Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 64

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Chapter 64 — This Male Lead Is a Bit Crazy (64)

Moments later, there were only a dozen high-ranking zombies left.

Two of the rank eight zombies were already planning their escape. They thought they were smart enough to run from this man, so they immediately attempted to flee.

But the man was faster. His figure flashed, and before either of the zombies could respond, pointed claws went through their heads.

The zombie in front of them heard a loud groan but before he could turn back, his chest was violently ripped apart, his bones cracking under the strong force. His loud roar was cut short as his head was cleanly chopped off by a slender clawed hand.

Huo Junhan turned back to the remaining zombies, his appearance bloody and horrific. His eyes were no longer the usual icy blue, instead, a bloody red had completely taken over. His gaze turned sharply towards Lu Zhihai, who was still frozen in the same place, struck by fear.

When Lu Zhihai met those horrifying eyes, he felt as if he had been stung by a deadly insect. His legs gave out beneath him, and he almost fell down. Beads of sweat rolled down his contorted and frightened face. His voice was hoarse as he yelled, “Quick, let’s go!”

The other users reacted quickly to his words. Swallowing their dried saliva, they were filled with despair and fear. Some had already gotten safely to the car, yet when they heard Lu Zhihai, they stopped. Run? Can they still even run?

The answer was no. No one moved.

They couldn’t run. The couldn’t live. Wherever they went they would die!

Lu Zhihai’s face twisted in anger and embarrassment. He rushed to the driver’s seat, along with a few surviving teammates who had the guts to follow him. He pushed those still not moving out of the way. “Make way for benshao! Bunch of useless fools!”

He shakily started the armored car, his breathing becoming louder as he hit the gas. The car sputtered a little before speeding away, the urgency of its driver clear.

He drove further and further away, each mile easing his nerves. After they had travelled quite far from the area, Lu Zhihai breathed a sigh of relief. Thinking about how Huo Junhan would be preoccupied holding back those high-leveled zombies, Lu Zhihai felt that he just needed to reach the base before Huo Junhan could recover. Everything would be solved as soon as he reached the base, including this monster, Huo Junhan.

He subconsciously glanced at the rearview mirror, but what he saw made his eyes bulge and his face twist into fear. His blood ran cold as he stared at the figure in the mirror getting closer and closer. An unspeakable chill spread through him.

His pale and frightened face became more distorted and ugly. “Quick! Shoot that monster, ah!”

The vehicle was equipped with the best equipment the base had to offer. Awakened by Lu Zhihai, the users in the car hurried to their positions and got the weapons ready.

These users were the ones who had survived countless deaths and had the most experience, and this was how they had made it this far. Even after being surrounded by those zombies, they had let the less experienced distract the zombies while they escaped. Now that they saw this man appear behind them, they couldn’t help but let fear control them. Their will to live had taken over their rationality. If it wasn’t for their master reminding them that they had the best machinery at hand, they would have remained paralyzed, and who knows what would have happened to them then. The users saw a glimmer of hope for survival, and suddenly a variety of howitzer weapons were pointed at the black blur quickly gaining behind them, a sight more terrifying than the evil spirits in hell.

A trace of insanity flashed across Lu Zhihai’s face. He gave a low grunt from the back of throat, increasing the gas and rushing across the road. “Aim at the girl in his arms! She’s his weakness!”


VIS: bOII, Lu Zhihai has…brain damage.


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