Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 78

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Chapter 78— Snow White in a Dark Fairytale (6)

After learning that lunch was fresh lettuce salad, Shen Mubai only felt that it was too unbearable. Unresigned, she continued to ask, “Then what about tomorrow? The day after tomorrow? The day two days after tomorrow?”

The magic mirror, “…”

Shen Mubai, “Mirror, why aren’t you saying anything?”

At the moment, the magic mirror was in a complicated mood. If it was acquainted with the system, it would probably know what this kind of feeling of being unable to reply was.

“Replying to the queen, tomorrow’s matters will only be known when tomorrow comes.” The mirror replied, simultaneously feeling very strange. How did the queen forget even this too?

Shen Mubai, “…” This magic mirror was most likely just trash.

The system stood by as a bystander, watching indifferently without even the slightest bit of movement, to the point that it kind of wanted to laugh.

Right now, the protagonist of the rescue mission, Snow White, was finally remembered by Shen Mubai.

The palace doors were opened, and the maid waiting outside asked, “Your Majesty, how may I help you?”

The beautiful, young queen raised her chin slightly, “Bring me to Princess Snow White.”

The maid revealed a faint look of astonishment. Normally, the queen would definitely feel it was beneath her to personally visit Snow White’s palace. She would only make things difficult for her with malicious words and a mocking tone when they ran into each other. Because, in the queen’s eyes, Snow White was just a thing who had a bag of skin and was hard to push overboard.

“What?” Perhaps because the maid’s expression was too obvious, the queen slightly knit her brows, looking down out of the corner of her eye with a hint of impatience.

Thinking of the usual end of the people who provoked the queen, the maid started shivering, immediately replying, “Yes, Your Majesty.”

Within the original’s memories, the entire palace was magnificent, with white sculptures and colorful paintings hung along the hallways, as well as the king’s most precious existences placed at every inch of her step.

However, only after seeing Snow White’s residence, did Shen Mubai realize that there could be such a plain and simple place inside the palace.

Snow White’s palace was completely unadorned. Although it wasn’t to the point that it was crude, it still didn’t look like someplace a princess would live in.

Shen Mubai asked, “Where’s Princess Snow White?”

As she asked this question, a strand of panic slipped across the maid’s eyes. Immediately, as if recalling something, she resumed her former appearance once again, to the point that she answered with pride, secure in the knowledge that she had backing, “Replying to the queen, Her Highness the Princess is inside.”

As she spoke, she pushed open the palace doors, revealing the scene inside.

A girl wearing a red lolita dress kneeled on the rug, her long, black hair covering her expression. Her movements were very cautious as she wiped clean the white floor tiles. And by her side, there stood a maid with an arrogant, uplifted chin as she commanded the girl, “Your Highness the Princess, here, and here, you have to wipe it clean carefully.”

After hearing the palace doors open, the maid looked over disapprovingly, “Amily, haven’t I said before…” The rest of her words came to an abrupt end as she saw the person who had come. The maid’s expression underwent a great change, and she immediately bowed, “Your Majesty…”

When she heard the maid’s words, the figure of the girl kneeling on the ground trembled slightly. Following which, she turned around, lowering her head. Her voice was low and small, as she timidly greeted, “Empress Mother…”

The young and beautiful queen towered above as she looked down at the humble, cowardly Princess Snow White, knitting her brows faintly.

The maid at the side noticed that her features revealed a sliver of delight at the other’s misfortune, her expression as if she were watching a play.

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Translator: Murcott

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