Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 74

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Chapter 74— Snow White in a Dark Fairytale (2)

The entire string of grapes was completely eaten clean. When the maid entered the room to collect the dish, she had some doubt towards the Queen. She constantly felt that the Queen was a bit different today, but couldn’t say specifically what the difference was.

Closing the castle door with gentle movements, she saw the head maid walking over. The maid performed a salutation, “Head Housemaid.”

Arian was the chief maid of the team of maids by the Queen’s side, and she was also a person next to the King. Therefore, other than the Queen, the maids would usually also need to obey this chief maid’s instructions.

Arian was born with slightly stern features. When she wasn’t smiling, she looked like a witch from the paintings of the previous century. As a result, all of the maids were somewhat afraid of her.

“What is the queen doing?” Arian asked.

The maid answered submissively, “Head Housemaid, the queen is currently resting.”

Arian slightly knitted her brows. Every since she entered the castle, in order to become a true queen, no matter if it was the etiquette or the daily routine, the other party was very meticulous. Although her nature was indifferent, as a dignified queen, it really was impossible to pick out a mistake from her manners and speech.

Lacking the awareness a servant should have, Arian walked straight towards the castle, then used her hand to knock on the door, and spoke in an ice-cold tone without a single wave in her mood, “Your Majesty.”

Currently lying on her stomach sprawled over the big, soft bed with eyes squinted in pleasure, Shen Mubai pretended that she didn’t hear. Her lazy, careless appearance made it seem as if she had been there for a long time.

“Sleeping to one’s fill, with plenty of food and drink, this is the way life should be to be meaningful.”

Outside the door, Arian knitted her brows even more fiercely. Her tone couldn’t help but become a bit harsher, “Your Majesty, His Majesty the King summons you to him.”

Shen Mubai was more than halfway to dozing off. According to the original’s memories, this king was in his thirties, nearly forty, while the original was a young girl who was barely sixteen. The other’s age was enough to be her father.

Although, in her mind, this king was still very handsome, with a graceful bearing that had not deteriorated a bit, so much so that he was completely gentle and tender to the original, Shen Mubai didn’t particularly want to meet this king, probably because the other party gave her an extremely strange feeling.

Outside, Arian’s manner was already becoming a bit impatient. It was to the point that she had a faint sullenness, seeming as if she would push the door open and barge inside in the next moment.

Shen Mubai didn’t want to offend this chief maid. After, offending the other party would only bring harm and no profit.

The castle door was opened from the inside, revealing the person inside. Atop the young lady’s beautiful features was a dignified and inviolably arrogant expression. Beneath her gorgeous dress, her figure was fine and slim. The crown sitting on her head set off her entire person and made her seem even more sumptuous.

Acting as a queen, her figure and bearing could no doubt be more suitable.

Arian’s eyes slowly shed their discontent and sullenness. It was only that some stiffness and coldness remained in her tone, “Your Majesty, may I ask what you were doing inside the room just now?”

During the time that she was talking, Shen Mubai was also sizing up Arian. In her memories, the original seemed to completely dislike this chief maid. Because, other than the king, the other party was the only one who would disregard her mood. The original’s disposition was extremely proud, to the point of being easily jealous. She had complained of her dissatisfaction to the king, but she hadn’t expected that the king who had always went along with her would indifferently say, Arian’s personality was just like this.

At the time, the original didn’t know why, a sense of fear arose from within her heart for no reason. From then on, she never said it a second time to the king.

“Arian, I was just feeling a bit uncomfortable. I was only resting for a while, that’s all. Is there a problem?” Confronting Arian’s question, the young lady repressed anger on her face, speaking with some resentment.

The young girl was no different from her usual self. Arian’s suspicion was washed away, and she said with a tone as stiff and icy as before, “Your Majesty, please, His Majesty the King is waiting for you.”

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Translator: Murcott

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