Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 73

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Chapter 73— Snow White in a Dark Fairytale (1)

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The towering, majestic palace was located in the middle of the kingdom. The citizens of Alyus had a handsome king and beautiful queen. It is said that the king met the beautiful queen by chance among the people after the previous queen had passed away. The king fell in love with her lovely countenance at first sight, and, not long afterwards, they held a magnificent wedding.

The king had a daughter who was born of the previous queen, called Snow White. The previous queen had been extremely beautiful, and her daughter’s beauty shockingly exceeded hers by far. Snow White’s snow white skin seemed to be made of the world’s highest quality milk, and even the most gorgeous flower could not compare with her tender and soft red lips. The newly wedded second queen was consumed by jealousy, and from time to time would make things difficult for Snow White. Relying on the king’s doting, she made Snow White, whose days were originally already difficult, even more miserable.

And Shen Mubai’s identity in this world was precisely this so-called malicious queen.

Inside the beautiful and imposing room, a maid carried in fresh grapes imported from a neighboring country. Walking across the floor laid with tiles of first-rate white jade, she stepped forward before the queen with the greatest care. The queen was dressed in a resplendent royal skirt, and a crown adorned her head. The maid kneeled down on both knees, raising her hands to offer up the plate of fruit that she was carrying. Slightly bowing her head, she spoke in a humble and deferential tone, “Your Majesty, these are the grapes that were requested.”

The beautiful, dignified queen faintly nodded her head, her gaze stopping at the plate in front of her. The purple grapes were plump and full, dripping with sparkling, translucent drops of crystal dew which made them appear even more attractive.

With great difficulty, Shen Mubai swallowed her saliva, maintaining her character as much as possible. Slightly lifting her chin, she spoke in an arrogant voice, “Set it on the table. You can leave, and don’t forget to close the door behind you.”

The maid said “yes” in a low tone, and immediately placed the plate of fruit that was in her hands on top of a table to the side according to her instructions. Afterwards, she withdrew from the room.

The moment that the palace doors shut, Shen Mubai revealed her true self. Without even the slightest shred of the noble manners and speech shown before, she turned around and threw herself into the embrace of the sumptuous grapes.

The grapes were large and round, its juices bursting with flavor inside her mouth. The sweet and tart flavor made one feel an irresistible urge to continue eating and never stop.

Shen Mubai: “To eat the grapes without spitting out the skin, or spit out the grapes’ skin but not eat the grapes? If one must spit out the skin and yet also not even eat the grapes, then it would be better to just go ahead and eat the grapes with the skin on. Ah, these grapes are so good.”

The system, “…” .

F***ing retard.

Shen Mubai ate and ate, then suddenly remembered this world’s mission target that she was supposed to rescue – Snow White.

Actually, Snow White was not a girl, but rather a boy who had been raised as a girl.

It is said that, when the previous queen was pregnant, the king had fervently wished for the baby to be a girl. The queen loved the king very much, so when Snow White was born, she concealed his true gender and let the king believe that Snow White was a girl. The king was extremely happy when he learned that the queen had given birth to a girl, and from then, loved the queen even more dearly. It was just a pity that two years after the queen gave birth to Snow White, she fell ill and died.

For this reason, the king was torn apart by his grief. For twelve years, he never had the thought to wed another queen, until he met the current queen.

Therefore, Shen Mubai’s mission in this world was to let Snow White restore his original identity as a boy and also successfully destroy his marriage with a neighboring country.

As soon as Shen Mubai thought of the mission, she was filled with an incomparable despair. “System, are you sure that the king won’t strangle his daughter to death when he learns that she is a boy ♂?”

The system replied, “Work hard, you’re the best!”

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Translator: Murcott

Editor: Elaine

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