Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 76

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Chapter 76— Snow White in a Dark Fairytale (4)

The young lady returned to herself. The blush on her face gradually deepened, her eyes containing a bashfulness as she looked at the handsome, mature man in front of her, “Your Majesty, Fujiana was just a little dizzy today…so I rested for a while more.”

A hint of worry surfaced in the king’s eyes as his gentle gaze concentrated on the girl, “Later, I will have someone go to your room.” Pausing, he said with a seemingly casual tone, “But I heard that you had the maid send grapes over, was it because you weren’t able to finish your breakfast?”

Shen Mubai thought to herself, the news was sent this fast, and it also made the original believe that the king truly doted on her.

However, after carefully thinking about it, although the original had a haughty character, she was still only a girl that was merely sixteen years old. Confronted with the king’s gentleness and pampering, and indulging in these, even though the king never once touched her, and even with the attitude that addressing the king as “His Majesty” was the default, the original still didn’t sense even the slightest bit that something was wrong.

“It’s just that Fujiana didn’t have much of an appetite, so I wanted to eat something sweet and tart. Your Majesty, you’ve been so busy recently, Fujiana’s been staying inside the palace all day long to the point of almost growing mold.” Faced with the king’s concerned greeting, the girl’s tone couldn’t help but carry some spoiltness.

The king chuckled dotingly and used his fingers to tap her nose, “You, ah, still so childish even though you’re the queen now.”

His tone was still as tender as before, so gentle that it could drip water (or that water could be squeezed out from it). It was only that that smiling expression didn’t reach his eyes.

The girl seemed to be completely unaware of this, and acted coquettishly just like she had in the past, “Your Majesty, Fujiana is only like this in front of you, when will you be done with those things that you’re busy with?”

The king said smilingly, “Recently, I’ve been discussing the matter of connecting our countries by marriage with the neighboring country, so I’m afraid that I’m unable to find time to keep you company.”

Neighboring country? Marriage?

“For Snow White?” The girl slightly wrinkled her brow, not at all hiding her expression.

The king’s smile fell, “Fujiana, Snow White is my daughter, and you are her stepmother, and Alesia’s queen. Pay some attention to your actions and speech.”

Before, the original deliberately made things difficult for Snow White, and her attitude was increasingly becoming “win an inch, want a foot.” It was to the extent that she no longer hid her loathing and jealousy of Snow White in front of the guards and servants. This sentence of the king was tacitly admonishing her. If it were the original, she would only have understood a little, but Shen Mubai understood it all.

However, the character she was playing was Fujiana.

“Your Majesty, is Snow White getting married to the neighboring country?”

The happy expression that she was unable to suppress became visible on her beautiful, young and tender face. The girl’s tone hardly concealed her delight.

Originally, Shen Mubai’s mission was precisely to destroy Snow White’s arranged marriage with the neighboring country. However, due to her character and the king’s problematic intense paranoia, right now she had no choice but to act out an appearance of “I’m so happy”.

Actually, she choked down a mouthful of blood.

The king minutely frowned, and immediately after smiled helplessly, “Snow White is a good child, I hope that the both of you can properly get along with each other.”

While he was saying this, he carefully examined the girl’s expression. As expected, the other side had on an unwilling appearance, and in the blink of an eye, had changed the subject.

Only when he saw this did the king start to smile little by little. The shallow warmth and tenderness by the edge of his mouth set off his handsomeness and gentleness.

Walking out of the palace, Shen Mubai was full of despair. More and more, she thought that the mission’s completion was so far away it seemed forever.

This old, perverted king definitely had a secret tale. First, let’s not speak of why he married the original, then acted out a doting and pampering image. On the matter of Snow White’s marriage, the king’s attitude was even odder, it practically wasn’t even the appearance that a proper father should have towards their own flesh and blood.

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Translator: Murcott

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