy the situation, the other side already said with a timid and nervous tone, “Mother… do you want to eat Snow White’s meal?”

Shen Mubai paused, dumbfounded.

Snow White secretly glanced at the maidservants that were guarding at the door, she mustered her own courage and said, “Mother, would you like to eat a bit? Just a bit…”

Snow White’s skin was dyed with a bit of sheepish pink hue, her nervous eyes were filled with expectation.


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