Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 77

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Chapter 77— Snow White in a Dark Fairytale (5)

Shen Mubai couldn’t help but be filled with doubt, “System, there isn’t anything else that you’ve concealed from me, right?”

The system said, “There isn’t.”

Shen Mubai replied, “If you tell me now I will choose to forgive you.”

The system: “**ck off!”

Shen Mubai: “How can you say such dirty words?”

The system stopped speaking, stupidity is also contagious.

Shen Mubai still had some anxiety in her heart. The reason behind it was not him. After completing her first mission, she received the so-called mission points. According to the system’s explanation, after collecting all the points, she can receive a new body and start a new life.

And not only that, there was also a points store, where you could trade for a corresponding amount of points for a supplementary item.

Shen Mubai asked the system why it hadn’t told her in the beginning.

The system said it was like this with every host. While going through the trial in the first mission world, only the ones who had passed the mission could open the progress bar and points store.

Shen Mubai asked, “Then what about the people who failed?”

The system said, “Hehe, what do you think?”

The ones who failed were most likely eliminated, Shen Mubai thought darkly, shivering as she wrapped herself tightly with her little blanket.

She really didn’t want to die, she wanted to keep living. After all, she still had a grand dream.

The system asked, “What dream do you have?”

Shen Mubai thought about it earnestly, then said, “It’s probably eating in three thousand worlds.”

The system, “…Oh, I have no doubt about that.”

After returning to her residence, not long after, the king sent people over to take a look at her body.

After the old man with a big white beard finished his examination, he performed a greeting to the beautiful young girl, “Your Majesty, recently, your mood has been affected, so you lost your appetite. For this period of time, you should go out more often, and I will give instructions for the kitchen to make lighter foods that are less greasy. It is my hope that your body may swiftly recover to full health with all speed.”

After hearing these words, Shen Mubai simply wanted to weep until she passed out in the bathroom. Still, she had to maintain a smile on her face, “Thank you, Dr. Holchman.”

I’m so grateful to your entire family…

After instructing the maid not to disturb her for no reason, Shen Mubai lay limply on the bed like a salted fish, looking like there was nothing left to live for.

The system reminded her, “Haven’t you forgotten something?”

Shen Mubai: “Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?”

The system, “…”

Shen Mubai crawled out of the bed like a limp noodle. She suddenly remembered something, walking to a mirror inlaid with gold and precious jewels. With her heart filled with hope, she said, “Mirror, mirror, tell me, what is lunch today?”

Yes, that’s right, in this world, this evil queen also had a magic mirror. Besides the queen, no one else could hear it speak.

Those maids were used to the queen’s narcissist character, so every time they heard her ask who the most beautiful in the world was, they didn’t question the strange sight.

Today, the mirror had already been dumbfounded for the second time. After all, the queen always used to ask him the same question, which was, who was the most beautiful person in this world?

However, the queen was very odd today. In front of others, she was still the same as before, but behind people’s backs she seemed to have become a different person. It made his mind kind of baffled.

Therefore, when it heard the queen’s question, it replied even more cautiously, “Replying to the queen, your noon meal today consists of a fresh [1] salad.”

Shen Mubai said expressionlessly, “Ah, fresh salad. That’s so fantastic.” Her last words were practically spit out of her mouth syllable by syllable.

The mirror thought that the current queen was even more frightening, and shivered, wanting to shrink its entire body back into a corner.

[1] 生菜沙拉: “Raw” salad

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Translator: Murcott

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